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4 Letter Words containing YRX: Oryx : A genus of African antelopes which includes the gemsbok, the leucoryx, the bisa antelope (O. beisa), and the beatrix antelope (O. beatrix) of Arabia.,

5 Letter Words containing YRX: Braxy : A disease of sheep. The term is variously applied in different localities., Braxy : A diseased sheep, or its mutton., Druxy : Having decayed spots or streaks of a whitish color; -- said of timber., Hyrax : Any animal of the genus Hyrax, of which about four species are known. They constitute the order Hyracoidea. The best known species are the daman (H. Syriacus) of Palestine, and the klipdas (H. capensis) of South Africa. Other species are H. arboreus and H. Sylvestris, the former from Southern, and the latter from Western, Africa. See Daman., Proxy : The agency for another who acts through the agent; authority to act for another, esp. to vote in a legislative or corporate capacity., Proxy : The person who is substituted or deputed to act or vote for another., Proxy : A writing by which one person authorizes another to vote in his stead, as in a corporation meeting., Proxy : The written appointment of a proctor in suits in the ecclesiastical courts., Proxy : See Procuration., Proxy : To act or vote by proxy; to do anything by the agency of another., Xyris : A genus of endogenous herbs with grassy leaves and small yellow flowers in short, scaly-bracted spikes; yellow-eyed grass. There are about seventeen species in the Atlantic United States.,

6 Letter Words containing YRX: Druxey : Alt. of Druxy, Expiry : Expiration., Foxery : Behavior like that of a fox; cunning., Larynx : The expanded upper end of the windpipe or trachea, connected with the hyoid bone or cartilage. It contains the vocal cords, which produce the voice by their vibrations, when they are stretched and a current of air passes between them. The larynx is connected with the pharynx by an opening, the glottis, which, in mammals, is protected by a lidlike epiglottis., Luxury : A free indulgence in costly food, dress, furniture, or anything expensive which gratifies the appetites or tastes., Luxury : Anything which pleases the senses, and is also costly, or difficult to obtain; an expensive rarity; as, silks, jewels, and rare fruits are luxuries; in some countries ice is a great luxury., Luxury : Lechery; lust., Luxury : Luxuriance; exuberance., Sextry : See Sacristy., Styrax : A genus of shrubs and trees, mostly American or Asiatic, abounding in resinous and aromatic substances. Styrax officinalis yields storax, and S. Benzoin yields benzoin., Styrax : Same as Storax., Syrinx : A wind instrument made of reeds tied together; -- called also pandean pipes., Syrinx : The lower larynx in birds., Xyster : An instrument for scraping bones. Y () Y, the twenty-fifth letter of the English alphabet, at the beginning of a word or syllable, except when a prefix (see Y-), is usually a fricative vocal consonant; as a prefix, and usually in the middle or at the end of a syllable, it is a vowel. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 145, 178-9, 272.,

7 Letter Words containing YRX: Anorexy : Want of appetite, without a loathing of food., Apteryx : A genus of New Zealand birds about the size of a hen, with only short rudiments of wings, armed with a claw and without a tail; the kiwi. It is allied to the gigantic extinct moas of the same country. Five species are known., Apyrexy : The absence or intermission of fever., Ataraxy : Perfect peace of mind, or calmness., Exogyra : A genus of Cretaceous fossil shells allied to oysters., Exotery : That which is obvious, public, or common., Exutory : An issue., Hydroxy- : A combining form, also used adjectively, indicating hydroxyl as an ingredient., Hystrix : A genus of rodents, including the porcupine., Pharynx : The part of the alimentary canal between the cavity of the mouth and the esophagus. It has one or two external openings through the nose in the higher vertebrates, and lateral branchial openings in fishes and some amphibias., Pyrexia : The febrile condition., Sextary : An ancient Roman liquid and dry measure, about equal to an English pint., Sextary : A sacristy., Textury : The art or process of weaving; texture., Trionyx : A genus of fresh-water or river turtles which have the shell imperfectly developed and covered with a soft leathery skin. They are noted for their agility and rapacity. Called also soft tortoise, soft-shell tortoise, and mud turtle.,

8 Letter Words containing YRX: Apyrexia : Alt. of Apyrexy, Axillary : Of or pertaining to the axilla or armpit; as, axillary gland, artery, nerve., Axillary : Situated in, or rising from, an axil; of or pertaining to an axil., Boxberry : The wintergreen. (Gaultheria procumbens)., Carboxyl : The complex radical, CO.OH, regarded as the essential and characteristic constituent which all oxygen acids of carbon (as formic, acetic, benzoic acids, etc.) have in common; -- called also oxatyl., Expertly : In a skillful or dexterous manner; adroitly; with readiness and accuracy., Hydroxyl : A compound radical, or unsaturated group, HO, consisting of one atom of hydrogen and one of oxygen. It is a characteristic part of the hydrates, the alcohols, the oxygen acids, etc., Leucoryx : A large antelope of North Africa (Oryx leucoryx), allied to the gemsbok., Nitroxyl : The group NO2, usually called the nitro group., Oxycrate : A Mixture of water and vinegar., Oxymoron : A figure in which an epithet of a contrary signification is added to a word; e. g., cruel kindness; laborious idleness., Paradoxy : A paradoxical statement; a paradox., Paradoxy : The quality or state of being paradoxical., Paroxysm : The fit, attack, or exacerbation, of a disease that occurs at intervals, or has decided remissions or intermissions., Paroxysm : Any sudden and violent emotion; spasmodic passion or action; a convulsion; a fit., Prolixly : In a prolix manner., Pyrexiae : of Pyrexia, Pyrexial : Alt. of Pyrexical, Pyroxene : A common mineral occurring in monoclinic crystals, with a prismatic angle of nearly 90, and also in massive forms which are often laminated. It varies in color from white to dark green and black, and includes many varieties differing in color and composition, as diopside, malacolite, salite, coccolite, augite, etc. They are all silicates of lime and magnesia with sometimes alumina and iron. Pyroxene is an essential constituent of many rocks, especially basic igneous rocks, as basalt, gabbro, etc., Quixotry : Quixotism; visionary schemes., Reflexly : In a reflex manner; reflectively., Sardonyx : A variety of onyx consisting of sard and white chalcedony in alternate layers., Sexenary : Proceeding by sixes; sextuple; -- applied especially to a system of arithmetical computation in which the base is six., Sextonry : Sextonship., Taxpayer : One who is assessed and pays a tax., Textuary : Contained in the text; textual., Textuary : Serving as a text; authoritative., Textuary : One who is well versed in the Scriptures; a textman., Textuary : One who adheres strictly or rigidly to the text., Waxberry : The wax-covered fruit of the wax myrtle, or bayberry. See Bayberry, and Candleberry tree., Xylorcin : A derivative of xylene obtained as a white crystalline substance which on exposure in the air becomes red; -- called also betaorcin., Xylotrya : A genus of marine bivalves closely allied to Teredo, and equally destructive to timber. One species (Xylotrya fimbriata) is very common on the Atlantic coast of the United States., Xystarch : An office/ having the superintendence of the xyst.,

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