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Bandolier (n): A broad cartridge belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers

Bandolier (n.): A broad leather belt formerly worn by soldiers over the right shoulder and across the breast under the left arm. Originally it was used for supporting the musket and twelve cases for charges, but later only as a cartridge belt.

Bandolier (n.): One of the leather or wooden cases in which the charges of powder were carried.

Ordinable (a.): Capable of being ordained or appointed.

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10 Letter Words containing ORDINABLE: Debonairly : Courteously; elegantly., Indorsable : Capable of being indorsed; transferable; convertible., Ordainable : Capable of being ordained; worthy to be ordained or appointed.,

11 Letter Words containing ORDINABLE: Delibration : The act of stripping off the bark., Doctrinable : Of the nature of, or constituting, doctrine., Florida bean : The large, roundish, flattened seed of Mucuna urens. See under Bean., Florida bean : One of the very large seeds of the Entada scandens.,

12 Letter Words containing ORDINABLE: Considerable : Worthy of consideration, borne in mind, or attended to., Considerable : Of some distinction; noteworthy; influential; respectable; -- said of persons., Considerable : Of importance or value., Considerably : In a manner or to a degree not trifling or unimportant; greatly; much., Deliberation : The act of deliberating, or of weighing and examining the reasons for and against a choice or measure; careful consideration; mature reflection., Deliberation : Careful discussion and examination of the reasons for and against a measure; as, the deliberations of a legislative body or council., Dishonorable : Wanting in honor; not honorable; bringing or deserving dishonor; staining the character, and lessening the reputation; shameful; disgraceful; base., Dishonorable : Wanting in honor or esteem; disesteemed., Impardonable : Unpardonable., Imponderable : Not ponderable; without sensible or appreciable weight; incapable of being weighed., Imponderable : An imponderable substance or body; specifically, in the plural, a name formerly applied to heat, light, electricity, and magnetism, regarded as subtile fluids destitute of weight but in modern science little used., Informidable : Not formidable; not to be feared or dreaded.,

13 Letter Words containing ORDINABLE: Breech-loading : Receiving the charge at the breech instead of at the muzzle., Perditionable : Capable of being ruined; worthy of perdition., Ponderability : The quality or state of being ponderable.,

14 Letter Words containing ORDINABLE: Contradictable : Capable of being contradicting., Disconformable : Not conformable., Formidableness : The quality of being formidable, or adapted to excite dread., Inconsiderable : Not considerable; unworthy of consideration or notice; unimportant; small; trivial; as, an inconsiderable distance; an inconsiderable quantity, degree, value, or sum., Indemonstrable : Incapable of being demonstrated., Indiscoverable : Not discoverable; undiscoverable., Pseudoturbinal : See under Turbinal., Quinquelobared : Cut less than halfway into portions, usually somewhat rounded; five-lobed; as, a quinquelobate leaf or corolla., Quodlibetarian : One who discusses any subject at pleasure., Shallow-brained : Weak in intellect; foolish; empty-headed., Subendocardial : Situated under the endocardium.,

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Bilander (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Ordinable means: A small two-masted merchant vessel, fitted only for coasting, or for use in canals, as in Holland. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Eibraldn
Debonair (a.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Ordinable means: Characterized by courteousness, affability, or gentleness; of good appearance and manners; graceful; complaisant. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Neabdiro
Bodleian (a.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Ordinable means: Of or pertaining to Sir Thomas Bodley, or to the celebrated library at Oxford, founded by him in the sixteenth century. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Aeionbld

Scrabble word finder for airebnlOd. Google Scrabble cheat for Ordinable. is an anagram answer for Odabelnir. Search engine Word puzzles for ldbenarOi. Ordinable inedbralO, blOeindra. Meaning of Ordinable.

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