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Plait (n): Any of various types of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon

Plait (n): A hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

Plait (v): Weave into plaits

Plait (v): Make by braiding or interlacing

Plait (n.): A flat fold; a doubling, as of cloth; a pleat; as, a box plait.

Plait (n.): A braid, as of hair or straw; a plat.

Plait (v. t.): To fold; to double in narrow folds; to pleat; as, to plait a ruffle.

Plait (v. t.): To interweave the strands or locks of; to braid; to plat; as, to plait hair; to plait rope.

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6 Letter Words containing TPILA: Alpist : Alt. of Alpia, Pastil : Alt. of Pastille, Placit : A decree or determination; a dictum., Plaint : Audible expression of sorrow; lamentation; complaint; hence, a mournful song; a lament., Plaint : An accusation or protest on account of an injury., Plaint : A private memorial tendered to a court, in which a person sets forth his cause of action; the exhibiting of an action in writing., Platin : See Platen., Pliant : Capable of plying or bending; readily yielding to force or pressure without breaking; flexible; pliable; lithe; limber; plastic; as, a pliant thread; pliant wax. Also used figuratively: Easily influenced for good or evil; tractable; as, a pliant heart., Pliant : Favorable to pliancy., Spital : A hospital., Tipula : Any one of many species of long-legged dipterous insects belonging to Tipula and allied genera. They have long and slender bodies. See Crane fly, under Crane.,

7 Letter Words containing TPILA: Apostil : Alt. of Apostille, Capital : Of or pertaining to the head., Capital : Having reference to, or involving, the forfeiture of the head or life; affecting life; punishable with death; as, capital trials; capital punishment., Capital : First in importance; chief; principal., Capital : Chief, in a political sense, as being the seat of the general government of a state or nation; as, Washington and Paris are capital cities., Capital : Of first rate quality; excellent; as, a capital speech or song., Capital : The head or uppermost member of a column, pilaster, etc. It consists generally of three parts, abacus, bell (or vase), and necking. See these terms, and Column., Capital : The seat of government; the chief city or town in a country; a metropolis., Capital : Money, property, or stock employed in trade, manufactures, etc.; the sum invested or lent, as distinguished from the income or interest. See Capital stock, under Capital, a., Capital : That portion of the produce of industry, which may be directly employed either to support human beings or to assist in production., Capital : Anything which can be used to increase one's power or influence., Capital : An imaginary line dividing a bastion, ravelin, or other work, into two equal parts., Capital : A chapter, or section, of a book., Capital : See Capital letter, under Capital, a., Capitol : The temple of Jupiter, at Rome, on the Mona Capitolinus, where the Senate met., Capitol : The edifice at Washington occupied by the Congress of the United States; also, the building in which the legislature of State holds its sessions; a statehouse., Coalpit : A pit where coal is dug., Coalpit : A place where charcoal is made., Displat : To untwist; to uncurl; to unplat., Galipot : An impure resin of turpentine, hardened on the outside of pine trees by the spontaneous evaporation of its essential oil. When purified, it is called yellow pitch, white pitch, or Burgundy pitch., Hiphalt : Lame in the hip., Implant : To plant, or infix, for the purpose of growth; to fix deeply; to instill; to inculate; to introduce; as, to implant the seeds of virtue, or the principles of knowledge, in the minds of youth., Implate : To cover with plates; to sheathe; as, to implate a ship with iron., Ita palm : A magnificent species of palm (Mauritia flexuosa), growing near the Orinoco. The natives eat its fruit and buds, drink its sap, and make thread and cord from its fiber., Marlpit : Apit where marl is dug., Nuptial : Of or pertaining to marriage; done or used at a wedding; as, nuptial rites and ceremonies., Nuptial : Marriage; wedding; nuptial ceremony; -- now only in the plural., Optical : Of or pertaining to vision or sight., Optical : Of or pertaining to the eye; ocular; as, the optic nerves (the first pair of cranial nerves) which are distributed to the retina. See Illust. of Brain, and Eye., Optical : Relating to the science of optics; as, optical works., Palatic : Palatal; palatine., Palatic : A palatal., Palmite : A South African plant (Prionium Palmita) of the Rush family, having long serrated leaves. The stems have been used for making brushes., Pantile : A roofing tile, of peculiar form, having a transverse section resembling an elongated S laid on its side (/)., Partial : Of, pertaining to, or affecting, a part only; not general or universal; not total or entire; as, a partial eclipse of the moon., Partial : Inclined to favor one party in a cause, or one side of a question, more then the other; baised; not indifferent; as, a judge should not be partial., Partial : Having a predelection for; inclined to favor unreasonably; foolishly fond., Partial : Pertaining to a subordinate portion; as, a compound umbel is made up of a several partial umbels; a leaflet is often supported by a partial petiole., Patible : Sufferable; tolerable; endurable., Patrial : Derived from the name of a country, and designating an inhabitant of the country; gentile; -- said of a noun., Patrial : A patrial noun. Thus Romanus, a Roman, and Troas, a woman of Troy, are patrial nouns, or patrials., Paulist : A member of The Institute of the Missionary Priests of St. Paul the Apostle, founded in 1858 by the Rev. I. T. Hecker of New York. The majority of the members were formerly Protestants., Pentail : A peculiar insectivore (Ptilocercus Lowii) of Borneo; -- so called from its very long, quill-shaped tail, which is scaly at the base and plumose at the tip., Pigtail : The tail of a pig., Pigtail : A cue, or queue., Pigtail : A kind of twisted chewing tobacco., Pileate : Alt. of Pileated, Pilenta : of Pilentum, Pintail : A northern duck (Dafila acuta), native of both continents. The adult male has a long, tapering tail. Called also gray duck, piketail, piket-tail, spike-tail, split-tail, springtail, sea pheasant, and gray widgeon., Pintail : The sharp-tailed grouse of the great plains and Rocky Mountains (Pediocaetes phasianellus); -- called also pintailed grouse, pintailed chicken, springtail, and sharptail., Pitfall : A pit deceitfully covered to entrap wild beasts or men; a trap of any kind., Pivotal : Of or pertaining to a pivot or turning point; belonging to, or constituting, a pivot; of the nature of a pivot; as, the pivotalopportunity of a career; the pivotal position in a battle., Placita : of Placitum, Plaited : of Plait, Plaited : Folded; doubled over; braided; figuratively, involved; intricate; artful., Plaiter : One who, or that which, plaits., -plastic : A combining form signifying developing, forming, growing; as, heteroplastic, monoplastic, polyplastic., Plastic : Having the power to give form or fashion to a mass of matter; as, the plastic hand of the Creator., Plastic : Capable of being molded, formed, or modeled, as clay or plaster; -- used also figuratively; as, the plastic mind of a child., Plastic : Pertaining or appropriate to, or characteristic of, molding or modeling; produced by, or appearing as if produced by, molding or modeling; -- said of sculpture and the kindred arts, in distinction from painting and the graphic arts., Plastic : a substance composed predominantly of a synthetic organic high polymer capable of being cast or molded; many varieties of plastic are used to produce articles of commerce (after 1900). [MW10 gives origin of word as 1905], Plastid : Alt. of Plastide, Plastin : A substance associated with nuclein in cell nuclei, and by some considered as the fundamental substance of the nucleus., Plating : of Plate, Platina : Platinum., Plating : The art or process of covering anything with a plate or plates, or with metal, particularly of overlaying a base or dull metal with a thin plate of precious or bright metal, as by mechanical means or by electro-magnetic deposition., Plating : A thin coating of metal laid upon another metal., Plating : A coating or defensive armor of metal (usually steel) plates., Plaudit : A mark or expression of applause; praise bestowed., Plicate : Alt. of Plicated, Pointal : The pistil of a plant., Pointal : A kind of pencil or style used with the tablets of the Middle Ages., Pointal : See Poyntel., Ptyalin : An unorganized amylolytic ferment, on enzyme, present in human mixed saliva and in the saliva of some animals., Replait : To plait or fold again; to fold, as one part over another, again and again., Spatial : Of or pertaining to space., Stipula : A stipule., Stipula : A newly sprouted feather., Tailpin : The center in the spindle of a turning lathe., Talipes : The deformity called clubfoot. See Clubfoot., Talipot : A beautiful tropical palm tree (Corypha umbraculifera), a native of Ceylon and the Malabar coast. It has a trunk sixty or seventy feet high, bearing a crown of gigantic fan-shaped leaves which are used as umbrellas and as fans in ceremonial processions, and, when cut into strips, as a substitute for writing paper., Tipulae : of Tipula, Tipulas : of Tipula, Topical : Of or pertaining to a place; limited; logical application; as, a topical remedy; a topical claim or privilege., Topical : Pertaining to, or consisting of, a topic or topics; according to topics., Topical : Resembling a topic, or general maxim; hence, not demonstrative, but merely probable, as an argument., Topsail : In a square-rigged vessel, the sail next above the lowermost sail on a mast. This sail is the one most frequently reefed or furled in working the ship. In a fore-and-aft rigged vessel, the sail set upon and above the gaff. See Cutter, Schooner, Sail, and Ship., Typical : Of the nature of a type; representing something by a form, model, or resemblance; emblematic; prefigurative., Typical : Combining or exhibiting the essential characteristics of a group; as, a typical genus.,

8 Letter Words containing TPILA: Air plant : A plant deriving its sustenance from the air alone; an aerophyte., Alpinist : A climber of the Alps., Ampelite : An earth abounding in pyrites, used by the ancients to kill insects, etc., on vines; -- applied by Brongniart to a carbonaceous alum schist., Ampliate : To enlarge., Ampliate : Having the outer edge prominent; said of the wings of insects., Antipole : The opposite pole; anything diametrically opposed., Aplastic : Not plastic or easily molded., Atypical : That has no type; devoid of typical character; irregular; unlike the type., Bioplast : A tiny mass of bioplasm, in itself a living unit and having formative power, as a living white blood corpuscle; bioblast., Capitula : See Capitulum., Capitule : A summary., Depilate : To strip of hair; to husk., Diplomat : Alt. of Diplomate, Dipteral : Having two wings only; belonging to the order Diptera., Dipteral : Having a double row of columns on each on the flanks, as well as in front and rear; -- said of a temple., Displant : To remove (what is planted or fixed); to unsettle and take away; to displace; to root out; as, to displant inhabitants., Displant : To strip of what is planted or settled; as, to displant a country of inhabitants., Epiblast : The outer layer of the blastoderm; the ectoderm. See Blastoderm, Delamination., Etypical : Diverging from, or lacking conformity to, a type., Flippant : Of smooth, fluent, and rapid speech; speaking with ease and rapidity; having a voluble tongue; talkative., Flippant : Speaking fluently and confidently, without knowledge or consideration; empty; trifling; inconsiderate; pert; petulant., Flippant : A flippant person., Gallipot : A glazed earthen pot or vessel, used by druggists and apothecaries for containing medicines, etc., Hospital : A place for shelter or entertainment; an inn., Hospital : A building in which the sick, injured, or infirm are received and treated; a public or private institution founded for reception and cure, or for the refuge, of persons diseased in body or mind, or disabled, infirm, or dependent, and in which they are treated either at their own expense, or more often by charity in whole or in part; a tent, building, or other place where the sick or wounded of an army cared for., Hospital : Hospitable., Ice plant : A plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum), sprinkled with pellucid, watery vesicles, which glisten like ice. It is native along the Mediterranean, in the Canaries, and in South Africa. Its juice is said to be demulcent and diuretic; its ashes are used in Spain in making glass., Implated : of Implate, Lapidate : To stone., Lapidist : A lapidary., Lepadite : Same as Lepadoid., Liparite : A quartzose trachyte; rhyolite., Nuptials : of Nuptial, Opinlate : To hold or maintain persistently., Oppilate : To crowd together; to fill with obstructions; to block up., Optional : Involving an option; depending on the exercise of an option; left to one's discretion or choice; not compulsory; as, optional studies; it is optional with you to go or stay., Optional : See Elective, n., Palatial : Of or pertaining to a palace; suitable for a palace; resembling a palace; royal; magnificent; as, palatial structures., Palatial : Palatal; palatine., Palatial : A palatal letter., Palatine : Of or pertaining to a palace, or to a high officer of a palace; hence, possessing royal privileges., Palatine : One invested with royal privileges and rights within his domains; a count palatine. See Count palatine, under 4th Count., Palatine : The Palatine hill in Rome., Palatine : Of or pertaining to the palate., Palatine : A palatine bone., Palative : Pleasing to the taste; palatable., Palatize : To modify, as the tones of the voice, by means of the palate; as, to palatize a letter or sound., Palliate : Covered with a mant/e; cloaked; disguised., Palliate : Eased; mitigated; alleviated., Palliate : To cover with a mantle or cloak; to cover up; to hide., Palliate : To cover with excuses; to conceal the enormity of, by excuses and apologies; to extenuate; as, to palliate faults., Palliate : To reduce in violence; to lessen or abate; to mitigate; to ease withhout curing; as, to palliate a disease., Palmitic : Pertaining to, or obtained from, palmitin or palm oil; as, palmitic acid, a white crystalline body belonging to the fatty acid series. It is readily soluble in hot alcohol, and melts to a liquid oil at 62 C., Palmitin : A solid crystallizable fat, found abundantly in animals and in vegetables. It occurs mixed with stearin and olein in the fat of animal tissues, with olein and butyrin in butter, with olein in olive oil, etc. Chemically, it is a glyceride of palmitic acid, three molecules of palmitic acid being united to one molecule of glyceryl, and hence it is technically called tripalmitin, or glyceryl tripalmitate., Paltrily : In a paltry manner., Papalist : A papist., Papality : The papacy., Parfitly : Perfectly., Parietal : Of or pertaining to a wall; hence, pertaining to buildings or the care of them., Parietal : Resident within the walls or buildings of a college., Parietal : Of pertaining to the parietes., Parietal : Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the parietal bones, which form the upper and middle part of the cranium, between the frontals and occipitals., Parietal : Attached to the main wall of the ovary, and not to the axis; -- said of a placenta., Parietal : One of the parietal bones., Parietal : One of the special scales, or plates, covering the back of the head in certain reptiles and fishes., Partible : Admitting of being parted; divisible; separable; susceptible of severance or partition; as, an estate of inheritance may be partible., Particle : A minute part or portion of matter; a morsel; a little bit; an atom; a jot; as, a particle of sand, of wood, of dust., Particle : Any very small portion or part; the smallest portion; as, he has not a particle of patriotism or virtue., Particle : A crumb or little piece of concecrated host., Particle : The smaller hosts distributed in the communion of the laity., Particle : A subordinate word that is never inflected (a preposition, conjunction, interjection); or a word that can not be used except in compositions; as, ward in backward, ly in lovely., Pastille : A small cone or mass made of paste of gum, benzoin, cinnamon, and other aromatics, -- used for fumigating or scenting the air of a room., Pastille : An aromatic or medicated lozenge; a troche., Pastille : See Pastel, a crayon., Pearlite : Alt. of Pearlstone, Pectinal : Of or pertaining to a comb; resembling a comb., Pectinal : A fish whose bone/ resemble comb teeth., Pedality : The act of measuring by paces., Penality : The quality or state of being penal; lability to punishment., Petaline : Pertaining to a petal; attached to, or resembling, a petal., Petalism : A form of sentence among the ancient Syracusans by which they banished for five years a citizen suspected of having dangerous influence or ambition. It was similar to the ostracism in Athens; but olive leaves were used instead of shells for ballots., Petalite : A rare mineral, occurring crystallized and in cleavable masses, usually white, or nearly so, in color. It is a silicate of aluminia and lithia., Petaloid : Petaline., Petiolar : Alt. of Petiolary, Philauty : Self-love; selfishness., Phthalic : Pertaining to, or designating, a dibasic acid obtained by the oxidation of naphthalene and allied substances., Phthalin : A colorless crystalline substance obtained by reduction from phthalein, into which it is easily converted by oxidation; hence, any one of the series of which phthalin proper is the type., Pictural : Pictorial., Pictural : A picture., Pieplant : A plant (Rheum Rhaponticum) the leafstalks of which are acid, and are used in making pies; the garden rhubarb., Piketail : See Pintail, 1., Pilaster : An upright architectural member right-angled in plan, constructionally a pier (See Pier, 1 (b)), but architecturally corresponding to a column, having capital, shaft, and base to agree with those of the columns of the same order. In most cases the projection from the wall is one third of its width, or less., Pileated : Having the form of a cap for the head., Pileated : Having a crest covering the pileus, or whole top of the head., Pillaret : A little pillar., Pilotage : The pilot's skill or knowledge, as of coasts, rocks, bars, and channels., Pilotage : The compensation made or allowed to a pilot., Pilotage : Guidance, as by a pilot., Pia cloth : A fine material for ladies' shawls, scarfs, handkerchiefs, etc., made from the fiber of the pineapple leaf, and perhaps from other fibrous tropical leaves. It is delicate, soft, and transparent, with a slight tinge of pale yellow., Pitiable : Deserving pity; wworthy of, or exciting, compassion; miserable; lamentable; piteous; as, pitiable persons; a pitiable condition; pitiable wretchedness., Pittacal : A dark blue substance obtained from wood tar. It consists of hydrocarbons which when oxidized form the orange-yellow eupittonic compounds, the salts of which are dark blue., Placitum : A public court or assembly in the Middle Ages, over which the sovereign president when a consultation was held upon affairs of state., Placitum : A court, or cause in court., Placitum : A plea; a pleading; a judicial proceeding; a suit., Plainant : One who makes complaint; the plaintiff., Plaister : See Plaster., Plaiting : of Plait, Planetic : Alt. of Planetical, Planting : of Plant, Plantain : A treelike perennial herb (Musa paradisiaca) of tropical regions, bearing immense leaves and large clusters of the fruits called plantains. See Musa., Plantain : The fruit of this plant. It is long and somewhat cylindrical, slightly curved, and, when ripe, soft, fleshy, and covered with a thick but tender yellowish skin. The plantain is a staple article of food in most tropical countries, especially when cooked., Plantain : Any plant of the genus Plantago, but especially the P. major, a low herb with broad spreading radical leaves, and slender spikes of minute flowers. It is a native of Europe, but now found near the abode of civilized man in nearly all parts of the world., Planting : The act or operation of setting in the ground for propagation, as seeds, trees, shrubs, etc.; the forming of plantations, as of trees; the carrying on of plantations, as of sugar, coffee, etc., Planting : That which is planted; a plantation., Planting : The laying of the first courses of stone in a foundation., Plastide : A formative particle of albuminous matter; a monad; a cytode. See the Note under Morphon., Plastide : One of the many minute granules found in the protoplasm of vegetable cells. They are divided by their colors into three classes, chloroplastids, chromoplastids, and leucoplastids., Platting : of Plat, Platinic : Of, pertaining to, or containing, platinum; -- used specifically to designate those compounds in which the element has a higher valence, as contrasted with the platinous compounds; as, platinic chloride (PtCl4)., Platinum : A metallic element, intermediate in value between silver and gold, occurring native or alloyed with other metals, also as the platinum arsenide (sperrylite). It is heavy tin-white metal which is ductile and malleable, but very infusible, and characterized by its resistance to strong chemical reagents. It is used for crucibles, for stills for sulphuric acid, rarely for coin, and in the form of foil and wire for many purposes. Specific gravity 21.5. Atomic weight 194.3. Symbol Pt. Formerly called platina., Platonic : Alt. of Platonical, Platonic : A follower of Plato; a Platonist., Platting : Plaited strips or bark, cane, straw, etc., used for making hats or the like., Playtime : Time for play or diversion., Plicated : Plaited; folded like a fan; as, a plicate leaf., Plowtail : Alt. of Ploughtail, Poetical : Of or pertaining to poetry; suitable for poetry, or for writing poetry; as, poetic talent, theme, work, sentiments., Poetical : Expressed in metrical form; exhibiting the imaginative or the rhythmical quality of poetry; as, a poetical composition; poetical prose., Polarity : That quality or condition of a body in virtue of which it exhibits opposite, or contrasted, properties or powers, in opposite, or contrasted, parts or directions; or a condition giving rise to a contrast of properties corresponding to a contrast of positions, as, for example, attraction and repulsion in the opposite parts of a magnet, the dissimilar phenomena corresponding to the different sides of a polarized ray of light, etc., Polarity : A property of the conic sections by virtue of which a given point determines a corresponding right line and a given right line determines a corresponding point. See Polar, n., Policate : Same as Pollicate., Prelatic : Alt. of Prelatical, Psalmist : A writer or composer of sacred songs; -- a title particularly applied to David and the other authors of the Scriptural psalms., Psalmist : A clerk, precentor, singer, or leader of music, in the church., Ptyalism : Salivation, or an excessive flow of saliva., Reptilia : A class of air-breathing oviparous vertebrates, usually covered with scales or bony plates. The heart generally has two auricles and one ventricle. The development of the young is the same as that of birds., Septical : Having power to promote putrefaction., Spitball : Paper chewed, and rolled into a ball, to be thrown as a missile., Spoliate : To plunder; to pillage; to despoil; to rob., Stapelia : An extensive and curious genus of African plants of the natural order Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed family). They are succulent plants without leaves, frequently covered with dark tubercles giving them a very grotesque appearance. The odor of the blossoms is like that of carrion., Stapling : of Staple, Stipulas : of Stipula, Stipulae : of Stipula, Stipular : Of or pertaining to stipules; resembling stipules; furnished with stipules; growing on stipules, or close to them; occupying the position of stipules; as, stipular glands and stipular tendrils., Talapoin : A small African monkey (Cercopithecus, / Miopithecus, talapoin) -- called also melarhine., Tapeline : A painted tape, marked with linear dimensions, as inches, feet, etc., and often inclosed in a case, -- used for measuring., Taplings : The strong double leathers by which the two parts of a flail are united., Tipulary : Of or pertaining to the tipulas., Tripedal : Having three feet., Troopial : Same as Troupial., Tropical : Of or pertaining to the tropics; characteristic of, or incident to, the tropics; being within the tropics; as, tropical climate; tropical latitudes; tropical heat; tropical diseases., Tropical : Rhetorically changed from its exact original sense; being of the nature of a trope; figurative; metaphorical., Troupial : Any one of numerous species of bright-colored American birds belonging to Icterus and allied genera, especially Icterus icterus, a native of the West Indies and South America. Many of the species are called orioles in America., Utopical : Utopian; ideal.,

9 Letter Words containing TPILA: Alepidote : Not having scales., Alepidote : A fish without scales., Aliseptal : Relating to expansions of the nasal septum., Alopecist : A practitioner who tries to prevent or cure baldness., Altiscope : An arrangement of lenses and mirrors which enables a person to see an object in spite of intervening objects., Amplitude : State of being ample; extent of surface or space; largeness of dimensions; size., Amplitude : Largeness, in a figurative sense; breadth; abundance; fullness., Amplitude : Of extent of capacity or intellectual powers., Amplitude : Of extent of means or resources., Amplitude : The arc of the horizon between the true east or west point and the center of the sun, or a star, at its rising or setting. At the rising, the amplitude is eastern or ortive: at the setting, it is western, occiduous, or occasive. It is also northern or southern, when north or south of the equator., Amplitude : The arc of the horizon between the true east or west point and the foot of the vertical circle passing through any star or object., Amplitude : The horizontal line which measures the distance to which a projectile is thrown; the range., Amplitude : The extent of a movement measured from the starting point or position of equilibrium; -- applied especially to vibratory movements., Amplitude : An angle upon which the value of some function depends; -- a term used more especially in connection with elliptic functions., Analeptic : Restorative; giving strength after disease., Analeptic : A restorative., Ancipital : Alt. of Ancipitous, Antipapal : Opposed to the pope or to popery., Antipodal : Pertaining to the antipodes; situated on the opposite side of the globe., Antipodal : Diametrically opposite., Antitypal : Antitypical., Apiculate : Alt. of Apiculated, Aplanatic : Having two or more parts of different curvatures, so combined as to remove spherical aberration; -- said of a lens., Apologist : One who makes an apology; one who speaks or writes in defense of a faith, a cause, or an institution; especially, one who argues in defense of Christianity., Apostille : A marginal note on a letter or other paper; an annotation., Apostolic : Alt. of Apostolical, Apostolic : A member of one of certain ascetic sects which at various times professed to imitate the practice of the apostles., Appetible : Desirable; capable or worthy of being the object of desire., Applicant : One who apples for something; one who makes request; a petitioner., Applicate : Applied or put to some use., Applicate : To apply., Appliment : Application., Asphaltic : Pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing, asphalt; bituminous., Baptismal : Pertaining to baptism; as, baptismal vows., Bicipital : Having two heads or origins, as a muscle., Bicipital : Pertaining to a biceps muscle; as, bicipital furrows, the depressions on either side of the biceps of the arm., Bicipital : Dividing into two parts at one extremity; having two heads or two supports; as, a bicipital tree., Bipalmate : Palmately branched, with the branches again palmated., Bipartile : Divisible into two parts., Bipeltate : Having a shell or covering like a double shield., Biplicate : Twice folded together., Blast pipe : The exhaust pipe of a steam engine, or any pipe delivering steam or air, when so constructed as to cause a blast., Caliphate : The office, dignity, or government of a caliph or of the caliphs., Capitally : In a way involving the forfeiture of the head or life; as, to punish capitally., Capitally : In a capital manner; excellently., Capitular : An act passed in a chapter., Capitular : A member of a chapter., Capitular : The head or prominent part., Capitular : Of or pertaining to a chapter; capitulary., Capitular : Growing in, or pertaining to, a capitulum., Capitular : Pertaining to a capitulum; as, the capitular process of a vertebra, the process which articulates with the capitulum of a rib., Capitulum : A thick head of flowers on a very short axis, as a clover top, or a dandelion; a composite flower. A capitulum may be either globular or flat., Capitulum : A knoblike protuberance of any part, esp. at the end of a bone or cartilage. [See Illust. of Artiodactyla.], Carpolite : A general term for a fossil fruit, nut, or seed., Complaint : Expression of grief, regret, pain, censure, or resentment; lamentation; murmuring; accusation; fault-finding., Complaint : Cause or subject of complaint or murmuring., Complaint : An ailment or disease of the body., Complaint : A formal allegation or charge against a party made or presented to the appropriate court or officer, as for a wrong done or a crime committed (in the latter case, generally under oath); an information; accusation; the initial bill in proceedings in equity., Compliant : Yielding; bending; pliant; submissive., Cryptical : Hidden; secret; occult., Dapatical : Sumptuous in cheer., Depilated : of Depilate, Diplomate : A diplomatist., Diplomate : To invest with a title o/ privilege by diploma., Di/planted : of Displant, Duplicate : Double; twofold., Duplicate : That which exactly resembles or corresponds to something else; another, correspondent to the first; hence, a copy; a transcript; a counterpart., Duplicate : An original instrument repeated; a document which is the same as another in all essential particulars, and differing from a mere copy in having all the validity of an original., Duplicate : To double; to fold; to render double., Duplicate : To make a duplicate of (something); to make a copy or transcript of., Duplicate : To divide into two by natural growth or spontaneous action; as, infusoria duplicate themselves., Emplastic : Fit to be applied as a plaster; glutinous; adhesive; as, emplastic applications., Emplastic : A medicine causing constipation., Emptional : Capable of being purchased., Ephialtes : The nightmare., Epiphytal : Pertaining to an epiphyte., Epistolar : Epistolary., Epithelia : of Epithelium, Epulation : A feasting or feast; banquet., Euplastic : Having the capacity of becoming organizable in a high degree, as the matter forming the false membranes which sometimes result from acute inflammation in a healthy person., Euplastic : Organizable substance by which the tissues of an animal body are renewed., Expilator : One who pillages; a plunderer; a pillager., Explicate : Evolved; unfolded., Explicate : To unfold; to expand; to lay open., Explicate : To unfold the meaning or sense of; to explain; to clear of difficulties or obscurity; to interpret., Hepatical : Hepatic., Hypoptila : of Hypoptilum, Idle-pated : Idle-headed; stupid., Impartial : Not partial; not favoring one more than another; treating all alike; unprejudiced; unbiased; disinterested; equitable; fair; just., Impatible : Not capable of being borne; impassible., Implanted : of Implant, Implating : of Implate, Implicate : To infold; to fold together; to interweave., Implicate : To bring into connection with; to involve; to connect; -- applied to persons, in an unfavorable sense; as, the evidence implicates many in this conspiracy; to be implicated in a crime, a discreditable transaction, a fault, etc., Imputable : That may be imputed; capable of being imputed; chargeable; ascribable; attributable; referable., Imputable : Accusable; culpable., Imputably : By imputation., Inculpate : To blame; to impute guilt to; to accuse; to involve or implicate in guilt., Interpale : To place pales between or among; to separate by pales., Interpale : To interweave or interlace., Interpeal : To interpel., Interplay : Mutual action or influence; interaction; as, the interplay of affection., Jaspilite : A compact siliceous rock resembling jasper., Kampylite : A variety of mimetite or arseniate of lead in hexagonal prisms of a fine orange yellow., Lampadist : One who gained the prize in the lampadrome., Lamplight : Light from a lamp., Lappeting : of Lappet, Lithocarp : Fossil fruit; a fruit petrified; a carpolite., Lotophagi : A people visited by Ulysses in his wanderings. They subsisted on the lotus. See Lotus (b), and Lotus-eater., Lymphatic : pertaining to, containing, or conveying lymph., Lymphatic : Madly enthusiastic; frantic., Lymphatic : One of the lymphatic or absorbent vessels, which carry lymph and discharge it into the veins; lymph duct; lymphatic duct., Lymphatic : A mad enthusiast; a lunatic., Nephalist : One who advocates or practices nephalism., Occipital : Of or pertaining to the occiput, or back part of the head, or to the occipital bone., Occipital : The occipital bone., Oppilated : of Oppilate, Optically : By optics or sight; with reference to optics., Pactional : Of the nature of, or by means of, a paction., Pactolian : Pertaining to the Pactolus, a river in ancient Lydia famous for its golden sands., Painterly : Like a painter's work., Paintless : Not capable of being painted or described., Paleolith : A relic of the Paleolithic era., Palestric : Alt. of Palestrical, Palliated : of Palliate, Pallidity : Pallidness; paleness., Palmacite : A fossil palm., Palmcrist : The palma Christi. (Jonah iv. 6, margin, and Douay version, note.), Palmister : One who practices palmistry, Palmistry : The art or practice of divining or telling fortunes, or of judging of character, by the lines and marks in the palm of the hand; chiromancy., Palmistry : A dexterous use or trick of the hand., Palmitate : A salt of palmitic acid., Palmitone : The ketone of palmitic acid., Palpation : Act of touching or feeling., Palpation : Examination of a patient by touch., Palpitant : Palpitating; throbbing; trembling., Palpitate : To beat rapidly and more strongly than usual; to throb; to bound with emotion or exertion; to pulsate violently; to flutter; -- said specifically of the heart when its action is abnormal, as from excitement., Paltering : of Palter, Pantingly : With palpitation or rapid breathing., Papillate : To cover with papillae; to take the form of a papilla, or of papillae., Papillate : Same as Papillose., Papillote : a small piece of paper on which women roll up their hair to make it curl; a curl paper., Paralytic : Of or pertaining to paralysis; resembling paralysis., Paralytic : Affected with paralysis, or palsy., Paralytic : Inclined or tending to paralysis., Paralytic : A person affected with paralysis., Parasital : Of or pertaining to parasites; parasitic., Partially : In part; not totally; as, partially true; the sun partially eclipsed., Partially : In a partial manner; with undue bias of mind; with unjust favor or dislike; as, to judge partially., Patchouli : Alt. of Patchouly, Patiently : In a patient manner., Pectineal : Of or pertaining to the pecten., Pectineal : Relating to, or connected with, the pubic bone., Penalties : of Penalty, Penetrail : Penetralia., Penultima : Same as Penult., Periblast : The protoplasmic matter which surrounds the entoblast, or cell nucleus, and undergoes segmentation., Periplast : Same as Periblast., Petechial : Characterized by, or pertaining to, petechiae; spotted., Petiolary : Of or pertaining to petiole, or proceeding from it; as, a petiolar tendril; growing or supported upon a petiole; as, a petiolar gland; a petiolar bud., Petiolate : Alt. of Petiolated, Phacolite : A colorless variety of chabazite; the original was from Leipa, in Bohemia., Philately : The collection of postage stamps of various issues., Philatory : A kind of transparent reliquary with an ornamental top., Philomath : A lover of learning; a scholar., Phthalein : One of a series of artificial organic dyes made as condensation products of the phenols with phthalic acid, and well represented by phenol phthalein. Their alkaline solutions are fluorescent., Phthalide : A lactone obtained by reduction of phthalyl chloride, as a white crystalline substance; hence, by extension, any one of the series of which phthalide proper is the type., Pick-fault : One who seeks out faults., Pictorial : Of or pertaining to pictures; illustrated by pictures; forming pictures; representing with the clearness of a picture; as, a pictorial dictionary; a pictorial imagination., Piedstall : See Pedestal., Pigmental : Alt. of Pigmentary, Pigtailed : Having a tail like a pig's; as, the pigtailed baboon., Pillarist : See Stylite., Pinnately : In a pinnate manner., Pinnulate : Having each pinna subdivided; -- said of a leaf, or of its pinnae., Pin-tailed : Having a tapered tail, with the middle feathers longest; -- said of birds., Pipal tree : Same as Peepul tree., Piquantly : In a piquant manner., Piratical : Of or pertaining to a pirate; acquired by, or practicing, piracy; as, a piratical undertaking., Pisophalt : Pissasphalt., Pistolade : A pistol shot., Placating : of Placate, Placation : The act of placating., Placidity : The quality or state of being placid; calmness; serenity., Placitory : Of or pertaining to pleas or pleading, in courts of law., Plaintful : Containing a plaint; complaining; expressing sorrow with an audible voice., Plaintiff : One who commences a personal action or suit to obtain a remedy for an injury to his rights; -- opposed to defendant., Plaintiff : See Plaintive., Plaintive : Repining; complaining; lamenting., Plaintive : Expressive of sorrow or melancholy; mournful; sad., Planetoid : A body resembling a planet; an asteroid., Planticle : A young plant, or plant in embryo., Plasmatic : Alt. of Plasmatical, Plastical : See Plastic., Platanist : The soosoo., Platinize : To cover or combine with platinum., Platinode : A cathode., Platinoid : Resembling platinum., Platinoid : An alloy of German silver containing tungsten; -- used for forming electrical resistance coils and standards., Platinous : Of, pertaining to, or containing, platinum; -- used specifically to designate those compounds in which the element has a lower valence, as contrasted with the platinic compounds; as, platinous chloride (PtCl2)., Platitude : The quality or state of being flat, thin, or insipid; flat commonness; triteness; staleness of ideas of language., Platitude : A thought or remark which is flat, dull, trite, or weak; a truism; a commonplace., Platonism : The doctrines or philosophy by Plato or of his followers., Platonism : An elevated rational and ethical conception of the laws and forces of the universe; sometimes, imaginative or fantastic philosophical notions., Platonist : One who adheres to the philosophy of Plato; a follower of Plato., Platonize : To adopt the opinion of Plato or his followers., Platonize : To explain by, or accomodate to, the Platonic philosophy., Plaything : A thing to play with; a toy; anything that serves to amuse., Plication : A folding or fold; a plait., Plicature : A fold; a doubling; a plication., Pletinian : Of pertaining to the Plotinists or their doctrines., Pluralist : A clerk or clergyman who holds more than one ecclesiastical benefice., Plurality : The state of being plural, or consisting of more than one; a number consisting of two or more of the same kind; as, a plurality of worlds; the plurality of a verb., Plurality : The greater number; a majority; also, the greatest of several numbers; in elections, the excess of the votes given for one candidate over those given for another, or for any other, candidate. When there are more than two candidates, the one who receives the plurality of votes may have less than a majority. See Majority., Plurality : See Plurality of benefices, below., Plutonian : Plutonic., Plutonian : A Plutonist., Polianite : Manganese dioxide, occurring in tetragonal crystals nearly as hard as quartz., Political : Having, or conforming to, a settled system of administration., Political : Of or pertaining to public policy, or to politics; relating to affairs of state or administration; as, a political writer., Political : Of or pertaining to a party, or to parties, in the state; as, his political relations were with the Whigs., Political : Politic; wise; also, artful., Pollicate : Having a curved projection or spine on the inner side of a leg joint; -- said of insects., Pollinate : Pollinose., Pollinate : To apply pollen to (a stigma)., Popliteal : Of or pertaining to the ham; in the region of the ham, or behind the knee joint; as, the popliteal space., Portingal : Of or pertaining to Portugal; Portuguese., Portingal : A Portuguese., Postaxial : Situated behind any transverse axis in the body of an animal; caudal; posterior; especially, behind, or on the caudal or posterior (that is, ulnar or fibular) side of, the axis of a vertebrate limb., Potential : Being potent; endowed with energy adequate to a result; efficacious; influential., Potential : Existing in possibility, not in actuality., Potential : Anything that may be possible; a possibility; potentially., Potential : In the theory of gravitation, or of other forces acting in space, a function of the rectangular coordinates which determine the position of a point, such that its differential coefficients with respect to the coordinates are equal to the components of the force at the point considered; -- also called potential function, or force function. It is called also Newtonian potential when the force is directed to a fixed center and is inversely as the square of the distance from the center., Potential : The energy of an electrical charge measured by its power to do work; hence, the degree of electrification as referred to some standard, as that of the earth; electro-motive force., Practical : Of or pertaining to practice or action., Practical : Capable of being turned to use or account; useful, in distinction from ideal or theoretical; as, practical chemistry., Practical : Evincing practice or skill; capable of applying knowledge to some useful end; as, a practical man; a practical mind., Practical : Derived from practice; as, practical skill., Pratingly : With idle talk; with loquacity., Prattling : of Prattle, Prelatial : Prelatical., Prelation : The setting of one above another; preference., Prelatism : Prelacy; episcopacy., Prelatist : One who supports of advocates prelacy, or the government of the church by prelates; hence, a high-churchman., Prelatize : To bring under the influence of prelacy., Prelatize : To uphold or encourage prelacy; to exercise prelatical functions., Preputial : Of or pertaining to the prepuce., Pretibial : Situated in front of the tibia., Pretorial : Pretorian., Primality : The quality or state of being primal., Primatial : Primatical., Primitial : Being of the first production; primitive; original., Printa-ble : Worthy to be published., Privately : In a private manner; not openly; without the presence of others., Privately : In a manner affecting an individual; personally not officially; as, he is not privately benefited., Probality : Probability., Prolation : The act of prolating or pronouncing; utterance; pronunciation., Prolation : The act of deferring; delay., Prolation : A mediaeval method of determining of the proportionate duration of semibreves and minims., Prothalli : of Prothallus, Psalteria : of Psalterium, Psarolite : A silicified stem of tree fern, found in abundance in the Triassic sandstone., Ptolemaic : Of or pertaining to Ptolemy, the geographer and astronomer., Pullicate : A kind of checked cotton or silk handkerchief., Pulsating : of Pulsate, Pulsatile : Capable of being struck or beaten; played by beating or by percussion; as, a tambourine is a pulsatile musical instrument., Pulsatile : Pulsating; throbbing, as a tumor., Pulsation : A beating or throbbing, especially of the heart or of an artery, or in an inflamed part; a beat of the pulse., Pulsation : A single beat or throb of a series., Pulsation : A stroke or impulse by which some medium is affected, as in the propagation of sounds., Pulsation : Any touching of another's body willfully or in anger. This constitutes battery., Pulsative : Beating; throbbing., Pulvinate : Alt. of Pulvinated, Putrilage : That which is undergoing putrefaction; the products of putrefaction., Pyritical : Of or pertaining to pyrites; consisting of, or resembling, pyrites., Rantipole : A wild, romping young person., Rantipole : Wild; roving; rakish., Rantipole : To act like a rantipole., Raptorial : Rapacious; living upon prey; -- said especially of certain birds., Raptorial : Adapted for seizing prey; -- said of the legs, claws, etc., of insects, birds, and other animals., Raptorial : Of or pertaining to the Raptores. See Illust. (f) of Aves., Reimplant : To implant again., Replicant : One who replies., Replicate : To reply., Replicate : Alt. of Replicated, Reptilian : Belonging to the reptiles., Reptilian : One of the Reptilia; a reptile., Sapiently : In a sapient manner., Scapolite : A grayish white mineral occuring in tetragonal crystals and in cleavable masses. It is essentially a silicate of alumina and soda., Sceptical : Alt. of Scepticism, Scoptical : Jesting; jeering; scoffing., Sharptail : The pintail duck., Sharptail : The pintail grouse, or prairie chicken., Skeptical : Of or pertaining to a sceptic or skepticism; characterized by skepticism; hesitating to admit the certainly of doctrines or principles; doubting of everything., Skeptical : Doubting or denying the truth of revelation, or the sacred Scriptures., Spatially : As regards space., Specialty : Particularity., Specialty : A particular or peculiar case., Specialty : A contract or obligation under seal; a contract by deed; a writing, under seal, given as security for a debt particularly specified., Specialty : That for which a person is distinguished, in which he is specially versed, or which he makes an object of special attention; a speciality., Spiculate : Covered with, or having, spicules., Spiculate : Covered with minute spiculae, or pointed fleshy appendages; divided into small spikelets., Spiculate : To sharpen to a point., Spiketail : The pintail duck., Spinetail : Any one or several species of swifts of the genus Acanthylis, or Chaetura, and allied genera, in which the shafts of the tail feathers terminate in rigid spines., Spinetail : Any one of several species of South American and Central American clamatorial birds belonging to Synallaxis and allied genera of the family Dendrocolaptidae. They are allied to the ovenbirds., Spinetail : The ruddy duck., Spirality : The quality or states of being spiral., Spiritual : Consisting of spirit; not material; incorporeal; as, a spiritual substance or being., Spiritual : Of or pertaining to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind; mental; intellectual., Spiritual : Of or pertaining to the moral feelings or states of the soul, as distinguished from the external actions; reaching and affecting the spirits., Spiritual : Of or pertaining to the soul or its affections as influenced by the Spirit; controlled and inspired by the divine Spirit; proceeding from the Holy Spirit; pure; holy; divine; heavenly-minded; -- opposed to carnal., Spiritual : Not lay or temporal; relating to sacred things; ecclesiastical; as, the spiritual functions of the clergy; lords spiritual and temporal; a spiritual corporation., Spiritual : A spiritual function, office, or affair. See Spirituality, 2., Spirulate : Having the color spots, or structural parts, arranged spirally., Split-tail : A california market fish (Pogonichthys macrolepidotus) belonging to the Carp family., Split-tail : The pintail duck., Spoliated : of Spoliate, Spoliator : One who spoliates; a spoiler., Sprigtail : The pintail duck; -- called also sprig, and spreet-tail., Sprigtail : The sharp-tailed grouse., Spritsail : A sail extended by a sprit., Spritsail : A sail formerly hung under the bowsprit, from the spritsail yard., Stapedial : Of or pertaining to stapes., Stipulary : Of or pertaining to stipules; stipular., Stipulate : Furnished with stipules; as, a stipulate leaf., Stipulate : To make an agreement or covenant with any person or company to do or forbear anything; to bargain; to contract; to settle terms; as, certain princes stipulated to assist each other in resisting the armies of France., Strip-leaf : Tobacco which has been stripped of its stalks before packing., Styptical : Styptic; astringent., Sulphatic : Of, pertaining to, resembling, or containing, a sulphate or sulphates., Suppliant : Asking earnestly and submissively; entreating; beseeching; supplicating., Suppliant : Manifesting entreaty; expressive of supplication., Suppliant : One who supplicates; a humble petitioner; one who entreats submissively., Supplicat : A petition; esp., a written one, with a certificate that the conditions have been complied with., Tailpiece : A piece at the end; an appendage., Tailpiece : One of the timbers which tail into a header, in floor framing. See Illust. of Header., Tailpiece : An ornament placed at the bottom of a short page to fill up the space, or at the end of a book., Tailpiece : A piece of ebony or other material attached to the lower end of a violin or similar instrument, to which the strings are fastened., Tarpaulin : A piece of canvas covered with tar or a waterproof composition, used for covering the hatches of a ship, hammocks, boats, etc., Tarpaulin : A hat made of, or covered with, painted or tarred cloth, worn by sailors and others., Tarpaulin : Hence, a sailor; a seaman; a tar., Title-page : The page of a book which contains it title., Topically : In a topical manner; with application to, or limitation of, a particular place or topic., Totipalmi : A division of swimming birds including those that have totipalmate feet., Trampling : of Trample, Triumphal : Of or pertaining to triumph; used in a triumph; indicating, or in honor of, a triumph or victory; as, a triumphal crown; a triumphal arch., Triumphal : A token of victory., Unpartial : Impartial., Whipstalk : A whipstock., Wind-plant : A windflower., Zapotilla : See Sapodilla.,

10 Letter Words containing TPILA: Accipitral : Pertaining to, or of the nature of, a falcon or hawk; hawklike., Acephalist : One who acknowledges no head or superior., Adaptorial : Adaptive., Allopathic : Of or pertaining to allopathy., Allotropic : Alt. of Allotropical, Alpestrine : Pertaining to the Alps, or other high mountains; as, Alpestrine diseases, etc., Alphabetic : Alt. of Alphabetical, Altarpiece : The painting or piece of sculpture above and behind the altar; reredos., Ampliation : Enlargement; amplification., Ampliation : A postponement of the decision of a cause, for further consideration or re-argument., Ampliative : Enlarging a conception by adding to that which is already known or received., Anaglyptic : Relating to the art of carving, enchasing, or embossing in low relief., Anaplastic : Of or pertaining to anaplasty., Antilopine : Of or relating to the antelope., Antiphonal : Of or pertaining to antiphony, or alternate singing; sung alternately by a divided choir or opposite choirs., Antiphonal : A book of antiphons or anthems., Antitropal : Alt. of Antitropous, Apiculated : Terminated abruptly by a small, distinct point, as a leaf., Apiculture : Rearing of bees for their honey and wax., Apiologist : A student of bees., Aplanatism : Freedom from spherical aberration., Apolaustic : Devoted to enjoyment., Apologetic : Alt. of Apologetical, Apoplectic : Alt. of Apoplectical, Apoplectic : One liable to, or affected with, apoplexy., Aporetical : Doubting; skeptical., Applotting : of Applot, Asphaltite : Asphaltic., Asphaltite : Asphaltic., Astipulate : To assent., Autopsical : Pertaining to autopsy; autoptical., Autoptical : Seen with one's own eyes; belonging to, or connected with, personal observation; as, autoptic testimony or experience., Baptizable : Capable of being baptized; fit to be baptized., Bibliotaph : Alt. of Bibliotaphist, Bioplastic : Bioplasmic., Biparietal : Of or pertaining to the diameter of the cranium, from one parietal fossa to the other., Bipartible : Capable of being divided into two parts., Bipetalous : Having two petals., Bipolarity : Bipolar quality., Bipunctual : Having two points., Birthplace : The town, city, or country, where a person is born; place of origin or birth, in its more general sense., Bisulphate : A sulphate in which but half the hydrogen of the acid is replaced by a positive element or radical, thus making the proportion of the acid to the positive or basic portion twice what it is in the normal sulphates; an acid sulphate., Callithump : A somewhat riotous parade, accompanied with the blowing of tin horns, and other discordant noises; also, a burlesque serenade; a charivari., Capability : The quality of being capable; capacity; capableness; esp. intellectual power or ability., Capability : Capacity of being used or improved., Capitalist : One who has capital; one who has money for investment, or money invested; esp. a person of large property, which is employed in business., Capitalize : To convert into capital, or to use as capital., Capitalize : To compute, appraise, or assess the capital value of (a patent right, an annuity, etc.), Capitalize : To print in capital letters, or with an initial capital., Capitolian : Alt. of Capitoline, Capitoline : Of or pertaining to the Capitol in Rome., Capitulary : A capitular., Capitulary : The body of laws or statutes of a chapter, or of an ecclesiastical council., Capitulary : A collection of laws or statutes, civil and ecclesiastical, esp. of the Frankish kings, in chapters or sections., Capitulary : Relating to the chapter of a cathedral; capitular., Capitulate : To settle or draw up the heads or terms of an agreement, as in chapters or articles; to agree., Capitulate : To surrender on terms agreed upon (usually, drawn up under several heads); as, an army or a garrison capitulates., Capitulate : To surrender or transfer, as an army or a fortress, on certain conditions., Captiously : In a captious manner., Catalepsis : A sudden suspension of sensation and volition, the body and limbs preserving the position that may be given them, while the action of the heart and lungs continues., Cataleptic : Pertaining to, or resembling, catalepsy; affected with catalepsy; as, a cataleptic fit., Catapeltic : Of or pertaining to a catapult., Cephalitis : Same as Phrenitis., Chiroplast : An instrument to guid the hands and fingers of pupils in playing on the piano, etc., Compatible : Capable of existing in harmony; congruous; suitable; not repugnant; -- usually followed by with., Compatibly : In a compatible manner., Compilator : Compiler., Complicant : Overlapping, as the elytra of certain beetles., Complicate : Composed of two or more parts united; complex; complicated; involved., Complicate : Folded together, or upon itself, with the fold running lengthwise., Complicate : To fold or twist together; to combine intricately; to make complex; to combine or associate so as to make intricate or difficult., Copulating : of Copulate, Copulation : The act of coupling or joining; union; conjunction., Copulation : The coming together of male and female in the act of generation; sexual union; coition., Copulative : Serving to couple, unite, or connect; as, a copulative conjunction like "and"., Copulative : Connection., Copulative : A copulative conjunction., Crop-tailed : Having the tail cropped., Dentiscalp : An instrument for scraping the teeth., Deoppilate : To free from obstructions; to clear a passage through., Depilating : of Depilate, Depilation : Act of pulling out or removing the hair; unhairing., Depilatory : Having the quality or power of removing hair., Depilatory : An application used to take off hair., Despotical : Having the character of, or pertaining to, a despot; absolute in power; possessing and abusing unlimited power; evincing despotism; tyrannical; arbitrary., Dilapidate : To bring into a condition of decay or partial ruin, by misuse or through neglect; to destroy the fairness and good condition of; -- said of a building., Dilapidate : To impair by waste and abuse; to squander., Dilapidate : To get out of repair; to fall into partial ruin; to become decayed; as, the church was suffered to dilapidate., Dinaphthyl : A colorless, crystalline hydrocarbon, C20H14, obtained from naphthylene, and consisting of a doubled naphthylene radical., Dioptrical : Of or pertaining to dioptrics; assisting vision by means of the refraction of light; refractive; as, the dioptric system; a dioptric glass or telescope., Dipetalous : Having two petals; two-petaled., Diplomatic : Alt. of Diplomatical, Diplomatic : A minister, official agent, or envoy to a foreign court; a diplomatist., Diplomatic : The science of diplomas, or the art of deciphering ancient writings, and determining their age, authenticity, etc.; paleography., Disculpate : To free from blame or the imputation of a fault; to exculpate., Disputable : Capable of being disputed; liable to be called in question, controverted, or contested; or doubtful certainty or propriety; controvertible; as, disputable opinions, propositions, points, or questions., Disputable : Disputatious; contentious., Disulphate : A salt of disulphuric or pyrosulphuric acid; a pyrosulphate., Disulphate : An acid salt of sulphuric acid, having only one equivalent of base to two of the acid., Duplicated : of Duplicate, Elliptical : Of or pertaining to an ellipse; having the form of an ellipse; oblong, with rounded ends., Elliptical : Having a part omitted; as, an elliptical phrase., Emphatical : Uttered with emphasis; made prominent and impressive by a peculiar stress of voice; laying stress; deserving of stress or emphasis; forcible; impressive; strong; as, to remonstrate in am emphatic manner; an emphatic word; an emphatic tone; emphatic reasoning., Emphatical : Striking the sense; attracting special attention; impressive; forcible., Eparterial : Situated upon or above an artery; -- applied esp. to the branches of the bronchi given off above the point where the pulmonary artery crosses the bronchus., Epiblastic : Of or relating to, or consisting of, the epiblast., Epicentral : Arising from the centrum of a vertebra., Epiplastra : of Epiplastron, Episternal : Of or pertaining to the episternum., Epistolary : Pertaining to epistles or letters; suitable to letters and correspondence; as, an epistolary style., Epistolary : Contained in letters; carried on by letters., Epistolean : One who writes epistles; a correspondent., Epitaphial : Alt. of Epitaphian, Epithalamy : Epithalamium., Epithelial : Of or pertaining to epithelium; as, epithelial cells; epithelial cancer., Eruptional : Eruptive., Expilation : The act of expilating or stripping off; plunder; pillage., Explicated : of Explicate, Explicator : One who unfolds or explains; an expounder; an explainer., Extirpable : Capable of being extirpated or eradicated; as, an extirpable plant., Felspathic : See Feldspathic., Flippantly : In a flippant manner., Grapholite : Any species of slate suitable to be written on., Graptolite : One of numerous species of slender and delicate fossils, of the genus Graptolites and allied genera, found in the Silurian rocks. They belong to an extinct group (Graptolithina) supposed to be hydroids., Hemipteral : Alt. of Hemipterous, Hemitropal : Alt. of Hemitropous, Hospitable : Receiving and entertaining strangers or guests with kindness and without reward; kind to strangers and guests; characterized by hospitality., Hospitable : Proceeding from or indicating kindness and generosity to guests and strangers; as, hospitable rites., Hospitably : In a hospitable manner., Hospitaler : One residing in a hospital, for the purpose of receiving the poor, the sick, and strangers., Hospitaler : One of an order of knights who built a hospital at Jerusalem for pilgrims, A. D. 1042. They were called Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, and after the removal of the order to Malta, Knights of Malta., Impalement : The act of impaling, or the state of being impaled., Impalement : An inclosing by stakes or pales, or the space so inclosed., Impalement : That which hedges in; inclosure., Impalement : The division of a shield palewise, or by a vertical line, esp. for the purpose of putting side by side the arms of husband and wife. See Impale, 3., Impartible : Capable of being imparted or communicated., Impartible : Not partible; not subject to partition; indivisible; as, an impartible estate., Impetrable : Capable of being obtained or moved by petition., Implanting : of Implant, Implicated : of Implicate, Implorator : One who implores., Importable : Capable of being imported., Importable : Not to be endured; insupportable; intolerable., Impunctual : Not punctual., Inculpated : of Inculpate, Inlapidate : To convert into a stony substance; to petrity., Interlapse : The lapse or interval of time between two events., Interplace : To place between or among; as, to interplace a name., Interplead : To plead against each other, or go to trial between themselves, as the claimants in an in an interpleader. See Interpleader., Interposal : The act of interposing; interposition; intervention., Jupati palm : A great Brazilian palm tree (Raphia taedigera), used by the natives for many purposes., Karpholite : A fibrous mineral occurring in tufts of a straw-yellow color. It is a hydrous silicate of alumina and manganese., Lanthopine : An alkaloid found in opium in small quantities, and extracted as a white crystalline substance., Lapidation : The act of stoning., Lap-jointed : Having a lap joint, or lap joints, as many kinds of woodwork and metal work., Legateship : The office of a legate., Lithograph : To trace on stone by the process of lithography so as to transfer the design to paper by printing; as, to lithograph a design; to lithograph a painting. See Lithography., Lithograph : A print made by lithography., Lithophane : Porcelain impressed with figures which are made distinct by transmitted light, -- as when hung in a window, or used as a lamp shade., Manipulate : To treat, work, or operate with the hands, especially when knowledge and dexterity are required; to manage in hand work; to handle; as, to manipulate scientific apparatus., Manipulate : To control the action of, by management; as, to manipulate a convention of delegates; to manipulate the stock market; also, to manage artfully or fraudulently; as, to manipulate accounts, or election returns., Manipulate : To use the hands in dexterous operations; to do hand work; specifically, to manage the apparatus or instruments used in scientific work, or in artistic or mechanical processes; also, specifically, to use the hand in mesmeric operations., Mephitical : Tending to destroy life; poisonous; noxious; as, mephitic exhalations; mephitic regions., Mephitical : Offensive to the smell; as, mephitic odors., Metalepsis : The continuation of a trope in one word through a succession of significations, or the union of two or more tropes of a different kind in one word., Metaleptic : Of or pertaining to a metalepsis., Metaleptic : Transverse; as, the metaleptic motion of a muscle., Metaleptic : Of, pertaining to, concerned in, or occurring by, metalepsy., Metapodial : Of or pertaining to the metapodialia, or to the parts of the limbs to which they belong., Multipolar : Having many poles; -- applied especially to those ganglionic nerve cells which have several radiating processes., Naphthalic : Pertaining to, derived from, or related to, naphthalene; -- used specifically to denote any one of a series of acids derived from naphthalene, and called naphthalene acids., Naphthalic : Formerly, designating an acid probably identical with phthalic acid., Naphthalin : Alt. of Naphthaline, Neapolitan : Of of pertaining to Naples in Italy., Neapolitan : A native or citizen of Naples., Neoplastic : Of or pertaining to neoplasty, or neoplasia., Nyctalopia : A disease of the eye, in consequence of which the patient can see well in a faint light or at twilight, but is unable to see during the day or in a strong light; day blindness., Nyctalopia : See Moonblink., Operatical : Of or pertaining to the opera or to operas; characteristic of, or resembling, the opera., Ophiolatry : The worship of serpents., Ophthalmia : An inflammation of the membranes or coats of the eye or of the eyeball., Ophthalmic : Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the eye; ocular; as the ophthalmic, or orbitonasal, nerve, a division of the trigeminal, which gives branches to the lachrymal gland, eyelids, nose, and forehead., Oppilating : of Oppilate, Oppilation : The act of filling or crowding together; a stopping by redundant matter; obstruction, particularly in the lower intestines., Oppilative : Obstructive., Optatively : In an optative manner; with the expression of desire., Optionally : In an optional manner., Optocoelia : The cavity of one of the optic lobes of the brain in many animals., Pabulation : The act of feeding, or providing food., Pabulation : Food; fodder; pabulum., Palaestric : See Palestric., Palatalize : To palatize., Palatinate : The province or seigniory of a palatine; the dignity of a palatine., Palatinate : To make a palatinate of., Palearctic : Belonging to a region of the earth's surface which includes all Europe to the Azores, Iceland, and all temperate Asia., Palestrian : Alt. of Palestrical, Palimpsest : A parchment which has been written upon twice, the first writing having been erased to make place for the second., Palliament : A dress; a robe., Palliating : of Palliate, Palliation : The act of palliating, or state of being palliated; extenuation; excuse; as, the palliation of faults, offenses, vices., Palliation : Mitigation; alleviation, as of a disease., Palliation : That which cloaks or covers; disguise; also, the state of being covered or disguised., Palliative : Serving to palliate; serving to extenuate or mitigate., Palliative : That which palliates; a palliative agent., Palliatory : Palliative; extenuating., Palmatifid : Palmate, with the divisions separated but little more than halfway to the common center., Palmitolic : Pertaining to, or designating, an artificial acid of the oleic acid series, isomeric with linoleic acid., Palpitated : of Palpitate, Paltriness : The state or quality of being paltry., Palustrine : Of, pertaining to, or living in, a marsh or swamp; marshy., Panelation : The act of impaneling a jury., Paniculate : Alt. of Paniculated, Panslavist : One who favors Panslavism., Papistical : Of or pertaining to the Church of Rome and its doctrines and ceremonies; pertaining to popery; popish; -- used disparagingly., Parabolist : A narrator of parables., Paralactic : Designating an acid called paralactic acid. See Lactic acid, under Lactic., Parliament : A parleying; a discussion; a conference., Parliament : A formal conference on public affairs; a general council; esp., an assembly of representatives of a nation or people having authority to make laws., Parliament : The assembly of the three estates of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, viz., the lords spiritual, lords temporal, and the representatives of the commons, sitting in the House of Lords and the House of Commons, constituting the legislature, when summoned by the royal authority to consult on the affairs of the nation, and to enact and repeal laws., Parliament : In France, before the Revolution of 1789, one of the several principal judicial courts., Partialism : Partiality; specifically (Theol.), the doctrine of the Partialists., Partialist : One who is partial., Partialist : One who holds that the atonement was made only for a part of mankind, that is, for the elect., Partiality : The quality or state of being partial; inclination to favor one party, or one side of a question, more than the other; undue bias of mind., Partiality : A predilection or inclination to one thing rather than to others; special taste or liking; as, a partiality for poetry or painting., Partialize : To make or be partial., Participle : A part of speech partaking of the nature both verb and adjective; a form of a verb, or verbal adjective, modifying a noun, but taking the adjuncts of the verb from which it is derived. In the sentences: a letter is written; being asleep he did not hear; exhausted by toil he will sleep soundly, -- written, being, and exhaustedare participles., Participle : Anything that partakes of the nature of different things., Particular : Relating to a part or portion of anything; concerning a part separated from the whole or from others of the class; separate; sole; single; individual; specific; as, the particular stars of a constellation., Particular : Of or pertaining to a single person, class, or thing; belonging to one only; not general; not common; hence, personal; peculiar; singular., Particular : Separate or distinct by reason of superiority; distinguished; important; noteworthy; unusual; special; as, he brought no particular news; she was the particular belle of the party., Particular : Concerned with, or attentive to, details; minute; circumstantial; precise; as, a full and particular account of an accident; hence, nice; fastidious; as, a man particular in his dress., Particular : Containing a part only; limited; as, a particular estate, or one precedent to an estate in remainder., Particular : Holding a particular estate; as, a particular tenant., Particular : Forming a part of a genus; relatively limited in extension; affirmed or denied of a part of a subject; as, a particular proposition; -- opposed to universal: e. g. (particular affirmative) Some men are wise; (particular negative) Some men are not wise., Particular : A separate or distinct member of a class, or part of a whole; an individual fact, point, circumstance, detail, or item, which may be considered separately; as, the particulars of a story., Particular : Special or personal peculiarity, trait, or character; individuality; interest, etc., Particular : One of the details or items of grounds of claim; -- usually in the pl.; also, a bill of particulars; a minute account; as, a particular of premises., Pasquilant : A lampooner; a pasquiler., Pastorling : An insignificant pastor., Patchingly : Knavishy; deceitfully., Pathetical : Pathetic., Pathologic : Alt. of Pathological, Patibulary : Of or pertaining to the gallows, or to execution., Patricidal : Of or pertaining to patricide; parricidal., Patrolling : of Patrol, Paulianist : A follower of Paul of Samosata, a bishop of Antioch in the third century, who was deposed for denying the divinity of Christ., Peculating : of Peculate, Peculation : The act or practice of peculating, or of defrauding the public by appropriating to one's own use the money or goods intrusted to one's care for management or disbursement; embezzlement., Pedantical : Of or pertaining to a pedant; characteristic of, or resembling, a pedant; ostentatious of learning; as, a pedantic writer; a pedantic description; a pedantical affectation., Pedanticly : Pedantically., Pedestrial : Of or pertaining to the feet; employing the foot or feet., Pediculate : Of or pertaining to the Pediculati., Pediculati : An order of fishes including the anglers. See Illust. of Angler and Batfish., Pedimental : Of or pertaining to a pediment., Pencillate : Alt. of Pencillated, Penetralia : The recesses, or innermost parts, of any thing or place, especially of a temple or palace., Penetralia : Hidden things or secrets; privacy; sanctuary; as, the sacred penetralia of the home., Pentelican : Of or pertaining to Mount Pentelicus, near Athens, famous for its fine white marble quarries; obtained from Mount Pentelicus; as, the Pentelic marble of which the Parthenon is built., Perflation : The act of perflating., Perfoliate : Having the basal part produced around the stem; -- said of leaves which the stem apparently passes directory through., Perfoliate : Surrounded by a circle of hairs, or projections of any kind., Periastral : Among or around the stars., Periosteal : Situated around bone; of or pertaining to the periosteum., Peripteral : Having columns on all sides; -- said of an edifice. See Apteral., Peritoneal : Of or pertaining to the peritoneum., Peritropal : Rotatory; circuitous., Peritropal : Having the axis of the seed perpendicular to the axis of the pericarp to which it is attached., Petaliform : Having the form of a petal; petaloid; petal-shaped., Petiolated : Having a stalk or petiole; as, a petioleate leaf; the petiolated abdomen of certain Hymenoptera., Phalangist : Any arboreal marsupial of the genus Phalangista. The vulpine phalangist (P. vulpina) is the largest species, the full grown male being about two and a half feet long. It has a large bushy tail., Phalangite : A soldier belonging to a phalanx., Philatelic : Of or pertaining to philately., Philomathy : The love of learning or letters., Phlegmatic : Watery., Phlegmatic : Abounding in phlegm; as, phlegmatic humors; a phlegmatic constitution., Phlegmatic : Generating or causing phlegm., Phlegmatic : Not easily excited to action or passion; cold; dull; sluggish; heavy; as, a phlegmatic person., Phthisical : Of or pertaining to phthisis; affected with phthisis; wasting; consumptive., Pictorical : Pictorial., Picturable : Capable of being pictured, or represented by a picture., Pilastered : Furnished with pilasters., Pinnulated : Having pinnules., Pistillate : Having a pistil or pistils; -- usually said of flowers having pistils but no stamens., Pistillida : of Pistillidium, Pitch-black : Black as pitch or tar., Pitfalling : Entrapping; insnaring., Plagiarist : One who plagiarizes; or purloins the words, writings, or ideas of another, and passes them off as his own; a literary thief; a plagiary., Plagionite : A sulphide of lead and antimony, of a blackish lead-gray color and metallic luster., Plaintless : Without complaint; unrepining., Planetical : Of or pertaining to planets., Planimeter : An instrument for measuring the area of any plane figure, however irregular, by passing a tracer around the bounding line; a platometer., Planimetry : The mensuration of plane surfaces; -- distinguished from stereometry, or the mensuration of volumes., Plantation : The act or practice of planting, or setting in the earth for growth., Plantation : The place planted; land brought under cultivation; a piece of ground planted with trees or useful plants; esp., in the United States and West Indies, a large estate appropriated to the production of the more important crops, and cultivated by laborers who live on the estate; as, a cotton plantation; a coffee plantation., Plantation : An original settlement in a new country; a colony., Plasmation : The act of forming or molding., Plastering : of Plaster, Plastering : Same as Plaster, n., 2., Plastering : The act or process of overlaying with plaster., Plastering : A covering of plaster; plasterwork., Plasticity : The quality or state of being plastic., Plasticity : Plastic force., Plastidule : One of the small particles or organic molecules of protoplasm., Platinized : of Platinize, Platonical : Of or pertaining to Plato, or his philosophy, school, or opinions., Platonical : Pure, passionless; nonsexual; philosophical., Platonized : of Platonize, Platonizer : One who Platonizes., Platyrhine : Having the nose broad; -- opposed to leptorhine., Platyrhine : One of the Platyrhini., Platyrhini : A division of monkeys, including the American species, which have a broad nasal septum, thirty-six teeth, and usually a prehensile tail. See Monkey., Plauditory : Applauding; commending., Playwright : A maker or adapter of plays., Playwriter : A writer of plays; a dramatist; a playwright., Pleasurist : A person devoted to worldly pleasure., Pleonastic : Alt. of Pleonastical, Pliability : The quality or state of being pliable; flexibility; as, pliability of disposition., Ploughtail : The hind part or handle of a plow., Poetically : In a poetic manner., Poignantly : In a poignant manner., Point-blank : The white spot on a target, at which an arrow or other missile is aimed., Point-blank : With all small arms, the second point in which the natural line of sight, when horizontal, cuts the trajectory., Point-blank : With artillery, the point where the projectile first strikes the horizontal plane on which the gun stands, the axis of the piece being horizontal., Point-blank : Directed in a line toward the object aimed at; aimed directly toward the mark., Point-blank : Hence, direct; plain; unqualified; -- said of language; as, a point-blank assertion., Point-blank : In a point-blank manner., Polaristic : Pertaining to, or exhibiting, poles; having a polar arrangement or disposition; arising from, or dependent upon, the possession of poles or polar characteristics; as, polaristic antagonism., Politician : One versed or experienced in the science of government; one devoted to politics; a statesman., Politician : One primarily devoted to his own advancement in public office, or to the success of a political party; -- used in a depreciatory sense; one addicted or attached to politics as managed by parties (see Politics, 2); a schemer; an intriguer; as, a mere politician., Politician : Cunning; using artifice; politic; artful., Polyatomic : Having more than one atom in the molecule; consisting of several atoms., Polyatomic : Having a valence greater than one., Polybasite : An iron-black ore of silver, consisting of silver, sulphur, and antimony, with some copper and arsenic., Polygamist : One who practices polygamy, or maintains its lawfulness., Polyhalite : A mineral usually occurring in fibrous masses, of a brick-red color, being tinged with iron, and consisting chiefly of the sulphates of lime, magnesia, and soda., Polymathic : Pertaining to polymathy; acquainted with many branches of learning., Pontifical : Of or pertaining to a pontiff, or high priest; as, pontifical authority; hence, belonging to the pope; papal., Pontifical : Of or pertaining to the building of bridges., Pontifical : A book containing the offices, or formulas, used by a pontiff., Pontifical : The dress and ornaments of a pontiff., Popularity : The quality or state of being popular; especially, the state of being esteemed by, or of being in favor with, the people at large; good will or favor proceeding from the people; as, the popularity of a law, statesman, or a book., Popularity : The quality or state of being adapted or pleasing to common, poor, or vulgar people; hence, cheapness; inferiority; vulgarity., Popularity : Something which obtains, or is intended to obtain, the favor of the vulgar; claptrap., Popularity : The act of courting the favor of the people., Popularity : Public sentiment; general passion., Populating : of Populate, Population : The act or process of populating; multiplication of inhabitants., Population : The whole number of people, or inhabitants, in a country, or portion of a country; as, a population of ten millions., Poristical : Of or pertaining to a porism; of the nature of a porism., Positional : Of or pertaining to position., Postillate : To explain by marginal notes; to postil., Postillate : To write postils; to comment., Postillate : To preach by expounding Scripture verse by verse, in regular order., Pot-valiant : Having the courage given by drink., Praseolite : A variety of altered iolite of a green color and greasy luster., Pratincole : Any bird of the Old World genus Glareola, or family Glareolidae, allied to the plovers. They have long, pointed wings and a forked tail., Preceptial : Preceptive., Prelateity : Prelacy., Prelatical : Of or pertaining to prelates or prelacy; as, prelatical authority., Prelatized : of Prelatize, Preorbital : Situated in front or the orbit., Presential : Implying actual presence; present, immediate., Primatical : Of or pertaining to a primate., Proctorial : Of or pertaining to a proctor, esp. an academic proctor; magisterial., Profitable : Yielding or bringing profit or gain; gainful; lucrative; useful; helpful; advantageous; beneficial; as, a profitable trade; profitable business; a profitable study or profession., Profligate : Overthrown; beaten; conquered., Profligate : Broken down in respect of rectitude, principle, virtue, or decency; openly and shamelessly immoral or vicious; dissolute; as, profligate man or wretch., Profligate : An abandoned person; one openly and shamelessly vicious; a dissolute person., Profligate : To drive away; to overcome., Proletaire : One of the common people; a low person; also, the common people as a class or estate in a country., Propiolate : A salt of propiolic acid., Proplastic : Forming a mold., Prothallia : of Prothallium, Prudential : Proceeding from, or dictated or characterized by, prudence; prudent; discreet; sometimes, selfish or pecuniary as distinguished from higher motives or influences; as, prudential motives., Prudential : Exercising prudence; discretionary; advisory; superintending or executive; as, a prudential committee., Prudential : That which relates to or demands the exercise of, discretion or prudence; -- usually in the pl., Psalmistry : The use of psalms in devotion; psalmody., Psalmodist : One who sings sacred songs; a psalmist., Psalterial : Of or pertaining to the psalterium., Psalterium : The third stomach of ruminants. See Manyplies., Psalterium : The lyra of the brain., Psalteries : of Psaltery, Ptolemaist : One who accepts the astronomical system of Ptolemy., Puissantly : In a puissant manner; powerfully; with great strength., Pulpitical : Of or pertaining to the pulpit; suited to the pulpit., Pulsatilla : A genus of ranunculaceous herbs including the pasque flower. This genus is now merged in Anemone. Some species, as Anemone Pulsatilla, Anemone pratensis, and Anemone patens, are used medicinally., Pulvinated : Curved convexly or swelled; as, a pulvinated frieze., Pulvinated : Having the form of a cushion., Puristical : Of or pertaining to purists or purism., Raphaelite : One who advocates or adopts the principles of Raphaelism., Replicated : Folded over or backward; folded back upon itself; as, a replicate leaf or petal; a replicate margin of a shell., Ridgeplate : See Ridgepole., Sapiential : Having or affording wisdom., Satrapical : Satrapal., Scriptural : Contained in the Scriptures; according to the Scriptures, or sacred oracles; biblical; as, a scriptural doctrine., Septennial : Lasting or continuing seven years; as, septennial parliaments., Septennial : Happening or returning once in every seven years; as, septennial elections in England., Septically : In a septic manner; in a manner tending to promote putrefaction., Septicidal : Dividing the partitions; -- said of a method of dehiscence in which a pod splits through the partitions and is divided into its component carpels., Sincipital : Of or pertaining to the sinciput; being in the region of the sinciput., Specialist : One who devotes himself to some specialty; as, a medical specialist, one who devotes himself to diseases of particular parts of the body, as the eye, the ear, the nerves, etc., Speciality : A particular or peculiar case; a particularity., Speciality : See Specialty, 3., Speciality : The special or peculiar mark or characteristic of a person or thing; that for which a person is specially distinguished; an object of special attention; a special occupation or object of attention; a specialty., Speciality : An attribute or quality peculiar to a species., Spermalist : See Spermist., Sphalerite : Zinc sulphide; -- called also blende, black-jack, false galena, etc. See Blende (a)., Spiritally : By means of the breath., Spoliating : of Spoliate, Spoliation : The act of plundering; robbery; deprivation; despoliation., Spoliation : Robbery or plunder in war; especially, the authorized act or practice of plundering neutrals at sea., Spoliation : The act of an incumbent in taking the fruits of his benefice without right, but under a pretended title., Spoliation : A process for possession of a church in a spiritual court., Spoliation : Injury done to a document., Spoliative : Serving to take away, diminish, or rob; esp. (Med.), serving to diminish sensibily the amount of blood in the body; as, spoliative bloodletting., Spoliatory : Tending to spoil; destructive; spoliative., Springhalt : A kind of lameness in horse. See Stringhalt., Springtail : Any one of numerous species of small apterous insects belonging to the order Thysanura. They have two elastic caudal stylets which can be bent under the abdomen and then suddenly extended like a spring, thus enabling them to leap to a considerable distance. See Collembola, and Podura., Staphyline : Of or pertaining to the uvula or the palate., Stipellate : Having stipels., Stipulated : of Stipulate, Stipulator : One who stipulates, contracts, or covenants., Stylopodia : of Stylopodium, Subtypical : Deviating somewhat from the type of a species, genus, or other group; slightly aberrant., Sulphinate : A salt of a sulphinic acid., Sultanship : The office or dignity of a sultan., Supplicant : Entreating; asking submissively., Supplicant : One who supplicates; a suppliant., Supplicate : To entreat for; to seek by earnest prayer; to ask for earnestly and humbly; as, to supplicate blessings on Christian efforts to spread the gospel., Supplicate : To address in prayer; to entreat as a supplicant; as, to supplicate the Deity., Supplicate : To make petition with earnestness and submission; to implore., Synoptical : Affording a general view of the whole, or of the principal parts of a thing; as, a synoptic table; a synoptical statement of an argument., Ticpolonga : A very venomous viper (Daboia Russellii), native of Ceylon and India; -- called also cobra monil., Topazolite : A topaz-yellow variety of garnet., Tricipital : Having three heads, or three origins; as, a tricipital muscle., Tripaschal : Including three passovers., Triplasian : Three-fold; triple; treble., Triple-tail : An edible fish (Lobotes Surinamensis) found in the warmer parts of all the oceans, and common on the southern and middle coasts of the United States. When living it is silvery gray, and becomes brown or blackish when dead. Its dorsal and anal fins are long, and extend back on each side of the tail. It has large silvery scales which are used in the manufacture of fancy work. Called also, locally, black perch, grouper, and flasher., Triplicate : Made thrice as much; threefold; tripled., Triplicate : A third thing corresponding to two others of the same kind., Tripolitan : Of or pertaining to Tripoli or its inhabitants; Tripoline., Tripolitan : A native or inhabitant of Tripoli., Triumplant : Rejoicing for victory; triumphing; exultant., Triumplant : Celebrating victory; expressive of joy for success; as, a triumphant song or ode., Triumplant : Graced with conquest; victorious., Triumplant : Of or pertaining to triumph; triumphal., Tropaeolin : A name given to any one of a series of orange-red dyestuffs produced artificially from certain complex sulphonic acid derivatives of azo and diazo hydrocarbons of the aromatic series; -- so called because of the general resemblance to the shades of nasturtium (Tropaeolum)., Tropically : In a tropical manner; figuratively; metaphorically., Tulip-eared : Having erect, pointed ears; prick-eared; -- said of certain dogs., Uniplicate : Having, or consisting of, but one fold., Uptails all : An old game at cards., Uptails all : Revelers; roysterers., Uptails all : Revelry; confusion; frolic., Vapulation : The act of beating or whipping., Volapukist : One who is conversant with, or who favors adoption of, Volapuk.,

4 Letter Unscrambled words or scrabble word finder for Tpila and meanings

Pial (a.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Pertaining to the pia mater. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ipla
Tail (v. t.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: To pull or draw by the tail. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Liat
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Any long, flexible terminal appendage; whatever resembles, in shape or position, the tail of an animal, as a catkin. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ltia
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: The distal tendon of a muscle. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Tali
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A train or company of attendants; a retinue. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ilta
Plat (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A plot; a plan; a design; a diagram; a map; a chart. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Altp
Plat (adv.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Plainly; flatly; downright. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Plat
Tail (v. t.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: To follow or hang to, like a tail; to be attached closely to, as that which can not be evaded. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ialt
Pali (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: pl. of Palus. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Pila
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: The terminal, and usually flexible, posterior appendage of an animal. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Liat
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: The part of a note which runs perpendicularly upward or downward from the head; the stem. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Iatl
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: The side of a coin opposite to that which bears the head, effigy, or date; the reverse; -- rarely used except in the expression "heads or tails," employed when a coin is thrown up for the purpose of deciding some point by its fall. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ilta
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: One of the strips at the end of a bandage formed by splitting the bandage one or more times. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Liat
Plat (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: The flat or broad side of a sword. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Tapl
Tail (a.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Limited; abridged; reduced; curtailed; as, estate tail. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Liat
Plat (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Plain; flat; level. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Palt
Tail (v. i.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: To hold by the end; -- said of a timber when it rests upon a wall or other support; -- with in or into. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Itla
Pali (pl. ) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: of Palus Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ilap
Plat (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Work done by platting or braiding; a plait. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Lapt
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Limitation; abridgment. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Lati
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: The bottom or lower portion of a member or part, as a slate or tile. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Tlia
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: See Tailing, n., 5. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Aitl
Pita (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: The plant which yields the fiber. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Itpa
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A portion of an incision, at its beginning or end, which does not go through the whole thickness of the skin, and is more painful than a complete incision; -- called also tailing. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Tali
Tali (pl. ) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: of Talus Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Atli
Pali (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A dialect descended from Sanskrit, and like that, a dead language, except when used as the sacred language of the Buddhist religion in Farther India, etc. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Pail
Tail (v. i.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: To swing with the stern in a certain direction; -- said of a vessel at anchor; as, this vessel tails down stream. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ailt
Plat (adv.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Flatly; smoothly; evenly. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Tlpa
Plat (v. t.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: To lay out in plats or plots, as ground. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Altp
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Hence, the back, last, lower, or inferior part of anything, -- as opposed to the head, or the superior part. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Tali
Pail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A vessel of wood or tin, etc., usually cylindrical and having a bail, -- used esp. for carrying liquids, as water or milk, etc.; a bucket. It may, or may not, have a cover. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ilpa
Pita (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A fiber obtained from the Agave Americana and other related species, -- used for making cordage and paper. Called also pita fiber, and pita thread. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Itap
Alit () an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: of Alight Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ltia
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A downy or feathery appendage to certain achenes. It is formed of the permanent elongated style. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ltai
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: Same as Tailing, 4. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Ialt
Plat (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A small piece or plot of ground laid out with some design, or for a special use; usually, a portion of flat, even ground. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Tlap
Tail (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: A rope spliced to the strap of a block, by which it may be lashed to anything. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Iatl
Plat (v. t.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Tpila means: To form by interlaying interweaving; to braid; to plait. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Lpat

What is the meaning of Tpila?

The Astrological and Numerological meaning, definition, explanation and analysis of Tpila

with route 4, their numbers are (4, 13/4, 22/4, 31/4). Life Path 4 shows that you are a natural genius to plan things. You can create, build and compile applications almost to make things work with unique brain excellence. They are one of the most reliable, practical and earthly individuals, members of the cornerstone of any society. In fact, as a way of life, the path of Laith 4 means that you are a builder of the community. Cream cream in this way of life can be a masterpiece in society. You are among these highly talented people who have an ideal personality, which is rooted in practice, so you can get to the top, design and transfer luxury projects to the end. If you want, ready to work for him, you can achieve tremendous success, prestige and fame. It is clear that not everyone can become famous in a 4 life.All this life will have the opportunity to take over and run, live with dedication and perseverance and many love 4S work in contract contexts. But often the lives of people form 4 eventually become owners and managers of companies in society. In each of these functions, you always require a lot of yourself, which is needed for others, and sometimes much more. You have the kind of will that is confused with repentance very often. They are hard on themselves, but honest and direct speech always creates the impression of complete progress. Once the decision is made, they follow the outcome, be it good, bad or indifferent. She is very firm in her habits and a contractor to handle things as she is sure will succeed. His determination and his ability to make limits at work on the hobby sometimes. You are an excellent manager with a great sense of how the job has to be done, and you are an excellent entrepreneur and planner because of your innate ability to see things in a very good and practical way. This comes from a strong desire to be perfect in your business. Planning is necessary to avoid mistakes. It is very likely that someone with a 4-way path invented a 'to do list' of things to do. Even without support, your attention to detail and the strong will of manga projects as a clean program allows you to share ideas, activities, catalog and manage all aspects of your day. In fact, it seems to work best when you are under. Venice has a number of difficult questions. Average and dedicated to getting the most out of your wedding, they are still the right supplier. There may be some friends in the number, but they are very close to them, and once they are friendships, they often last a lifetime. Number 4 is strongly associated with the element of the Earth, which gets its strength and absolute realism. They are one of the most reliable people you know. If patience and determination can never win, you are sure to achieve much success in life. It is often called to care for others. To finish what they started. It may not be fair, and maybe not, but lar can be the key to your performance and reputation. The disadvantage of 4 may be doctrinal to the spirit of excess, repressive and oppressive. Many people on the surface, deferred by this, as this can cause lack of tact. To keep your feelings from being hurt, be clear about everything that needs to be done. In addition, the negative way of 4 can forget to take small things that often make a business work properly, as they tend to look at the big picture and key opportunities while missing a little bit now.

Words, phrases derived from the letters in Tpila

Meaning of TIPAL, Meaning of TIPALT, Meaning of TILPL, Meaning of TILPLT, Meaning of PITPP, Meaning of PITPPP, Meaning of AAAPP, Meaning of AAAPPAA, Meaning of IAATT, Meaning of IAATTIA, Meaning of PTLIA, Meaning of PTLIAPT, Meaning of AILIP, Meaning of AILIPAI, Meaning of APTLI, Meaning of APTLIAP, Meaning of AAPAT, Meaning of AAPATAA, Meaning of ALPIL, Meaning of ALPILAL,

The meaning, definition and explanation of each letter in Tpila in astrology andnumerology/horoscope are:

T: Meaning of the letter T in Tpila means: That I was dating with classmates when I had time. I thank the organization of other parties. Normal non-creative ability your best skill. And make good use of wealth and respect. Anxious, fearful and bleeding, seeking companionship. Changing the environment regularly makes the difference. Dream and have fun helping strange with new attempts. Focus on a real theme, especially in the story. Obscene with low reduction of fatigue. A serious criticism does not meet the magical interests. A great imitator, which requires Ventorsom individuals around.

You are very resentful, above all, You are a companion that leads a package. Music, sensitive lights and emotional music excite you. You d is imagining and tends to fall into everything through love. At the point of worship, you are emotional, hopeful, gentle and highly changeable. I appreciated your mobile colleges and emotions, Teitelated, and Brod. You make fun of it. You can make your contacts fit your fantasies, all in your own head.

P: Meaning of the letter P in Tpila means: In some cases, you have a lack of understanding of individuals as they at some point focus on you. Take after the imagination's ability to a wonderful career. A viable ability can bring an incredible reward related to money. The appeal appealed with much judgment. Writing, music and craftsmanship bring what you usually want. An unusual future if you focus on the most obvious ability. You are fully aware of social circumstances. Do not consider doing anything that could harm your image or bad reputation. Choice of check. Along these lines, you need a wonderful partner. You also need a smart partner. Strangely, you can see your partner as your opponent ... a great battle by moving that vibrant sex. You are moderately free to hang sex-ups. You will examine and test the best approach to achieve things. You are exceptional social and emotion. You appreciate being a provocation and you need a decent arrangement of physical satisfaction.

I: Meaning of the letter I in Tpila means: It can be unpredictable again and again. Help make up for the wonderful family life. Inverted sex can be exacerbated. Ability to love the most prominent and motivated. It causes the variability of a terrible carb. Mercy and human understanding bring rewards. Savvy can interact with physical cravings. Try not to arouse the quality of affection for the family. Take after your beliefs.

You have an unusual feeling that must be loved, recognized ... even loved. You appreciate the extravagant, erotic nature, item delights. You can look for your loved ones who understand what they are doing. You are not interested in newbies, unless the newbie needs a mentor. You are especially picky about fulfilling your desires. Analyze and try new ways of sexual expression. You take the effort in this way and require sexual projects and change. You are sexier than sexual, but now you are again and again from the outside and out.

L: Meaning of the letter L in Tpila means: It is difficult for you to understand why individuals remain meaningless again and again. Self-control and the ability to progress. The privileged facts of magic and mystery are for you at the opportunity you want. Control sexual orientation to maintain a strategic distance from unpleasant conditions and contacts. Maintaining a strategic distance from the other, has nothing to offer. To achieve progress and happiness, he first defeats contempt and envy. Othurldly's revision value. Benefits of the open professions.

You can be exceptionally passionate, attached to the emotion of worship. Having a partner is vital for you. You are free in your look of affection and take risks, try new sexual encounters and accomplices, give everything in great taste. Minds turn to you. You should feel that your partner is mentally active, otherwise you will think it is difficult to maintain a relationship. You need wanted, snowing, wenning and banquet to realize that you are being valued.

A: Meaning of the letter A in Tpila means: You can rest easy when you have something in the forefront of your mind and enthusiasm t6 please others, tend to the well-being of patients, judgment skills conquer, Bivehanis and 'nerves', win money such as participation in the new exercises, can lead to defeat, and unexpected events, can lead to a sudden move to a remote location, in general, has Traveling goes a long way out of the house, where you can keep the mystery that it achieves through the application and disposal.

You are not particularly passionate, but you are interested in the activity. It means work. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no tolerance for being a joke, and you can not be upset with someone trying to be a shy, lovable, shy, cheating quietly. You advance in advance. As for sex, its activity is important, not dark clues. The physical attractiveness of your colleague is fundamental for you. Find the search and try the 'chase' stimulation. You are vital and sexual, in addition to being much more courageous than you demonstrate, in any case, you do not avoid these improved qualities. Your material needs are your primary concern.

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