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6 Letter Words containing SYIOE: Osiery : An osier bed.,

7 Letter Words containing SYIOE: Disobey : Not to obey; to neglect or refuse to obey (a superior or his commands, the laws, etc.); to transgress the commands of (one in authority); to violate, as an order; as, refractory children disobey their parents; men disobey their Maker and the laws., Disobey : To refuse or neglect to obey; to violate commands; to be disobedient., Disyoke : To unyoke; to free from a yoke; to disjoin., Hosiery : The business of a hosier., Hosiery : Stockings, in general; goods knit or woven like hose., Misyoke : To yoke improperly., Obesity : The state or quality of being obese; incumbrance of flesh., Seniory : Seniority., Society : The relationship of men to one another when associated in any way; companionship; fellowship; company., Society : Connection; participation; partnership., Society : A number of persons associated for any temporary or permanent object; an association for mutual or joint usefulness, pleasure, or profit; a social union; a partnership; as, a missionary society., Society : The persons, collectively considered, who live in any region or at any period; any community of individuals who are united together by a common bond of nearness or intercourse; those who recognize each other as associates, friends, and acquaintances., Society : Specifically, the more cultivated portion of any community in its social relations and influences; those who mutually give receive formal entertainments.,

8 Letter Words containing SYIOE: Decisory : Able to decide or determine; having a tendency to decide., Derisory : Derisive; mocking., Dysodile : An impure earthy or coaly bitumen, which emits a highly fetid odor when burning., Emissory : Same as Emissary, a., 2., Episcopy : Survey; superintendence., Episcopy : Episcopacy., Hyoscine : An alkaloid found with hyoscyamine (with which it is also isomeric) in henbane, and extracted as a white, amorphous, semisolid substance., Isocryme : A line connecting points on the earth's surface having the same mean temperature in the coldest month of the year., Oleosity : The state or quality of being oily or fat; fatness., Revisory : Having the power or purpose to revise; revising., Rimosely : In a rimose manner., Serosity : The quality or state of being serous., Serosity : A thin watery animal fluid, as synovial fluid and pericardial fluid., Sobriety : Habitual soberness or temperance as to the use of spirituous liquors; as, a man of sobriety., Sobriety : Habitual freedom from enthusiasm, inordinate passion, or overheated imagination; calmness; coolness; gravity; seriousness; as, the sobriety of riper years., Soldiery : A body of soldiers; soldiers, collectivelly; the military., Soldiery : Military service., Tysonite : A fluoride of the cerium metals occurring in hexagonal crystals of a pale yellow color. Cf. Fluocerite., Venosity : The quality or state of being venous., Venosity : A condition in which the circulation is retarded, and the entire mass of blood is less oxygenated than it normally is.,

9 Letter Words containing SYIOE: Acetosity : The quality of being acetous; sourness., Aepyornis : A gigantic bird found fossil in Madagascar., Assoilyie : To absolve; to acquit by sentence of court., Byssolite : An olive-green fibrous variety of hornblende., Concisely : In a concise manner; briefly., Costively : In a costive manner., Cyanosite : Native sulphate of copper. Cf. Blue vitriol, under Blue., Cystoidea : Same as Cystidea., Discovery : The action of discovering; exposure to view; laying open; showing; as, the discovery of a plot., Discovery : A making known; revelation; disclosure; as, a bankrupt is bound to make a full discovery of his assets., Discovery : Finding out or ascertaining something previously unknown or unrecognized; as, Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood., Discovery : That which is discovered; a thing found out, or for the first time ascertained or recognized; as, the properties of the magnet were an important discovery., Discovery : Exploration; examination., Disembody : To divest of the body or corporeal existence., Disembody : To disarm and disband, as a body of soldiers., Disemploy : To throw out of employment., Disobeyed : of Disobey, Disobeyer : One who disobeys., Diversory : Serving or tending to divert; also, distinguishing., Diversory : A wayside inn., Easy-going : Moving easily; hence, mild-tempered; ease-loving; inactive., Ebriosity : Addiction to drink; habitual drunkenness., Empyrosis : A general fire; a conflagration., Envoyship : The office or position of an envoy., Epigynous : Adnate to the surface of the ovary, so as to be apparently inserted upon the top of it; -- said of stamens, petals, sepals, and also of the disk., Eponymist : One from whom a race, tribe, city, or the like, took its name; an eponym., Epulosity : A feasting to excess., Gemmosity : The quality or characteristics of a gem or jewel., Glebosity : The quality of being glebous., Glycosine : An organic base, C6H6N4, produced artificially as a white, crystalline powder, by the action of ammonia on glyoxal., Gyrolepis : A genus of ganoid fishes, found in strata of the new red sandetone, and the lias bone beds., Histogeny : Same as Histogenesis., Histozyme : A soluble ferment occurring in the animal body, to the presence of which many normal decompositions and synthetical processes are supposed to be due., Hostilely : In a hostile manner., Immodesty : Want of modesty, delicacy, or decent reserve; indecency., Incensory : The vessel in which incense is burned and offered; a censer; a thurible., Insolency : Insolence., Jockeyism : The practice of jockeys., Leprosity : The state or quality of being leprous or scaly; also, a scale., Lyonnaise : Applied to boiled potatoes cut into small pieces and heated in oil or butter. They are usually flavored with onion and parsley., Mesitylol : A crystalline substance obtained from mesitylene., Misemploy : To employ amiss; as, to misemploy time, advantages, talents, etc., Myristone : The ketone of myristic acid, obtained as a white crystalline substance., Nervosity : Nervousness., Obeisancy : See Obeisance., Obscenity : That quality in words or things which presents what is offensive to chasity or purity of mind; obscene or impure lanquage or acts; moral impurity; lewdness; obsceneness; as, the obscenity of a speech, or a picture., Operosity : Laboriousness., Oystering : Gathering, or dredging for, oysters., Personify : To regard, treat, or represent as a person; to represent as a rational being., Personify : To be the embodiment or personification of; to impersonate; as, he personifies the law., Posterity : The race that proceeds from a progenitor; offspring to the furthest generation; the aggregate number of persons who are descended from an ancestor of a generation; descendants; -- contrasted with ancestry; as, the posterity of Abraham., Posterity : Succeeding generations; future times., Remissory : Serving or tending to remit, or to secure remission; remissive., Roisterly : Blustering; violent., Roisterly : In a roistering manner., Royalties : of Royalty, Seigniory : The power or authority of a lord; dominion., Seigniory : The territory over which a lord holds jurisdiction; a manor., Semiology : The science or art of signs., Semiology : The science of the signs or symptoms of disease; symptomatology., Semiology : The art of using signs in signaling., Semiology : Alt. of Semiological, Seniority : The quality or state of being senior., Sensitory : See Sensory., Societary : Societarian., Soldierly : Like or becoming a real soldier; brave; martial; heroic; honorable; soldierlike., Solemnity : A rite or ceremony performed with religious reverence; religious or ritual ceremony; as, the solemnity of a funeral, a sacrament., Solemnity : ceremony adapted to impress with awe., Solemnity : Ceremoniousness; impressiveness; seriousness; grave earnestness; formal dignity; gravity., Solemnity : Hence, affected gravity or seriousness., Solemnity : Solemn state or feeling; awe or reverence; also, that which produces such a feeling; as, the solemnity of an audience; the solemnity of Westminster Abbey., Solemnity : A solemn or formal observance; proceeding according to due form; the formality which is necessary to render a thing done valid., Sortilegy : Sortilege., Sycoceric : Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid obtained by the oxidation of sycoceryl alcohol., Syllogize : To reason by means of syllogisms., Symbolize : To have a resemblance of qualities or properties; to correspond; to harmonize., Symbolize : To hold the same faith; to agree., Symbolize : To use symbols; to represent ideas symbolically., Symbolize : To make to agree in properties or qualities., Symbolize : To make representative of something; to regard or treat as symbolic., Symbolize : To represent by a symbol or symbols., Syncopize : To syncopate., Tediosity : Tediousness., Testimony : A solemn declaration or affirmation made for the purpose of establishing or proving some fact., Testimony : Affirmation; declaration; as, these doctrines are supported by the uniform testimony of the fathers; the belief of past facts must depend on the evidence of human testimony, or the testimony of historians., Testimony : Open attestation; profession., Testimony : Witness; evidence; proof of some fact., Testimony : The two tables of the law., Testimony : Hence, the whole divine revelation; the sacre/ Scriptures., Testimony : To witness; to attest; to prove by testimony., Ventosity : Quality or state of being ventose; windiness; hence, vainglory; pride., Verbosity : The quality or state of being verbose; the use of more words than are necessary; prolixity; wordiness; verbiage., Xylostein : A glucoside found in the poisonous berries of a species of honeysuckle (Lonicera xylosteum), and extracted as a bitter, white, crystalline substance., Yellowish : Somewhat yellow; as, amber is of a yellowish color., Yorkshire : A county in the north of England.,

10 Letter Words containing SYIOE: Boyishness : The manners or behavior of a boy., Buoyancies : of Buoyancy, Busybodies : of Busybody, Cessionary : Having surrendered the effects; as, a cessionary bankrupt., Chemolysis : A term sometimes applied to the decomposition of organic substance into more simple bodies, by the use of chemical agents alone., Chrysolite : A mineral, composed of silica, magnesia, and iron, of a yellow to green color. It is common in certain volcanic rocks; -- called also olivine and peridot. Sometimes used as a gem. The name was also early used for yellow varieties of tourmaline and topaz., Cockneyish : Characteristic of, or resembling, cockneys., Cockneyism : The characteristics, manners, or dialect, of a cockney., Cymiferous : Producing cymes., Cystoidean : Same as Cystidean., Depositary : One with whom anything is lodged in the trust; one who receives a deposit; -- the correlative of depositor., Depositary : A storehouse; a depository., Depositary : One to whom goods are bailed, to be kept for the bailor without a recompense., Depository : A place where anything is deposited for sale or keeping; as, warehouse is a depository for goods; a clerk's office is a depository for records., Depository : One with whom something is deposited; a depositary., Desirously : With desire; eagerly., Destroying : of Destroy, Dipyrenous : Containing two stones or nutlets., Dishonesty : Dishonor; dishonorableness; shame., Dishonesty : Want of honesty, probity, or integrity in principle; want of fairness and straightforwardness; a disposition to defraud, deceive, or betray; faithlessness., Dishonesty : Violation of trust or of justice; fraud; any deviation from probity; a dishonest act., Dishonesty : Lewdness; unchastity., Disobeying : of Disobey, Disorderly : Not in order; marked by disorder; disarranged; immethodical; as, the books and papers are in a disorderly state., Disorderly : Not acting in an orderly way, as the functions of the body or mind., Disorderly : Not complying with the restraints of order and law; tumultuous; unruly; lawless; turbulent; as, disorderly people; disorderly assemblies., Disorderly : Offensive to good morals and public decency; notoriously offensive; as, a disorderly house., Disorderly : In a disorderly manner; without law or order; irregularly; confusedly., Ecchymosis : A livid or black and blue spot, produced by the extravasation or effusion of blood into the areolar tissue from a contusion., Eikosylene : A liquid hydrocarbon, C20H38, of the acetylene series, obtained from brown coal., Endomysium : The delicate bands of connective tissue interspersed among muscular fibers., Episcopacy : Government of the church by bishops; church government by three distinct orders of ministers -- bishops, priests, and deacons -- of whom the bishops have an authority superior and of a different kind., Epistolary : Pertaining to epistles or letters; suitable to letters and correspondence; as, an epistolary style., Epistolary : Contained in letters; carried on by letters., Erythrosin : A red substance formed by the oxidation of tyrosin., Erythrosin : A red dyestuff obtained from fluorescein by the action of iodine., Expository : Pertaining to, or containing, exposition; serving to explain; explanatory; illustrative; exegetical., Generosity : Noble birth., Generosity : The quality of being noble; noble-mindedness., Generosity : Liberality in giving; munificence., Genesiolgy : The doctrine or science of generation., Halloysite : A claylike mineral, occurring in soft, smooth, amorphous masses, of a whitish color., Hemoptysis : The expectoration of blood, due usually to hemorrhage from the mucous membrane of the lungs., Hesitatory : Hesitating., Hieroscopy : Divination by inspection of entrails of victims offered in sacrifice., Hylotheism : The doctrine of belief that matter is God, or that there is no God except matter and the universe; pantheism. See Materialism., Hylotheist : One who believes in hylotheism., Hypodermis : Same as Hypoblast., Hypodermis : Same as Hypoderma, 2., Hypothesis : A supposition; a proposition or principle which is supposed or taken for granted, in order to draw a conclusion or inference for proof of the point in question; something not proved, but assumed for the purpose of argument, or to account for a fact or an occurrence; as, the hypothesis that head winds detain an overdue steamer., Hypothesis : A tentative theory or supposition provisionally adopted to explain certain facts, and to guide in the investigation of others; hence, frequently called a working hypothesis., Immodestly : In an immodest manner., Insobriety : Want of sobriety, moderation, or calmness; intemperance; drunkenness., Insolently : In an insolent manner., Insolvency : The condition of being insolvent; the state or condition of a person who is insolvent; the condition of one who is unable to pay his debts as they fall due, or in the usual course of trade and business; as, a merchant's insolvency., Insolvency : Insufficiency to discharge all debts of the owner; as, the insolvency of an estate., Isohyetose : Of or pertaining to lines connecting places on the earth's surface which have a mean annual rainfall., Isohyetose : An isohyetose line., Isolatedly : In an isolated manner., Isostemony : The quality or state of being isostemonous., Jockeyship : The art, character, or position, of a jockey; the personality of a jockey., Lithophyse : A spherulitic cavity often with concentric chambers, observed in some volcanic rocks, as in rhyolitic lavas. It is supposed to be produced by expanding gas, whence the name., Lyriferous : Having a lyre-shaped shoulder girdle, as certain fishes., Mayonnaise : A sauce compounded of raw yolks of eggs beaten up with olive oil to the consistency of a sirup, and seasoned with vinegar, pepper, salt, etc.; -- used in dressing salads, fish, etc. Also, a dish dressed with this sauce., Misorderly : Irregular; disorderly., Myrioscope : A form of kaleidoscope., Mysterious : Of or pertaining to mystery; containing a mystery; difficult or impossible to understand; obscure not revealed or explained; enigmatical; incomprehensible., Nebulosity : The state or quality of being nebulous; cloudiness; hazeness; mistiness; nebulousness., Nebulosity : The stuff of which a nebula is formed., Nebulosity : A nebula., Numerosity : The state of being numerous; numerousness., Numerosity : Rhythm; harmony; flow., Obstetricy : Obstetrics., Oppositely : In a situation to face each other; in an opposite manner or direction; adversely., Ostensibly : In an ostensible manner; avowedly; professedly; apparently., Oysterling : A young oyster., Pensionary : Maintained by a pension; receiving a pension; as, pensionary spies., Pensionary : Consisting of a pension; as, a pensionary provision for maintenance., Pensionary : One who receives a pension; a pensioner., Pensionary : One of the chief magistrates of towns in Holland., Perigynous : Having the ovary free, but the petals and stamens borne on the calyx; -- said of flower such as that of the cherry or peach., Personeity : Personality., Physiogeny : The germ history of the functions, or the history of the development of vital activities, in the individual, being one of the branches of ontogeny. See Morphogeny., Polybasite : An iron-black ore of silver, consisting of silver, sulphur, and antimony, with some copper and arsenic., Polyeidism : The quality or state of being polyeidic., Polygenism : The doctrine that animals of the same species have sprung from more than one original pair., Polygenist : One who maintains that animals of the same species have sprung from more than one original pair; -- opposed to monogenist., Polymerism : The state, quality, or relation of two or more polymeric substances., Polymerism : The act or process of forming polymers., Polynesian : Of or pertaining to Polynesia (the islands of the eastern and central Pacific), or to the Polynesians., Polyparies : of Polypary, Polytheism : The doctrine of, or belief in, a plurality of gods., Polytheist : One who believes in, or maintains the doctrine of, a plurality of gods., Porphyries : of Porphyry, Positively : In a positive manner; absolutely; really; expressly; with certainty; indubitably; peremptorily; dogmatically; -- opposed to negatively., Preciosity : Preciousness; something precious., Preciously : In a precious manner; expensively; extremely; dearly. Also used ironically., Presbyopia : A defect of vision consequent upon advancing age. It is due to rigidity of the crystalline lens, which produces difficulty of accommodation and recession of the near point of vision, so that objects very near the eyes can not be seen distinctly without the use of convex glasses. Called also presbytia., Presbyopic : Affected by presbyopia; also, remedying presbyopia; farsighted., Prestimony : A fund for the support of a priest, without the title of a benefice. The patron in the collator., Previously : Beforehand; antecedently; as, a plan previously formed., Propensity : The quality or state of being propense; natural inclination; disposition to do good or evil; bias; bent; tendency., Prosperity : The state of being prosperous; advance or gain in anything good or desirable; successful progress in any business or enterprise; attainment of the object desired; good fortune; success; as, commercial prosperity; national prosperity., Pterylosis : The arrangement of feathers in definite areas., Pyrolusite : Manganese dioxide, a mineral of an iron-black or dark steel-gray color and metallic luster, usually soft. Pyrolusite parts with its oxygen at a red heat, and is extensively used in discharging the brown and green tints of glass (whence its name)., Repository : A place where things are or may be reposited, or laid up, for safety or preservation; a depository., Rescissory : Tending to rescind; rescinding., Resinously : By means, or in the manner, of resin., Resorcylic : Of, or pertaining to, or producing, resorcin; as, resorcylic acid., Seismology : The science of earthquakes., Semeiology : Alt. of Semiology, Sensuosity : The quality or state of being sensuous; sensuousness., Speciosity : The quality or state of being specious; speciousness., Speciosity : That which is specious., Spirometry : The act or process of measuring the chest capacity by means of a spirometer., Stationery : The articles usually sold by stationers, as paper, pens, ink, quills, blank books, etc., Stationery : Belonging to, or sold by, a stationer., Superiorly : In a superior position or manner., Syderolite : A kind of Bohemian earthenware resembling the Wedgwood ware., Syllogized : of Syllogize, Syllogizer : One who syllogizes., Symbolized : of Symbolize, Symbolizer : One who symbolizes., Symphonize : To agree; to be in harmony., Symphonies : of Symphony, Synoecious : Having stamens and pistil in the same head, or, in mosses, having antheridia and archegonia on the same receptacle., Synonymize : To express by a synonym or synonyms; to give the synonym or synonyms corresponding to., Tuberosity : The state of being tuberous., Tuberosity : An obtuse or knoblike prominence; a protuberance., Vesicatory : Tending, or having power, to raise a blister., Vesicatory : A blistering application or plaster; a vesicant; an epispastic., Yellowfish : A rock trout (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) found on the coast of Alaska; -- called also striped fish, and Atka mackerel.,

4 Letter Unscrambled words or scrabble word finder for Syioe and meanings

3 Letter Scrabble word finder and anagram solver for Syioe and meanings

Soe (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: A large wooden vessel for holding water; a cowl. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eso
Eos (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: Aurora, the goddess of morn. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ose
-ose () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: A suffix indicating that the substance to the name of which it is affixed is a member of the carbohydrate group; as in cellulose, sucrose, dextrose, etc. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Oes-
-ies (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: of Seigniory Anagram or scrabble meaning of I-es
Yes (adv.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: Ay; yea; -- a word which expresses affirmation or consent; -- opposed to no. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eys
ies (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: of Pettifoggery Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ies
Oes (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: of O Anagram or scrabble meaning of Oes
-ise () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: See -ize. Anagram or scrabble meaning of I-es
Sey () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: Alt. of Seyh Anagram or scrabble meaning of Sey
Iso- () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: Alt. of Is- Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ois-
-ose () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: A suffix denoting full of, containing, having the qualities of, like; as in verbose, full of words; pilose, hairy; globose, like a globe. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Es-o
Sye (imp.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: Saw. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Yes
Ios (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: of Io Anagram or scrabble meaning of Iso
-ies (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: of Phalanstery Anagram or scrabble meaning of -ies
Soy (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: A Chinese and Japanese liquid sauce for fish, etc., made by subjecting boiled beans (esp. soja beans), or beans and meal, to long fermentation and then long digestion in salt and water. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Yos
-ies (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: of Boothy Anagram or scrabble meaning of Es-i
Soy (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: The soja, a kind of bean. See Soja. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Syo
-ies (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: of Smithery Anagram or scrabble meaning of E-si
Yis (adv.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Syioe means: Yes. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Siy

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