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Rota (n): A roster of names showing the order in which people should perfo

Rota (n): (Roman Catholic Church) the supreme ecclesiastical tribunal for

Taro (n): Tropical starchy tuberous root

Taro (n): Herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its

Taro (n): Edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants

Rota (n.): An ecclesiastical court of Rome, called also Rota Romana, that takes cognizance of suits by appeal. It consists of twelve members.

Rota (n.): A short-lived political club established in 1659 by J.Harrington to inculcate the democratic doctrine of election of the principal officers of the state by ballot, and the annual retirement of a portion of Parliament.

Rota (n.): A species of zither, played like a guitar, used in the Middle Ages in church music; -- written also rotta.

Taro (n.): A name for several aroid plants (Colocasia antiquorum, var. esculenta, Colocasia macrorhiza, etc.), and their rootstocks. They have large ovate-sagittate leaves and large fleshy rootstocks, which are cooked and used for food in tropical countries.

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5 Letter Words containing ORAT: Abort : To miscarry; to bring forth young prematurely., Abort : To become checked in normal development, so as either to remain rudimentary or shrink away wholly; to become sterile., Abort : An untimely birth., Abort : An aborted offspring., Actor : One who acts, or takes part in any affair; a doer., Actor : A theatrical performer; a stageplayer., Actor : An advocate or proctor in civil courts or causes., Actor : One who institutes a suit; plaintiff or complainant., Amort : As if dead; lifeless; spiritless; dejected; depressed., Aorta : The great artery which carries the blood from the heart to all parts of the body except the lungs; the main trunk of the arterial system., Aport : On or towards the port or left side; -- said of the helm., Argot : A secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps, and vagabonds; flash., Arnot : Alt. of Arnut, Artow : A contraction of art thou., Astro- : The combining form of the Greek word 'a`stron, meaning star., Croat : A native of Croatia, in Austria; esp., one of the native Slavic race., Croat : An irregular soldier, generally from Croatia., Erato : The Muse who presided over lyric and amatory poetry., Groat : An old English silver coin, equal to four pence., Groat : Any small sum of money., Otary : Any eared seal., Ottar : See Attar., Porta : The part of the liver or other organ where its vessels and nerves enter; the hilus., Porta : The foramen of Monro., Rabot : A rubber of hard wood used in smoothing marble to be polished., Ratio : The relation which one quantity or magnitude has to another of the same kind. It is expressed by the quotient of the division of the first by the second; thus, the ratio of 3 to 6 is expressed by / or /; of a to b by a/b; or (less commonly) the second term is made the dividend; as, a:b = b/a., Ratio : Hence, fixed relation of number, quantity, or degree; rate; proportion; as, the ratio of representation in Congress., Raton : A small rat., Roast : To cook by exposure to radiant heat before a fire; as, to roast meat on a spit, or in an oven open toward the fire and having reflecting surfaces within; also, to cook in a close oven., Roast : To cook by surrounding with hot embers, ashes, sand, etc.; as, to roast a potato in ashes., Roast : To dry and parch by exposure to heat; as, to roast coffee; to roast chestnuts, or peanuts., Roast : Hence, to heat to excess; to heat violently; to burn., Roast : To dissipate by heat the volatile parts of, as ores., Roast : To banter severely., Roast : To cook meat, fish, etc., by heat, as before the fire or in an oven., Roast : To undergo the process of being roasted., Roast : That which is roasted; a piece of meat which has been roasted, or is suitable for being roasted., Roast : Roasted; as, roast beef., Rotal : Relating to wheels or to rotary motion; rotary., Rotta : See Rota., Tabor : A small drum used as an accompaniment to a pipe or fife, both being played by the same person., Tabor : To play on a tabor, or little drum., Tabor : To strike lightly and frequently., Tabor : To make (a sound) with a tabor., Tardo : Slow; -- a direction to perform a passage slowly., Tardo : A sloth., Tarot : A game of cards; -- called also taroc., Tarso- : A combining form used in anatomy to indicate connection with, or relation to, the tarsus; as, tarsometatarsus., Taxor : Same as Taxer, n., 2., Torta : a flat heap of moist, crushed silver ore, prepared for the patio process., Troad : See Trode., Troat : To cry, as a buck in rutting time., Troat : The cry of a buck in rutting time., Trona : A native double salt, consisting of a combination of neutral and acid sodium carbonate, Na2CO3.2HNaCO3.2H2O, occurring as a white crystalline fibrous deposit from certain soda brine springs and lakes; -- called also urao, and by the ancients nitrum.,

6 Letter Words containing ORAT: Abator : One who abates a nuisance., Abator : A person who, without right, enters into a freehold on the death of the last possessor, before the heir or devisee., Adhort : To exhort; to advise., Adroit : Dexterous in the use of the hands or in the exercise of the mental faculties; exhibiting skill and readiness in avoiding danger or escaping difficulty; ready in invention or execution; -- applied to persons and to acts; as, an adroit mechanic, an adroit reply., Afront : In front; face to face., Afront : In front of., Amoret : An amorous girl or woman; a wanton., Amoret : A love knot, love token, or love song. (pl.) Love glances or love tricks., Amoret : A petty love affair or amour., Antero- : A combining form meaning anterior, front; as, antero-posterior, front and back; antero-lateral, front side, anterior and at the side., Aorist : A tense in the Greek language, which expresses an action as completed in past time, but leaves it, in other respects, wholly indeterminate., Aortic : Of or pertaining to the aorta., Aroint : Stand off, or begone., Aroint : To drive or scare off by some exclamation., Aroynt : See Aroint., Assort : To separate and distribute into classes, as things of a like kind, nature, or quality, or which are suited to a like purpose; to classify; as, to assort goods. [Rarely applied to persons.], Assort : To furnish with, or make up of, various sorts or a variety of goods; as, to assort a cargo., Assort : To agree; to be in accordance; to be adapted; to suit; to fall into a class or place., Atoner : One who makes atonement., Atrous : Coal-black; very black., Attorn : To turn, or transfer homage and service, from one lord to another. This is the act of feudatories, vassals, or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate., Attorn : To agree to become tenant to one to whom reversion has been granted., Author : The beginner, former, or first mover of anything; hence, the efficient cause of a thing; a creator; an originator., Author : One who composes or writes a book; a composer, as distinguished from an editor, translator, or compiler., Author : The editor of a periodical., Author : An informant., Author : To occasion; to originate., Author : To tell; to say; to declare., Barton : The demesne lands of a manor; also, the manor itself., Barton : A farmyard., Borate : A salt formed by the combination of boric acid with a base or positive radical., Cantor : A singer; esp. the leader of a church choir; a precentor., Captor : One who captures any person or thing, as a prisoner or a prize., Carlot : A churl; a boor; a peasant or countryman., Carmot : The matter of which the philosopher's stone was believed to be composed., Carrot : An umbelliferous biennial plant (Daucus Carota), of many varieties., Carrot : The esculent root of cultivated varieties of the plant, usually spindle-shaped, and of a reddish yellow color., Carton : Pasteboard for paper boxes; also, a pasteboard box., Castor : A genus of rodents, including the beaver. See Beaver., Castor : Castoreum. See Castoreum., Castor : A hat, esp. one made of beaver fur; a beaver., Castor : A heavy quality of broadcloth for overcoats., Castor : See Caster, a small wheel., Castor : the northernmost of the two bright stars in the constellation Gemini, the other being Pollux., Castor : Alt. of Castorite, Cavort : To prance ostentatiously; -- said of a horse or his rider., Coarct : Alt. of Coarctate, Comart : A covenant., Contra : A Latin adverb and preposition, signifying against, contrary, in opposition, etc., entering as a prefix into the composition of many English words. Cf. Counter, adv. & pref., Copart : To share., Corant : Alt. of Coranto, Cottar : A cottager; a cottier., Dartos : A thin layer of peculiar contractile tissue directly beneath the skin of the scrotum., Dotard : One whose mind is impaired by age; one in second childhood., Dotary : A dotard's weakness; dotage., Factor : One who transacts business for another; an agent; a substitute; especially, a mercantile agent who buys and sells goods and transacts business for others in commission; a commission merchant or consignee. He may be a home factor or a foreign factor. He may buy and sell in his own name, and he is intrusted with the possession and control of the goods; and in these respects he differs from a broker., Factor : A steward or bailiff of an estate., Factor : One of the elements or quantities which, when multiplied together, from a product., Factor : One of the elements, circumstances, or influences which contribute to produce a result; a constituent., Factor : To resolve (a quantity) into its factors., Fautor : A favorer; a patron; one who gives countenance or support; an abettor., Forgat : of Forget, Foutra : A fig; -- a word of contempt., Garrot : A stick or small wooden cylinder used for tightening a bandage, in order to compress the arteries of a limb., Garrot : The European golden-eye., Gastro- : A combining form from the Gr. /, /, the stomach, or belly; as in gastrocolic, gastrocele, gastrotomy., Gocart : A framework moving on casters, designed to support children while learning to walk., Groats : Dried grain, as oats or wheat, hulled and broken or crushed; in high milling, cracked fragments of wheat larger than grits., Harlot : A churl; a common man; a person, male or female, of low birth., Harlot : A person given to low conduct; a rogue; a cheat; a rascal., Harlot : A woman who prostitutes her body for hire; a prostitute; a common woman; a strumpet., Harlot : Wanton; lewd; low; base., Harlot : To play the harlot; to practice lewdness., Lorate : Having the form of a thong or strap; ligulate., Marmot : Any rodent of the genus Arctomys. The common European marmot (A. marmotta) is about the size of a rabbit, and inhabits the higher regions of the Alps and Pyrenees. The bobac is another European species. The common American species (A. monax) is the woodchuck., Marmot : Any one of several species of ground squirrels or gophers of the genus Spermophilus; also, the prairie dog., Marrot : The razor-billed auk. See Auk., Marrot : The common guillemot., Marrot : The puffin., Matron : A wife or a widow, especially, one who has borne children; a woman of staid or motherly manners., Matron : A housekeeper; esp., a woman who manages the domestic economy of a public instution; a head nurse in a hospital; as, the matron of a school or hospital., Morate : A salt of moric acid., Mortal : Subject to death; destined to die; as, man is mortal., Mortal : Destructive to life; causing or occasioning death; terminating life; exposing to or deserving death; deadly; as, a mortal wound; a mortal sin., Mortal : Fatally vulnerable; vital., Mortal : Of or pertaining to the time of death., Mortal : Affecting as if with power to kill; deathly., Mortal : Human; belonging to man, who is mortal; as, mortal wit or knowledge; mortal power., Mortal : Very painful or tedious; wearisome; as, a sermon lasting two mortal hours., Mortal : A being subject to death; a human being; man., Mortar : A strong vessel, commonly in form of an inverted bell, in which substances are pounded or rubbed with a pestle., Mortar : A short piece of ordnance, used for throwing bombs, carcasses, shells, etc., at high angles of elevation, as 45, and even higher; -- so named from its resemblance in shape to the utensil above described., Mortar : A building material made by mixing lime, cement, or plaster of Paris, with sand, water, and sometimes other materials; -- used in masonry for joining stones, bricks, etc., also for plastering, and in other ways., Mortar : To plaster or make fast with mortar., Mortar : A chamber lamp or light., Mostra : See Direct, n., Natron : Native sodium carbonate., Notary : One who records in shorthand what is said or done; as, the notary of an ecclesiastical body., Notary : A public officer who attests or certifies deeds and other writings, or copies of them, usually under his official seal, to make them authentic, especially in foreign countries. His duties chiefly relate to instruments used in commercial transactions, such as protests of negotiable paper, ship's papers in cases of loss, damage, etc. He is generally called a notary public., Orator : A public speaker; one who delivers an oration; especially, one distinguished for his skill and power as a public speaker; one who is eloquent., Orator : In equity proceedings, one who prays for relief; a petitioner., Orator : A plaintiff, or complainant, in a bill in chancery., Orator : An officer who is the voice of the university upon all public occasions, who writes, reads, and records all letters of a public nature, presents, with an appropriate address, those persons on whom honorary degrees are to be conferred, and performs other like duties; -- called also public orator., Orbate : Bereaved; fatherless; childless., Orgeat : A sirup in which, formerly, a decoction of barley entered, but which is now prepared with an emulsion of almonds, -- used to flavor beverages or edibles., Ornate : Adorned; decorated; beautiful., Ornate : Finely finished, as a style of composition., Ornate : To adorn; to honor., Ostrea : A genus of bivalve Mollusca which includes the true oysters., Outbar : To bar out., Outray : To outshine., Outray : To spread out in array., Outran : of Outrun, Parrot : In a general sense, any bird of the order Psittaci., Parrot : Any species of Psittacus, Chrysotis, Pionus, and other genera of the family Psittacidae, as distinguished from the parrakeets, macaws, and lories. They have a short rounded or even tail, and often a naked space on the cheeks. The gray parrot, or jako (P. erithacus) of Africa (see Jako), and the species of Amazon, or green, parrots (Chrysotis) of America, are examples. Many species, as cage birds, readily learn to imitate sounds, and to repeat words and phrases., Parrot : To repeat by rote, as a parrot., Parrot : To chatter like a parrot., Pastor : A shepherd; one who has the care of flocks and herds., Pastor : A guardian; a keeper; specifically (Eccl.), a minister having the charge of a church and parish., Pastor : A species of starling (Pastor roseus), native of the plains of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Its head is crested and glossy greenish black, and its back is rosy. It feeds largely upon locusts., Patrol : To go the rounds along a chain of sentinels; to traverse a police district or beat., Patrol : t To go the rounds of, as a sentry, guard, or policeman; as, to patrol a frontier; to patrol a beat., Patrol : A going of the rounds along the chain of sentinels and between the posts, by a guard, usually consisting of three or four men, to insure greater security from attacks on the outposts., Patrol : A movement, by a small body of troops beyond the line of outposts, to explore the country and gain intelligence of the enemy's whereabouts., Patrol : The guard or men who go the rounds for observation; a detachment whose duty it is to patrol., Patrol : Any perambulation of a particular line or district to guard it; also, the men thus guarding; as, a customs patrol; a fire patrol., Patron : One who protects, supports, or countenances; a defender., Patron : A master who had freed his slave, but still retained some paternal rights over him., Patron : A man of distinction under whose protection another person placed himself., Patron : An advocate or pleader., Patron : One who encourages or helps a person, a cause, or a work; a furtherer; a promoter; as, a patron of art., Patron : One who has gift and disposition of a benefice., Patron : A guardian saint. -- called also patron saint., Patron : See Padrone, 2., Patron : To be a patron of; to patronize; to favor., Patron : Doing the duty of a patron; giving aid or protection; tutelary., Portae : of Porta, Portal : A door or gate; hence, a way of entrance or exit, especially one that is grand and imposing., Portal : The lesser gate, where there are two of different dimensions., Portal : Formerly, a small square corner in a room separated from the rest of the apartment by wainscoting, forming a short passage to another apartment., Portal : By analogy with the French portail, used by recent writers for the whole architectural composition which surrounds and includes the doorways and porches of a church., Portal : The space, at one end, between opposite trusses when these are terminated by inclined braces., Portal : A prayer book or breviary; a portass., Portal : Of or pertaining to a porta, especially the porta of the liver; as, the portal vein, which enters the liver at the porta, and divides into capillaries after the manner of an artery., Proant : Provender or food., Quarto : Having four leaves to the sheet; of the form or size of a quarto., Quarto : Originally, a book of the size of the fourth of sheet of printing paper; a size leaves; in present usage, a book of a square or nearly square form, and usually of large size., Rabato : A kind of ruff for the neck; a turned-down collar; a rebato., Ragout : A dish made of pieces of meat, stewed, and highly seasoned; as, a ragout of mutton., Raptor : A ravisher; a plunderer., Ration : A fixed daily allowance of provisions assigned to a soldier in the army, or a sailor in the navy, for his subsistence., Ration : Hence, a certain portion or fixed amount dealt out; an allowance; an allotment., Ration : To supply with rations, as a regiment., Ratoon : Same as Rattoon, n., Ratoon : A rattan cane., Ratoon : Same as Rattoon, v. i., Rebato : Same as Rabato., Romant : A romaunt., Rostra : See Rostrum, 2., Rostra : of Rostrum, Rotary : Turning, as a wheel on its axis; pertaining to, or resembling, the motion of a wheel on its axis; rotatory; as, rotary motion., Rotate : Having the parts spreading out like a wheel; wheel-shaped; as, a rotate spicule or scale; a rotate corolla, i.e., a monopetalous corolla with a flattish border, and no tube or a very short one., Rotate : To turn, as a wheel, round an axis; to revolve., Rotate : To perform any act, function, or operation in turn, to hold office in turn; as, to rotate in office., Rotate : To cause to turn round or revolve, as a wheel around an axle., Rotate : To cause to succeed in turn; esp., to cause to succeed some one, or to be succeeded by some one, in office., Rotula : The patella, or kneepan., Rubato : Robbed; borrowed., Sortal : Pertaining to a sort., Storax : Any one of a number of similar complex resins obtained from the bark of several trees and shrubs of the Styrax family. The most common of these is liquid storax, a brown or gray semifluid substance of an agreeable aromatic odor and balsamic taste, sometimes used in perfumery, and in medicine as an expectorant., Stroam : To wander about idly and vacantly., Stroam : To take long strides in walking., Stroma : The connective tissue or supporting framework of an organ; as, the stroma of the kidney., Stroma : The spongy, colorless framework of a red blood corpuscle or other cell., Stroma : A layer or mass of cellular tissue, especially that part of the thallus of certain fungi which incloses the perithecia., Tabour : See Tabor., Tailor : One whose occupation is to cut out and make men's garments; also, one who cuts out and makes ladies' outer garments., Tailor : The mattowacca; -- called also tailor herring., Tailor : The silversides., Tailor : The goldfish., Tailor : To practice making men's clothes; to follow the business of a tailor., Tarpon : Same as Tarpum., Tartro- : A combining form (also used adjectively) used in chemistry to denote the presence of tartar or of some of its compounds or derivatives., Tharos : A small American butterfly (Phycoides tharos) having the upper surface of the wings variegated with orange and black, the outer margins black with small white crescents; -- called also pearl crescent., Thoral : Of or pertaining to a bed., Thorax : The part of the trunk between the neck and the abdomen, containing that part of the body cavity the walls of which are supported by the dorsal vertebrae, the ribs, and the sternum, and which the heart and lungs are situated; the chest., Thorax : The middle region of the body of an insect, or that region which bears the legs and wings. It is composed of three united somites, each of which is composed of several distinct parts. See Illust. in Appendix. and Illust. of Coleoptera., Thorax : The second, or middle, region of the body of a crustacean, arachnid, or other articulate animal. In the case of decapod Crustacea, some writers include under the term thorax only the three segments bearing the maxillipeds; others include also the five segments bearing the legs. See Illust. in Appendix., Thorax : A breastplate, cuirass, or corselet; especially, the breastplate worn by the ancient Greeks., Thoria : A rare white earthy substance, consisting of the oxide of thorium; -- formerly called also thorina., Throat : The part of the neck in front of, or ventral to, the vertebral column., Throat : Hence, the passage through it to the stomach and lungs; the pharynx; -- sometimes restricted to the fauces., Throat : A contracted portion of a vessel, or of a passage way; as, the throat of a pitcher or vase., Throat : The part of a chimney between the gathering, or portion of the funnel which contracts in ascending, and the flue., Throat : The upper fore corner of a boom-and-gaff sail, or of a staysail., Throat : That end of a gaff which is next the mast., Throat : The angle where the arm of an anchor is joined to the shank., Throat : The inside of a timber knee., Throat : The orifice of a tubular organ; the outer end of the tube of a monopetalous corolla; the faux, or fauces., Throat : To utter in the throat; to mutter; as, to throat threats., Throat : To mow, as beans, in a direction against their bending., Torace : Alt. of Torase, Torase : To scratch to pieces., Torsal : A torsel., Torula : A chain of special bacteria. (b) A genus of budding fungi. Same as Saccharomyces. Also used adjectively., Totear : To tear or rend in pieces., Toward : Alt. of Towards, Toward : Alt. of Towards, Toward : Approaching; coming near., Toward : Readly to do or learn; compliant with duty; not froward; apt; docile; tractable; as, a toward youth., Toward : Ready to act; forward; bold; valiant., Toyear : This year., Trocar : A stylet, usually with a triangular point, used for exploring tissues or for inserting drainage tubes, as in dropsy., Trojan : Of or pertaining to ancient Troy or its inhabitants., Trojan : A native or inhabitant of Troy., Votary : Consecrated by a vow or promise; consequent on a vow; devoted; promised., Votary : One devoted, consecrated, or engaged by a vow or promise; hence, especially, one devoted, given, or addicted, to some particular service, worship, study, or state of life., Wastor : A waster; a thief., Yaourt : A fermented drink, or milk beer, made by the Turks.,

7 Letter Words containing ORAT: Abactor : One who steals and drives away cattle or beasts by herds or droves., Abettor : One who abets; an instigator of an offense or an offender., Aborted : Brought forth prematurely., Aborted : Rendered abortive or sterile; undeveloped; checked in normal development at a very early stage; as, spines are aborted branches., Absorpt : Absorbed., Accourt : To treat courteously; to court., Acrobat : One who practices rope dancing, high vaulting, or other daring gymnastic feats., Acroter : Same as Acroterium., Acrotic : Pertaining to or affecting the surface., Adjutor : A helper or assistant., Adopter : One who adopts., Adopter : A receiver, with two necks, opposite to each other, one of which admits the neck of a retort, and the other is joined to another receiver. It is used in distillations, to give more space to elastic vapors, to increase the length of the neck of a retort, or to unite two vessels whose openings have different diameters., Aerator : That which supplies with air; esp. an apparatus used for charging mineral waters with gas and in making soda water., Affront : To front; to face in position; to meet or encounter face to face., Affront : To face in defiance; to confront; as, to affront death; hence, to meet in hostile encounter., Affront : To offend by some manifestation of disrespect; to insult to the face by demeanor or language; to treat with marked incivility., Affront : An encounter either friendly or hostile., Affront : Contemptuous or rude treatment which excites or justifies resentment; marked disrespect; a purposed indignity; insult., Affront : An offense to one's self-respect; shame., Agistor : Formerly, an officer of the king's forest, who had the care of cattle agisted, and collected the money for the same; -- hence called gisttaker, which in England is corrupted into guest-taker., Agistor : Now, one who agists or takes in cattle to pasture at a certain rate; a pasturer., Alamort : To the death; mortally., Algarot : Alt. of Algaroth, Althorn : An instrument of the saxhorn family, used exclusively in military music, often replacing the French horn., Amatory : Pertaining to, producing, or expressing, sexual love; as, amatory potions., Amorist : A lover; a gallant., Anatron : Native carbonate of soda; natron., Anatron : Glass gall or sandiver., Anatron : Saltpeter., Arnotto : A red or yellowish-red dyeing material, prepared from the pulp surrounding the seeds of a tree (Bixa orellana) belonging to the tropical regions of America. It is used for coloring cheese, butter, etc., Another : One more, in addition to a former number; a second or additional one, similar in likeness or in effect., Another : Not the same; different., Another : Any or some; any different person, indefinitely; any one else; some one else., Anticor : A dangerous inflammatory swelling of a horse's breast, just opposite the heart., Appromt : To quicken; to prompt., Apricot : A fruit allied to the plum, of an orange color, oval shape, and delicious taste; also, the tree (Prunus Armeniaca of Linnaeus) which bears this fruit. By cultivation it has been introduced throughout the temperate zone., Aprocta : A group of Turbellaria in which there is no anal aperture., Aration : Plowing; tillage., Aratory : Contributing to tillage., Arboret : A small tree or shrub., Areolet : A small inclosed area; esp. one of the small spaces on the wings of insects, circumscribed by the veins., Arnatto : See Annotto., Arnotto : Same as Annotto., Athanor : A digesting furnace, formerly used by alchemists. It was so constructed as to maintain uniform and durable heat., Atrocha : A kind of chaetopod larva in which no circles of cilia are developed., Atrophy : A wasting away from want of nourishment; diminution in bulk or slow emaciation of the body or of any part., Atrophy : To cause to waste away or become abortive; to starve or weaken., Atrophy : To waste away; to dwindle., Atropia : Same as Atropine., Auditor : A hearer or listener., Auditor : A person appointed and authorized to audit or examine an account or accounts, compare the charges with the vouchers, examine the parties and witnesses, allow or reject charges, and state the balance., Auditor : One who hears judicially, as in an audience court., Aviator : An experimenter in aviation., Aviator : A flying machine., Avowtry : Adultery. See Advoutry., Awlwort : A plant (Subularia aquatica), with awl-shaped leaves., Barmote : A court held in Derbyshire, in England, for deciding controversies between miners., Baronet : A dignity or degree of honor next below a baron and above a knight, having precedency of all orders of knights except those of the Garter. It is the lowest degree of honor that is hereditary. The baronets are commoners., Barpost : A post sunk in the ground to receive the bars closing a passage into a field., Bloater : The common herring, esp. when of large size, smoked, and half dried; -- called also bloat herring., Boaster : One who boasts; a braggart., Boaster : A stone mason's broad-faced chisel., Botargo : A sort of cake or sausage, made of the salted roes of the mullet, much used on the coast of the Mediterranean as an incentive to drink., Bromate : A salt of bromic acid., Bromate : To combine or impregnate with bromine; as, bromated camphor., Caltrop : Alt. of Caltrap, Carotic : Of or pertaining to stupor; as, a carotic state., Carotic : Carotid; as, the carotic arteries., Carotid : One of the two main arteries of the neck, by which blood is conveyed from the aorta to the head. [See Illust. of Aorta.], Carotid : Alt. of Carotidal, Carotin : A red crystallizable tasteless substance, extracted from the carrot., Carroty : Like a carrot in color or in taste; -- an epithet given to reddish yellow hair, etc., Cartoon : A design or study drawn of the full size, to serve as a model for transferring or copying; -- used in the making of mosaics, tapestries, fresco pantings and the like; as, the cartoons of Raphael., Cartoon : A large pictorial sketch, as in a journal or magazine; esp. a pictorial caricature; as, the cartoons of "Puck.", Chantor : A chanter., Chariot : A two-wheeled car or vehicle for war, racing, state processions, etc., Chariot : A four-wheeled pleasure or state carriage, having one seat., Chariot : To convey in a chariot., Citator : One who cites., Coal tar : A thick, black, tarry liquid, obtained by the distillation of bituminous coal in the manufacture of illuminating gas; used for making printer's ink, black varnish, etc. It is a complex mixture from which many substances have been obtained, especially hydrocarbons of the benzene or aromatic series., Coaster : A vessel employed in sailing along a coast, or engaged in the coasting trade., Coaster : One who sails near the shore., Compart : To divide; to mark out into parts or subdivisions., Coranto : A sprightly but somewhat stately dance, now out of fashion., Cordate : Heart-shaped; as, a cordate leaf., Costard : An apple, large and round like the head., Costard : The head; -- used contemptuously., Cotgare : Refuse wool., Courant : Represented as running; -- said of a beast borne in a coat of arms., Courant : A piece of music in triple time; also, a lively dance; a coranto., Courant : A circulating gazette of news; a newspaper., Crotalo : A Turkish musical instrument., Curator : One who has the care and superintendence of anything, as of a museum; a custodian; a keeper., Curator : One appointed to act as guardian of the estate of a person not legally competent to manage it, or of an absentee; a trustee; a guardian., Dartoic : Of or pertaining to the dartos., Dartoid : Like the dartos; dartoic; as, dartoid tissue., Delator : An accuser; an informer., Dilator : One who, or that which, widens or expands., Dilator : A muscle that dilates any part., Dilator : An instrument for expanding a part; as, a urethral dilator., Dioptra : An optical instrument, invented by Hipparchus, for taking altitudes, leveling, etc., Doddart : A game much like hockey, played in an open field; also, the, bent stick for playing the game., Dogcart : A light one-horse carriage, commonly two-wheeled, patterned after a cart. The original dogcarts used in England by sportsmen had a box at the back for carrying dogs., Dog star : Sirius, a star of the constellation Canis Major, or the Greater Dog, and the brightest star in the heavens; -- called also Canicula, and, in astronomical charts, / Canis Majoris. See Dog days., Donator : One who makes a gift; a donor; a giver., Dormant : Sleeping; as, a dormant animal; hence, not in action or exercise; quiescent; at rest; in abeyance; not disclosed, asserted, or insisted on; as, dormant passions; dormant claims or titles., Dormant : In a sleeping posture; as, a lion dormant; -- distinguished from couchant., Dormant : A large beam in the roof of a house upon which portions of the other timbers rest or " sleep.", Dottard : An old, decayed tree., Earshot : Reach of the ear; distance at which words may be heard., Enactor : One who enacts a law; one who decrees or establishes as a law., Equator : The imaginary great circle on the earth's surface, everywhere equally distant from the two poles, and dividing the earth's surface into two hemispheres., Equator : The great circle of the celestial sphere, coincident with the plane of the earth's equator; -- so called because when the sun is in it, the days and nights are of equal length; hence called also the equinoctial, and on maps, globes, etc., the equinoctial line., Erogate : To lay out, as money; to deal out; to expend., Esparto : A species of Spanish grass (Macrochloa tenacissima), of which cordage, shoes, baskets, etc., are made. It is also used for making paper., Exactor : One who exacts or demands by authority or right; hence, an extortioner; also, one unreasonably severe in injunctions or demands., Exorate : To persuade, or to gain, by entreaty., Factory : A house or place where factors, or commercial agents, reside, to transact business for their employers., Factory : The body of factors in any place; as, a chaplain to a British factory., Factory : A building, or collection of buildings, appropriated to the manufacture of goods; the place where workmen are employed in fabricating goods, wares, or utensils; a manufactory; as, a cotton factory., Faitour : A doer or actor; particularly, an evil doer; a scoundrel., Farmost : Most distant; farthest., Faytour : See Faitour., Flatour : A flatterer., Floater : One who floats or swims., Floater : A float for indicating the height of a liquid surface., Forlaft : p. p. of Forleave., Formate : A salt of formic acid., Forswat : Spent with heat; covered with sweat., Foumart : The European polecat; -- called also European ferret, and fitchew. See Polecat., Frontal : Belonging to the front part; being in front, Frontal : Of or pertaining to the forehead or the anterior part of the roof of the brain case; as, the frontal bones., Frontal : Something worn on the forehead or face; a frontlet, Frontal : An ornamental band for the hair., Frontal : The metal face guard of a soldier., Frontal : A little pediment over a door or window., Frontal : A movable, decorative member in metal, carved wood, or, commonly, in rich stuff or in embroidery, covering the front of the altar. Frontals are usually changed according to the different ceremonies., Frontal : A medicament or application for the forehead., Frontal : The frontal bone, or one of the two frontal bones, of the cranium., Garrote : A Spanish mode of execution by strangulation, with an iron collar affixed to a post and tightened by a screw until life become extinct; also, the instrument by means of which the punishment is inflicted., Garrote : To strangle with the garrote; hence, to seize by the throat, from behind, with a view to strangle and rob., Grantor : The person by whom a grant or conveyance is made., Haricot : A ragout or stew of meat with beans and other vegetables., Haricot : The ripe seeds, or the unripe pod, of the common string bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), used as a vegetable. Other species of the same genus furnish different kinds of haricots., Harmost : A governor or prefect appointed by the Spartans in the cities subjugated by them., Janitor : A door-keeper; a porter; one who has the care of a public building, or a building occupied for offices, suites of rooms, etc., Lactory : Lactiferous., Lagarto : An alligator., Laxator : That which loosens; -- esp., a muscle which by its contraction loosens some part., Legator : A testator; one who bequeaths a legacy., Levator : A muscle that serves to raise some part, as the lip or the eyelid., Levator : A surgical instrument used to raise a depressed part of the skull., Ligator : An instrument for ligating, or for placing and fastening a ligature., Loather : One who loathes., Locator : One who locates, or is entitled to locate, land or a mining claim., Madwort : A genus of cruciferous plants (Alyssum) with white or yellow flowers and rounded pods. A. maritimum is the commonly cultivated sweet alyssum, a fragrant white-flowered annual., Maestro : A master in any art, especially in music; a composer., Majorat : The right of succession to property according to age; -- so termed in some of the countries of continental Europe., Majorat : Property, landed or funded, so attached to a title of honor as to descend with it., Marcato : In a marked emphatic manner; -- used adverbially as a direction., Marplot : One who, by his officious /nterference, mars or frustrates a design or plot., Masoret : A Masorite., Matador : The killer; the man appointed to kill the bull in bullfights., Matador : In the game of quadrille or omber, the three principal trumps, the ace of spades being the first, the ace of clubs the third, and the second being the deuce of a black trump or the seven of a red one., Matross : Formerly, in the British service, a gunner or a gunner's mate; one of the soldiers in a train of artillery, who assisted the gunners in loading, firing, and sponging the guns., Mordant : Biting; caustic; sarcastic; keen; severe., Mordant : Serving to fix colors., Mordant : Any corroding substance used in etching., Mordant : Any substance, as alum or copperas, which, having a twofold attraction for organic fibers and coloring matter, serves as a bond of union, and thus gives fixity to, or bites in, the dyes., Mordant : Any sticky matter by which the gold leaf is made to adhere., Mordant : To subject to the action of, or imbue with, a mordant; as, to mordant goods for dyeing., Mortmal : See Mormal., Mortpay : Dead pay; the crime of taking pay for the service of dead soldiers, or for services not actually rendered by soldiers., Novator : An innovator., Oarfoot : Any crustacean of the genus Remipes., Ocreate : Alt. of Ocreated, Odorant : Yielding odors; fragrant., Odorate : Odorous., Onerate : To load; to burden., Operant : Operative., Operant : An operative person or thing., Operate : To perform a work or labor; to exert power or strengh, physical or mechanical; to act., Operate : To produce an appropriate physical effect; to issue in the result designed by nature; especially (Med.), to take appropriate effect on the human system., Operate : To act or produce effect on the mind; to exert moral power or influence., Operate : To perform some manual act upon a human body in a methodical manner, and usually with instruments, with a view to restore soundness or health, as in amputation, lithotomy, etc., Operate : To deal in stocks or any commodity with a view to speculative profits., Operate : To produce, as an effect; to cause., Operate : To put into, or to continue in, operation or activity; to work; as, to operate a machine., Oration : An elaborate discourse, delivered in public, treating an important subject in a formal and dignified manner; especially, a discourse having reference to some special occasion, as a funeral, an anniversary, a celebration, or the like; -- distinguished from an argument in court, a popular harangue, a sermon, a lecture, etc.; as, Webster's oration at Bunker Hill., Oration : To deliver an oration., Oratory : A place of orisons, or prayer; especially, a chapel or small room set apart for private devotions., Oratory : The art of an orator; the art of public speaking in an eloquent or effective manner; the exercise of rhetorical skill in oral discourse; eloquence., Oratrix : A woman plaintiff, or complainant, in equity pleading., Orbital : Of or pertaining to an orbit., Orbitar : Orbital., Ortolan : A European singing bird (Emberiza hortulana), about the size of the lark, with black wings. It is esteemed delicious food when fattened. Called also bunting., Ortolan : In England, the wheatear (Saxicola oenanthe)., Ortolan : In America, the sora, or Carolina rail (Porzana Carolina). See Sora., Ortygan : One of several species of East Indian birds of the genera Ortygis and Hemipodius. They resemble quails, but lack the hind toe. See Turnix., Ostiary : The mouth of a river; an estuary., Ostiary : One who keeps the door, especially the door of a church; a porter., Otaries : of Otary, Otorrh/a : A flow or running from the ear, esp. a purulent discharge., Outbrag : To surpass in bragging; hence, to make appear inferior., Outbray : To exceed in braying., Outbray : To emit with great noise., Outdare : To surpass in daring; to overcome by courage; to brave., Outdraw : To draw out; to extract., Outpart : An outlying part., Outpray : To exceed or excel in prayer., Outrage : To rage in excess of., Outrage : Injurious violence or wanton wrong done to persons or things; a gross violation of right or decency; excessive abuse; wanton mischief; gross injury., Outrage : Excess; luxury., Outrage : To commit outrage upon; to subject to outrage; to treat with violence or excessive abuse., Outrage : Specifically, to violate; to commit an indecent assault upon (a female)., Outrage : To be guilty of an outrage; to act outrageously., Outrank : To exceed in rank; hence, to take precedence of., Outraye : See Outrage, v. i., Outraze : To obliterate., Outroad : Alt. of Outrode, Outroar : To exceed in roaring., Outsoar : To soar beyond or above., Outward : Alt. of Outwards, Outward : Forming the superficial part; external; exterior; -- opposed to inward; as, an outward garment or layer., Outward : Of or pertaining to the outer surface or to what is external; manifest; public., Outward : Foreign; not civil or intestine; as, an outward war., Outward : Tending to the exterior or outside., Outward : External form; exterior., Outwear : To wear out; to consume or destroy by wearing., Outwear : To last longer than; to outlast; as, this cloth will outwear the other., Overact : To act or perform to excess; to exaggerate in acting; as, he overacted his part., Overact : To act upon, or influence, unduly., Overact : To act more than is necessary; to go to excess in action., Overeat : To gnaw all over, or on all sides., Overeat : To eat to excess; -- often with a reflexive., Overtax : To tax or to task too heavily., Oxheart : A large heart-shaped cherry, either black, red, or white., Parieto- : A combining form used to indicate connection with, or relation to, the parietal bones or the parietal segment of the skull; as, the parieto-mastoid suture., Paritor : An apparitor., Paroket : See Paroquet., Parotic : On the side of the auditory capsule; near the external ear., Parotid : Situated near the ear; -- applied especially to the salivary gland near the ear., Parotid : Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the parotid gland., Parotid : The parotid gland., Partook : of Partake, Partook : imp. of Partake., Patriot : One who loves his country, and zealously supports its authority and interests., Patriot : Becoming to a patriot; patriotic., Patrole : See Patrol, n. & v., Patroon : One of the proprietors of certain tracts of land with manorial privileges and right of entail, under the old Dutch governments of New York and New Jersey., Pectora : of Pectus, Porcate : Having grooves or furrows broader than the intervening ridges; furrowed., Porpita : A genus of bright-colored Siphonophora found floating in the warmer parts of the ocean. The individuals are round and disk-shaped, with a large zooid in the center of the under side, surrounded by smaller nutritive and reproductive zooids, and by slender dactylozooids near the margin. The disk contains a central float, or pneumatocyst., Portace : See Portass., Portage : A sailor's wages when in port., Portage : The amount of a sailor's wages for a voyage., Portage : A porthole., Portage : The act of carrying or transporting., Portage : The price of carriage; porterage., Portage : Capacity for carrying; tonnage., Portage : A carry between navigable waters. See 3d Carry., Portage : To carry (goods, boats, etc.) overland between navigable waters., Portass : A breviary; a prayer book., Portate : Borne not erect, but diagonally athwart an escutcheon; as, a cross portate., Portman : An inhabitant or burgess of a port, esp. of one of the Cinque Ports., Portray : To paint or draw the likeness of; as, to portray a king on horseback., Portray : Hence, figuratively, to describe in words., Portray : To adorn with pictures., Potager : A porringer., Potagro : See Potargo., Potargo : A kind of sauce or pickle., Potator : A drinker., Praetor : See Pretor., Probate : Proof., Probate : Official proof; especially, the proof before a competent officer or tribunal that an instrument offered, purporting to be the last will and testament of a person deceased, is indeed his lawful act; the copy of a will proved, under the seal of the Court of Probate, delivered to the executors with a certificate of its having been proved., Probate : The right or jurisdiction of proving wills., Probate : Of or belonging to a probate, or court of probate; as, a probate record., Probate : To obtain the official approval of, as of an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament; as, the executor has probated the will., Prolate : Stretched out; extended; especially, elongated in the direction of a line joining the poles; as, a prolate spheroid; -- opposed to oblate., Prolate : To utter; to pronounce., Prolata : of Prolatum, Pronate : Somewhat prone; inclined; as, pronate trees., Pronota : of Pronotum, Pro rata : In proportion; proportionately; according to the share, interest, or liability of each., Prorate : To divide or distribute proportionally; to assess pro rata., Protean : Of or pertaining to Proteus; characteristic of Proteus., Protean : Exceedingly variable; readily assuming different shapes or forms; as, an amoeba is a protean animalcule., Provant : To supply with provender or provisions; to provide for., Provant : Provided for common or general use, as in an army; hence, common in quality; inferior., Quartos : of Quarto, Quatuor : A quartet; -- applied chiefly to instrumental compositions., Ragwort : A name given to several species of the composite genus Senecio., Rajpoot : Alt. of Rajput, Rapport : Relation; proportion; conformity; correspondence; accord., Rattoon : One of the stems or shoots of sugar cane of the second year's growth from the root, or later. See Plant-cane., Rattoon : To sprout or spring up from the root, as sugar cane from the root of the previous year's planting., Readopt : To adopt again., Reboant : Rebellowing; resounding loudly., Redcoat : One who wears a red coat; specifically, a red-coated British soldier., Refloat : Reflux; ebb., Relator : One who relates; a relater., Relator : A private person at whose relation, or in whose behalf, the attorney-general allows an information in the nature of a quo warranto to be filed., Reostat : See Rheostat., Roasted : of Roast, Roaster : One who roasts meat., Roaster : A contrivance for roasting., Roaster : A pig, or other article of food fit for roasting., Romaunt : A romantic story in verse; as, the "Romaunt of the Rose.", Rootcap : A mass of parenchymatous cells which covers and protects the growing cells at the end of a root; a pileorhiza., Roseate : Full of roses; rosy; as, roseate bowers., Roseate : resembling a rose in color or fragrance; esp., tinged with rose color; blooming; as, roseate beauty; her roseate lips., Rostral : Of or pertaining to the beak or snout of an animal, or the beak of a ship; resembling a rostrum, esp., the rostra at Rome, or their decorations., Rotated : of Rotate, Rotated : Turned round, as a wheel; also, wheel-shaped; rotate., Rotator : that which gives a rotary or rolling motion, as a muscle which partially rotates or turns some part on its axis., Rotator : A revolving reverberatory furnace., Rotella : Any one of numerous species of small, polished, brightcolored gastropods of the genus Rotella, native of tropical seas., Rotular : Of or pertaining to the rotula, or kneepan., Rotunda : A round building; especially, one that is round both on the outside and inside, like the Pantheon at Rome. Less properly, but very commonly, used for a large round room; as, the rotunda of the Capitol at Washington., Rousant : Rising; -- applied to a bird in the attitude of rising; also, sometmes, to a bird in profile with wings addorsed., Rowboat : A boat designed to be propelled by oars instead of sails., Royalet : A petty or powerless king., Royalty : The state of being royal; the condition or quality of a royal person; kingship; kingly office; sovereignty., Royalty : The person of a king or sovereign; majesty; as, in the presence of royalty., Royalty : An emblem of royalty; -- usually in the plural, meaning regalia., Royalty : Kingliness; spirit of regal authority., Royalty : Domain; province; sphere., Royalty : That which is due to a sovereign, as a seigniorage on gold and silver coined at the mint, metals taken from mines, etc.; the tax exacted in lieu of such share; imperiality., Royalty : A share of the product or profit (as of a mine, forest, etc.), reserved by the owner for permitting another to use the property., Royalty : Hence (Com.), a duty paid by a manufacturer to the owner of a patent or a copyright at a certain rate for each article manufactured; or, a percentage paid to the owner of an article by one who hires the use of it., Saw-wort : Any plant of the composite genus Serratula; -- so named from the serrated leaves of most of the species., Scrotal : Of or pertaining to the scrotum; as, scrotal hernia., Seaport : A port on the seashore, or one accessible for seagoing vessels. Also used adjectively; as, a seaport town., Senator : A member of a senate., Senator : A member of the king's council; a king's councilor., Seorita : A Spanish title of courtesy given to a young lady; Miss; also, a young lady., Sorbate : A salt of sorbic acid., Sportal : Of or pertaining to sports; used in sports., Starost : A nobleman who possessed a starosty., Storage : The act of depositing in a store or warehouse for safe keeping; also, the safe keeping of goods in a warehouse., Storage : Space for the safe keeping of goods., Storage : The price changed for keeping goods in a store., Storial : Historical., Surcoat : A coat worn over the other garments; especially, the long and flowing garment of knights, worn over the armor, and frequently emblazoned with the arms of the wearer., Surcoat : A name given to the outer garment of either sex at different epochs of the Middle Ages., Tabored : of Tabor, Taborer : One who plays on the tabor., Taboret : A small tabor., Tagsore : Adhesion of the tail of a sheep to the wool from excoriation produced by contact with the feces; -- called also tagbelt., Tambour : A kind of small flat drum; a tambourine., Tambour : A small frame, commonly circular, and somewhat resembling a tambourine, used for stretching, and firmly holding, a portion of cloth that is to be embroidered; also, the embroidery done upon such a frame; -- called also, in the latter sense, tambour work., Tambour : Same as Drum, n., 2(d)., Tambour : A work usually in the form of a redan, to inclose a space before a door or staircase, or at the gorge of a larger work. It is arranged like a stockade., Tambour : A shallow metallic cup or drum, with a thin elastic membrane supporting a writing lever. Two or more of these are connected by an India rubber tube, and used to transmit and register the movements of the pulse or of any pulsating artery., Tambour : To embroider on a tambour., Taproom : A room where liquors are kept on tap; a barroom., Taproot : The root of a plant which penetrates the earth directly downward to a considerable depth without dividing., Tarrock : The young of the kittiwake gull before the first molt., Tarrock : The common guillemot., Tarrock : The common tern., Tetrazo- : A combining form (also used adjectively), designating any one of a series of double derivatives of the azo and diazo compounds containing four atoms of nitrogen., Throaty : Guttural; hoarse; having a guttural voice., Toaster : One who toasts., Toaster : A kitchen utensil for toasting bread, cheese, etc., To-break : To break completely; to break in pieces., Toparch : The ruler or principal man in a place or country; the governor of a toparchy., Topiary : Of or pertaining to ornamental gardening; produced by cutting, trimming, etc.; topiarian., Tormina : acute, colicky pains; gripes., Tornado : A violent whirling wind; specifically (Meteorol.), a tempest distinguished by a rapid whirling and slow progressive motion, usually accompaned with severe thunder, lightning, and torrents of rain, and commonly of short duration and small breadth; a small cyclone., Torteau : A roundel of a red color., Torulae : of Torula, Touraco : Same as Turacou., Towards : In the direction of; to., Towards : With direction to, in a moral sense; with respect or reference to; regarding; concerning., Towards : Tending to; in the direction of; in behalf of., Towards : Near; about; approaching to., Towards : Near; at hand; in state of preparation., Towards : See Toward., Tractor : That which draws, or is used for drawing., Tractor : Two small, pointed rods of metal, formerly used in the treatment called Perkinism., Traitor : One who violates his allegiance and betrays his country; one guilty of treason; one who, in breach of trust, delivers his country to an enemy, or yields up any fort or place intrusted to his defense, or surrenders an army or body of troops to the enemy, unless when vanquished; also, one who takes arms and levies war against his country; or one who aids an enemy in conquering his country. See Treason., Traitor : Hence, one who betrays any confidence or trust; a betrayer., Traitor : Traitorous., Traitor : To act the traitor toward; to betray; to deceive., Transom : A horizontal crossbar in a window, over a door, or between a door and a window above it. Transom is the horizontal, as mullion is the vertical, bar across an opening. See Illust. of Mullion., Transom : One of the principal transverse timbers of the stern, bolted to the sternpost and giving shape to the stern structure; -- called also transsummer., Transom : The piece of wood or iron connecting the cheeks of some gun carriages., Transom : The vane of a cross-staff., Transom : One of the crossbeams connecting the side frames of a truck with each other., Treason : The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power; disloyalty; treachery., Treason : Loosely, the betrayal of any trust or confidence; treachery; perfidy., Tritova : of Tritovum, Trochal : Resembling a wheel., Trochar : See Trocar., Tronage : A toll or duty paid for weighing wool; also, the act of weighing wool., Turacou : Any one of several species of plantain eaters of the genus Turacus, native of Africa. They are remarkable for the peculiar green and red pigments found in their feathers., Urostea : of Urosteon, Volator : Same as Volador, 1., Waltron : A walrus., Wart hog : Either one of two species of large, savage African wild hogs of the genus Phacoch/rus. These animals have a pair of large, rough, fleshy tubercles behind the tusks and second pair behind the eyes. The tusks are large and strong, and both pairs curve upward. The body is scantily covered with bristles, but there is long dorsal mane. The South African species (Phacoch/rus Aethiopicus) is the best known. Called also vlacke vark. The second species (P. Aeliani) is native of the coasts of the Red Sea., Zostera : A genus of plants of the Naiadaceae, or Pondweed family. Zostera marina is commonly known as sea wrack, and eelgrass.,

8 Letter Words containing ORAT: Abattoir : A public slaughterhouse for cattle, sheep, etc., Abditory : A place for hiding or preserving articles of value., Abductor : One who abducts., Abductor : A muscle which serves to draw a part out, or form the median line of the body; as, the abductor oculi, which draws the eye outward., Abortion : The act of giving premature birth; particularly, the expulsion of the human fetus prematurely, or before it is capable of sustaining life; miscarriage., Abortion : The immature product of an untimely birth., Abortion : Arrest of development of any organ, so that it remains an imperfect formation or is absorbed., Abortion : Any fruit or produce that does not come to maturity, or anything which in its progress, before it is matured or perfect; a complete failure; as, his attempt proved an abortion., Abortive : Produced by abortion; born prematurely; as, an abortive child., Abortive : Made from the skin of a still-born animal; as, abortive vellum., Abortive : Rendering fruitless or ineffectual., Abortive : Coming to naught; failing in its effect; miscarrying; fruitless; unsuccessful; as, an abortive attempt., Abortive : Imperfectly formed or developed; rudimentary; sterile; as, an abortive organ, stamen, ovule, etc., Abortive : Causing abortion; as, abortive medicines., Abortive : Cutting short; as, abortive treatment of typhoid fever., Abortive : That which is born or brought forth prematurely; an abortion., Abortive : A fruitless effort or issue., Abortive : A medicine to which is attributed the property of causing abortion., Abrogate : Abrogated; abolished., Abrogate : To annul by an authoritative act; to abolish by the authority of the maker or his successor; to repeal; -- applied to the repeal of laws, decrees, ordinances, the abolition of customs, etc., Abrogate : To put an end to; to do away with., Accentor : One who sings the leading part; the director or leader., Accentor : A genus of European birds (so named from their sweet notes), including the hedge warbler. In America sometimes applied to the water thrushes., Acceptor : One who accepts, Acceptor : one who accepts an order or a bill of exchange; a drawee after he has accepted., Accouter : Alt. of Accoutre, Accoutre : To furnish with dress, or equipments, esp. those for military service; to equip; to attire; to array., Achatour : Purveyor; acater., Acroatic : Same as Acroamatic., Acrodont : One of a group of lizards having the teeth immovably united to the top of the alveolar ridge., Acrodont : Of or pertaining to the acrodonts., Acrolith : A statue whose extremities are of stone, the trunk being generally of wood., Acrostic : A composition, usually in verse, in which the first or the last letters of the lines, or certain other letters, taken in order, form a name, word, phrase, or motto., Acrostic : A Hebrew poem in which the lines or stanzas begin with the letters of the alphabet in regular order (as Psalm cxix.). See Abecedarian., Acrostic : Alt. of Acrostical, Acrotism : Lack or defect of pulsation., Actuator : One who actuates, or puts into action., Additory : Tending to add; making some addition., Adductor : A muscle which draws a limb or part of the body toward the middle line of the body, or closes extended parts of the body; -- opposed to abductor; as, the adductor of the eye, which turns the eye toward the nose., Adjutory : Serving to help or assist; helping., Adrogate : To adopt (a person who is his own master)., Adroitly : In an adroit manner., Adulator : A servile or hypocritical flatterer., Advoutry : Alt. of Advowtry, Advowtry : Adultery., Aegrotat : A medical certificate that a student is ill., Aeration : Exposure to the free action of the air; airing; as, aeration of soil, of spawn, etc., Aeration : A change produced in the blood by exposure to the air in respiration; oxygenation of the blood in respiration; arterialization., Aeration : The act or preparation of charging with carbonic acid gas or with oxygen., Aerocyst : One of the air cells of algals., Aerolite : A stone, or metallic mass, which has fallen to the earth from distant space; a meteorite; a meteoric stone., Aerolith : Same as A/rolite., Aeronaut : An aerial navigator; a balloonist., Aerostat : A balloon., Aerostat : A balloonist; an aeronaut., Afforest : To convert into a forest; as, to afforest a tract of country., Affronte : Face to face, or front to front; facing., Agitator : One who agitates; one who stirs up or excites others; as, political reformers and agitators., Agitator : One of a body of men appointed by the army, in Cromwell's time, to look after their interests; -- called also adjutators., Agitator : An implement for shaking or mixing., Agrostis : A genus of grasses, including species called in common language bent grass. Some of them, as redtop (Agrostis vulgaris), are valuable pasture grasses., Air stove : A stove for heating a current of air which is directed against its surface by means of pipes, and then distributed through a building., Aleatory : Depending on some uncertain contingency; as, an aleatory contract., Algaroth : A term used for the Powder of Algaroth, a white powder which is a compound of trichloride and trioxide of antimony. It was formerly used in medicine as an emetic, purgative, and diaphoretic., All-a-mort : See Alamort., Allotter : One who allots., Alum root : A North American herb (Heuchera Americana) of the Saxifrage family, whose root has astringent properties., Amorette : An amoret., Amortise : Alt. of Amortisement, Amortize : To make as if dead; to destroy., Amortize : To alienate in mortmain, that is, to convey to a corporation. See Mortmain., Amortize : To clear off or extinguish, as a debt, usually by means of a sinking fund., Ancestor : One from whom a person is descended, whether on the father's or mother's side, at any distance of time; a progenitor; a fore father., Ancestor : An earlier type; a progenitor; as, this fossil animal is regarded as the ancestor of the horse., Ancestor : One from whom an estate has descended; -- the correlative of heir., Anchoret : Alt. of Anchorite, Animator : One who, or that which, animates; an animater., Anointer : One who anoints., Anorthic : Having unequal oblique axes; as, anorthic crystals., Anteport : An outer port, gate, or door., Anterior : Before in time; antecedent., Anterior : Before, or toward the front, in place; as, the anterior part of the mouth; -- opposed to posterior., Anteroom : A room before, or forming an entrance to, another; a waiting room., Antrorse : Forward or upward in direction., Aoristic : Indefinite; pertaining to the aorist tense., Aortitis : Inflammation of the aorta., Apastron : That point in the orbit of a double star where the smaller star is farthest from its primary., Apertion : The act of opening; an opening; an aperture., Aphorist : A writer or utterer of aphorisms., Apporter : A bringer in; an importer., Apterous : Destitute of wings; apteral; as, apterous insects., Apterous : Destitute of winglike membranous expansions, as a stem or petiole; -- opposed to alate., Araguato : A South American monkey, the ursine howler (Mycetes ursinus). See Howler, n., 2., Arboreta : of Arboretum, Arborist : One who makes trees his study, or who is versed in the knowledge of trees., Archonts : The group including man alone., Areolate : Alt. of Areolated, Argonaut : Any one of the legendary Greek heroes who sailed with Jason, in the Argo, in quest of the Golden Fleece., Argonaut : A cephalopod of the genus Argonauta., Armorist : One skilled in coat armor or heraldry., Aromatic : Alt. of Aromatical, Aromatic : A plant, drug, or medicine, characterized by a fragrant smell, and usually by a warm, pungent taste, as ginger, cinnamon, spices., Arrogant : Making, or having the disposition to make, exorbitant claims of rank or estimation; giving one's self an undue degree of importance; assuming; haughty; -- applied to persons., Arrogant : Containing arrogance; marked with arrogance; proceeding from undue claims or self-importance; -- applied to things; as, arrogant pretensions or behavior., Arrogate : To assume, or claim as one's own, unduly, proudly, or presumptuously; to make undue claims to, from vanity or baseless pretensions to right or merit; as, the pope arrogated dominion over kings., Artotype : A kind of autotype., Art union : An association for promoting art (esp. the arts of design), and giving encouragement to artists., Assertor : One who asserts or avers; one who maintains or vindicates a claim or a right; an affirmer, supporter, or vindicator; a defender; an asserter., Assistor : A assister., Assorted : of Assort, Assorted : Selected; culled., Asterion : The point on the side of the skull where the lambdoid, parieto-mastoid and occipito-mastoid sutures., Asteroid : A starlike body; esp. one of the numerous small planets whose orbits lie between those of Mars and Jupiter; -- called also planetoids and minor planets., Astrofel : Alt. of Astrofell, Astroite : A radiated stone or fossil; star-stone., Atheroid : Shaped like an ear of grain., Atheroma : An encysted tumor containing curdy matter., Atheroma : A disease characterized by thickening and fatty degeneration of the inner coat of the arteries., Atomizer : One who, or that which, atomizes; esp., an instrument for reducing a liquid to spray for disinfecting, cooling, or perfuming., Atrocity : Enormous wickedness; extreme heinousness or cruelty., Atrocity : An atrocious or extremely cruel deed., Atrophic : Relating to atrophy., Atropine : A poisonous, white, crystallizable alkaloid, extracted from the Atropa belladonna, or deadly nightshade, and the Datura Stramonium, or thorn apple. It is remarkable for its power in dilating the pupil of the eye. Called also daturine., Atropism : A condition of the system produced by long use of belladonna., Atropous : Not inverted; orthotropous., Attercop : A spider., Attercop : A peevish, ill-natured person., Attestor : One who attests., Attorney : A substitute; a proxy; an agent., Attorney : One who is legally appointed by another to transact any business for him; an attorney in fact., Attorney : A legal agent qualified to act for suitors and defendants in legal proceedings; an attorney at law., Attorney : To perform by proxy; to employ as a proxy., Auditory : Of or pertaining to hearing, or to the sense or organs of hearing; as, the auditory nerve. See Ear., Auditory : An assembly of hearers; an audience., Auditory : An auditorium., Auntrous : Adventurous., Authorly : Authorial., Autocrat : An absolute sovereign; a monarch who holds and exercises the powers of government by claim of absolute right, not subject to restriction; as, Autocrat of all the Russias (a title of the Czar)., Autocrat : One who rules with undisputed sway in any company or relation; a despot., Avoutrer : See Advoutrer., Avoutrie : Adultery., Balloter : One who votes by ballot., Banewort : Deadly nightshade., Barbiton : An ancient Greek instrument resembling a lyre., Barefoot : With the feet bare; without shoes or stockings., Baritone : See Barytone., Barometz : The woolly-skinned rhizoma or rootstock of a fern (Dicksonia barometz), which, when specially prepared and inverted, somewhat resembles a lamb; -- called also Scythian lamb., Barrator : One guilty of barratry., Barytone : Alt. of Baritone, Baritone : Grave and deep, as a kind of male voice., Baritone : Not marked with an accent on the last syllable, the grave accent being understood., Barytone : Alt. of Baritone, Baritone : A male voice, the compass of which partakes of the common bass and the tenor, but which does not descend as low as the one, nor rise as high as the other., Baritone : A person having a voice of such range., Baritone : The viola di gamba, now entirely disused., Baritone : A word which has no accent marked on the last syllable, the grave accent being understood., Bathorse : A horse which carries an officer's baggage during a campaign., Bergamot : A tree of the Orange family (Citrus bergamia), having a roundish or pear-shaped fruit, from the rind of which an essential oil of delicious odor is extracted, much prized as a perfume. Also, the fruit., Bergamot : A variety of mint (Mentha aquatica, var. glabrata)., Bergamot : The essence or perfume made from the fruit., Bergamot : A variety of pear., Bergamot : A variety of snuff perfumed with bergamot., Bergamot : A coarse tapestry, manufactured from flock of cotton or hemp, mixed with ox's or goat's hair; -- said to have been invented at Bergamo, Italy. Encyc. Brit., Biforate : Having two perforations., Bonitary : Beneficial, as opposed to statutory or civil; as, bonitary dominion of land., Borachte : A large leather bottle for liquors, etc., made of the skin of a goat or other animal. Hence: A drunkard., Boracite : A mineral of a white or gray color occurring massive and in isometric crystals; in composition it is a magnesium borate with magnesium chloride., Brant-fox : A kind of fox found in Sweden (Vulpes alopex), smaller than the common fox (V. vulgaris), but probably a variety of it., Brocatel : A kind of coarse brocade, or figured fabric, used chiefly for tapestry, linings for carriages, etc., Brocatel : A marble, clouded and veined with white, gray, yellow, and red, in which the yellow usually prevails. It is also called Siena marble, from its locality., Browbeat : of Browbeat, Browbeat : To depress or bear down with haughty, stern looks, or with arrogant speech and dogmatic assertions; to abash or disconcert by impudent or abusive words or looks; to bully; as, to browbeat witnesses., Burgamot : See Bergamot., Cantarro : A weight used in southern Europe and East for heavy articles. It varies in different localities; thus, at Rome it is nearly 75 pounds, in Sardinia nearly 94 pounds, in Cairo it is 95 pounds, in Syria about 503 pounds., Cantarro : A liquid measure in Spain, ranging from two and a half to four gallons., Cantoral : Of or belonging to a cantor., Cantoris : Of or pertaining to a cantor; as, the cantoris side of a choir; a cantoris stall., Caproate : A salt of caproic acid., Carapato : A south American tick of the genus Amblyomma. There are several species, very troublesome to man and beast., Caroteel : A tierce or cask for dried fruits, etc., usually about 700 lbs., Cartbote : Wood to which a tenant is entitled for making and repairing carts and other instruments of husbandry., Cartouch : A roll or case of paper, etc., holding a charge for a firearm; a cartridge, Cartouch : A cartridge box., Cartouch : A wooden case filled with balls, to be shot from a cannon., Cartouch : A gunner's bag for ammunition, Cartouch : A military pass for a soldier on furlough., Cartouch : A cantalever, console, corbel, or modillion, which has the form of a scroll of paper, Cartouch : A tablet for ornament, or for receiving an inscription, formed like a sheet of paper with the edges rolled up; hence, any tablet of ornamental form., Cartouch : An oval figure on monuments, and in papyri, containing the name of a sovereign., Cast iron : Highly carbonized iron, the direct product of the blast furnace; -- used for making castings, and for conversion into wrought iron and steel. It can not be welded or forged, is brittle, and sometimes very hard. Besides carbon, it contains sulphur, phosphorus, silica, etc., Cast-iron : Made of cast iron. Hence, Fig.: like cast iron; hardy; unyielding., Castorin : A white crystalline substance obtained from castoreum., Castrato : A male person castrated for the purpose of improving his voice for singing; an artificial, or male, soprano., Category : One of the highest classes to which the objects of knowledge or thought can be reduced, and by which they can be arranged in a system; an ultimate or undecomposable conception; a predicament., Category : Class; also, state, condition, or predicament; as, we are both in the same category., Catopter : Alt. of Catoptron, Catopron : See Catopter., Causator : One who causes., Caveator : One who enters a caveat., Cavorted : of Cavort, Cenatory : Of or pertaining to dinner or supper., Chay root : The root of the Oldenlandia umbellata, native in India, which yieds a durable red dyestuff., Chlorate : A salt of chloric acid; as, chlorate of potassium., Chordata : A comprehensive division of animals including all Vertebrata together with the Tunicata, or all those having a dorsal nervous cord., Chromate : A salt of chromic acid., Citatory : Having the power or form of a citation; as, letters citatory., Colature : The process of straining; the matter strained; a strainer., Collator : One who collates manuscripts, books, etc., Collator : One who collates to a benefice., Collator : One who confers any benefit., Colorate : Colored., Combater : One who combats., Cometary : Pertaining to, or resembling, a comet., Confract : Broken in pieces; severed., Conistra : Originally, a part of the palestra, or gymnasium among the Greeks; either the place where sand was stored for use in sprinkling the wrestlers, or the wrestling ground itself. Hence, a part of the orchestra of the Greek theater., Contract : To draw together or nearer; to reduce to a less compass; to shorten, narrow, or lessen; as, to contract one's sphere of action., Contract : To draw together so as to wrinkle; to knit., Contract : To bring on; to incur; to acquire; as, to contract a habit; to contract a debt; to contract a disease., Contract : To enter into, with mutual obligations; to make a bargain or covenant for., Contract : To betroth; to affiance., Contract : To shorten by omitting a letter or letters or by reducing two or more vowels or syllables to one., Contract : To be drawn together so as to be diminished in size or extent; to shrink; to be reduced in compass or in duration; as, iron contracts in cooling; a rope contracts when wet., Contract : To make an agreement; to covenant; to agree; to bargain; as, to contract for carrying the mail., Contract : Contracted; as, a contract verb., Contract : Contracted; affianced; betrothed., Contract : The agreement of two or more persons, upon a sufficient consideration or cause, to do, or to abstain from doing, some act; an agreement in which a party undertakes to do, or not to do, a particular thing; a formal bargain; a compact; an interchange of legal rights., Contract : A formal writing which contains the agreement of parties, with the terms and conditions, and which serves as a proof of the obligation., Contract : The act of formally betrothing a man and woman., Contrary : Opposite; in an opposite direction; in opposition; adverse; as, contrary winds., Contrary : Opposed; contradictory; repugnant; inconsistent., Contrary : Given to opposition; perverse; forward; wayward; as, a contrary disposition; a contrary child., Contrary : Affirming the opposite; so opposed as to destroy each other; as, contrary propositions., Contrary : A thing that is of contrary or opposite qualities., Contrary : An opponent; an enemy., Contrary : the opposite; a proposition, fact, or condition incompatible with another; as, slender proofs which rather show the contrary. See Converse, n., 1., Contrary : See Contraries., Contrast : To stand in opposition; to exhibit difference, unlikeness, or opposition of qualities., Contrast : To set in opposition, or over against, in order to show the differences between, or the comparative excellences and defects of; to compare by difference or contrariety of qualities; as, to contrast the present with the past., Contrast : To give greater effect to, as to a figure or other object, by putting it in some relation of opposition to another figure or object., Contrast : The act of contrasting, or the state of being contrasted; comparison by contrariety of qualities., Contrast : Opposition or dissimilitude of things or qualities; unlikeness, esp. as shown by juxtaposition or comparison., Contrast : The opposition of varied forms, colors, etc., which by such juxtaposition more vividly express each other's peculiarities., Contrate : Having cogs or teeth projecting parallel to the axis, instead of radiating from it., Coplatry : Pertaining to copulation; tending or serving to unite; copulative., Coplatry : Used in sexual union; as, the copulatory organs of insects., Coronate : Alt. of Coronated, Cortical : Belonging to, or consisting of, bark or rind; resembling bark or rind; external; outer; superficial; as, the cortical substance of the kidney., Corybant : One of the priests of Cybele in Phrygia. The rites of the Corybants were accompanied by wild music, dancing, etc., Costmary : A garden plant (Chrysanthemum Balsamita) having a strong balsamic smell, and nearly allied to tansy. It is used as a pot herb and salad plant and in flavoring ale and beer. Called also alecost., Cottager : One who lives in a cottage., Cottager : One who lives on the common, without paying any rent, or having land of his own., Couranto : A sprightly dance; a coranto; a courant., Craniota : A comprehensive division of the Vertebrata, including all those that have a skull., Creasote : See Creosote., Creation : The act of creating or causing to exist. Specifically, the act of bringing the universe or this world into existence., Creation : That which is created; that which is produced or caused to exist, as the world or some original work of art or of the imagination; nature., Creation : The act of constituting or investing with a new character; appointment; formation., Cremator : One who, or that which, cremates or consumes to ashes., Croatian : Of or pertaining to Croatia., Croatian : A Croat., Crotalum : A kind of castanet used by the Corybantes., Crotalus : A genus of poisonous serpents, including the rattlesnakes., Cubatory : Lying down; recumbent., Curation : Cure; healing., Damewort : A cruciferrous plant (Hesperis matronalis), remarkable for its fragrance, especially toward the close of the day; -- called also rocket and dame's violet., Danewort : A fetid European species of elder (Sambucus Ebulus); dwarf elder; wallwort; elderwort; -- called also Daneweed, Dane's weed, and Dane's-blood. [Said to grow on spots where battles were fought against the Danes.], Dartrous : Relating to, or partaking of the nature of, the disease called tetter; herpetic., Decorate : To deck with that which is becoming, ornamental, or honorary; to adorn; to beautify; to embellish; as, to decorate the person; to decorate an edifice; to decorate a lawn with flowers; to decorate the mind with moral beauties; to decorate a hero with honors., Democrat : One who is an adherent or advocate of democracy, or government by the people., Democrat : A member of the Democratic party., Derogant : Derogatory., Derogate : To annul in part; to repeal partly; to restrict; to limit the action of; -- said of a law., Derogate : To lessen; to detract from; to disparage; to depreciate; -- said of a person or thing., Derogate : To take away; to detract; to withdraw; -- usually with from., Derogate : To act beneath one-s rank, place, birth, or character; to degenerate., Derogate : Diminished in value; dishonored; degraded., Detracor : One who detracts; a derogator; a defamer., Deviator : One who, or that which, deviates., Devotary : A votary., Dicrotal : Alt. of Dicrotous, Dictator : One who dictates; one who prescribes rules and maxims authoritatively for the direction of others., Dictator : One invested with absolute authority; especially, a magistrate created in times of exigence and distress, and invested with unlimited power., Dilatory : Inclined to defer or put off what ought to be done at once; given the procrastination; delaying; procrastinating; loitering; as, a dilatory servant., Dilatory : Marked by procrastination or delay; tardy; slow; sluggish; -- said of actions or measures., Doctoral : Of or relating to a doctor, or to the degree of doctor., Donatary : See Donatory., Donatory : A donee of the crown; one the whom, upon certain condition, escheated property is made over., Dotardly : Foolish; weak., Dragbolt : A coupling pin. See under Coupling., Dragonet : A little dragon., Dragonet : A small British marine fish (Callionymuslyra); -- called also yellow sculpin, fox, and gowdie., Drawbolt : A coupling pin. See under Coupling., Duration : The state or quality of lasting; continuance in time; the portion of time during which anything exists., Ecthorea : of Ecthoreum, Ectosarc : The semisolid external layer of protoplasm in some unicellular organisms, as the amoeba; ectoplasm; exoplasm., Educator : One who educates; a teacher., Elevator : One who, or that which, raises or lifts up anything, Elevator : A mechanical contrivance, usually an endless belt or chain with a series of scoops or buckets, for transferring grain to an upper loft for storage., Elevator : A cage or platform and the hoisting machinery in a hotel, warehouse, mine, etc., for conveying persons, goods, etc., to or from different floors or levels; -- called in England a lift; the cage or platform itself., Elevator : A building for elevating, storing, and discharging, grain., Elevator : A muscle which serves to raise a part of the body, as the leg or the eye., Elevator : An instrument for raising a depressed portion of a bone., Emulator : One who emulates, or strives to equal or surpass., Enpatron : To act the part of a patron towards; to patronize., Erogated : of Erogate, Erotical : Of or pertaining to the passion of love; treating of love; amatory., Erration : A wandering; a roving about., Essorant : Standing, but with the wings spread, as if about to fly; -- said of a bird borne as a charge on an escutcheon., Evocator : One who calls forth., Expiator : One who makes expiation or atonement., Extrados : The exterior curve of an arch; esp., the upper curved face of the whole body of voussoirs. See Intrados., Factored : of Factor, Farabout : A going out of the way; a digression., Fathomer : One who fathoms., Favorite : A person or thing regarded with peculiar favor; one treated with partiality; one preferred above others; especially, one unduly loved, trusted, and enriched with favors by a person of high rank or authority., Favorite : Short curls dangling over the temples; -- fashionable in the reign of Charles II., Favorite : The competitor (as a horse in a race) that is judged most likely to win; the competitor standing highest in the betting., Favorite : Regarded with particular affection, esteem, or preference; as, a favorite walk; a favorite child., Filatory : A machine for forming threads., Flatiron : An iron with a flat, smooth surface for ironing clothes., Flatworm : Any worm belonging to the Plathelminthes; also, sometimes applied to the planarians., Fleawort : An herb used in medicine (Plantago Psyllium), named from the shape of its seeds., Footmark : A footprint; a track or vestige., Foralite : A tubelike marking, occuring in sandstone and other strata., Forbathe : To bathe., Forecast : To plan beforehand; to scheme; to project., Forecast : To foresee; to calculate beforehand, so as to provide for., Forecast : To contrive or plan beforehand., Forecast : Previous contrivance or determination; predetermination., Forecast : Foresight of consequences, and provision against them; prevision; premeditation., Foredate : To date before the true time; to antendate., Foremast : The mast nearest the bow., Fore part : Alt. of Forepart, Forepart : The part most advanced, or first in time or in place; the beginning., Forepast : Bygone., Forestal : Of or pertaining to forests; as, forestal rights., Forestay : A large, strong rope, reaching from the foremast head to the bowsprit, to support the mast. See Illust. under Ship., Forktail : One of several Asiatic and East Indian passerine birds, belonging to Enucurus, and allied genera. The tail is deeply forking., Forktail : A salmon in its fourth year's growth., Forncast : Predestined., Forstall : To forestall., Fortread : To tread down; to trample upon., Forwaste : To desolate or lay waste utterly., Foxearth : A hole in the earth to which a fox resorts to hide himself., Fraction : The act of breaking, or state of being broken, especially by violence., Fraction : A portion; a fragment., Fraction : One or more aliquot parts of a unit or whole number; an expression for a definite portion of a unit or magnitude., Fraction : To separate by means of, or to subject to, fractional distillation or crystallization; to fractionate; -- frequently used with out; as, to fraction out a certain grade of oil from pretroleum., Friation : The act of breaking up or pulverizing., Frontage : The front part of an edifice or lot; extent of front., Frontate : Alt. of Fron'tated, Fumatory : See Fumitory., Garroted : of Garrote, Garroter : One who seizes a person by the throat from behind, with a view to strangle and rob him., Geolatry : The worship of the earth., Gnatworm : The aquatic larva of a gnat; -- called also, colloquially, wiggler., Goatherd : One who tends goats., Gomarist : Alt. of Gomarite, Gomarite : One of the followers of Francis Gomar or Gomarus, a Dutch disciple of Calvin in the 17th century, who strongly opposed the Arminians., Gyration : The act of turning or whirling, as around a fixed center; a circular or spiral motion; motion about an axis; rotation; revolution., Gyration : One of the whorls of a spiral univalve shell., Gyratory : Moving in a circle, or spirally; revolving; whirling around., Gyrostat : A modification of the gyroscope, consisting essentially of a fly wheel fixed inside a rigid case to which is attached a thin flange of metal for supporting the instrument. It is used in studying the dynamics of rotating bodies., Half-port : One half of a shutter made in two parts for closing a porthole., Harefoot : A long, narrow foot, carried (that is, produced or extending) forward; -- said of dogs., Harefoot : A tree (Ochroma Laqopus) of the West Indies, having the stamens united somewhat in the form of a hare's foot., Harlotry : Ribaldry; buffoonery; a ribald story., Harlotry : The trade or practice of prostitution; habitual or customary lewdness., Harlotry : Anything meretricious; as, harlotry in art., Harlotry : A harlot; a strumpet; a baggage., Hartford : The Hartford grape, a variety of grape first raised at Hartford, Connecticut, from the Northern fox grape. Its large dark-colored berries ripen earlier than those of most other kinds., Hartwort : A coarse umbelliferous plant of Europe (Tordylium maximum)., Hawthorn : A thorny shrub or tree (the Crataegus oxyacantha), having deeply lobed, shining leaves, small, roselike, fragrant flowers, and a fruit called haw. It is much used in Europe for hedges, and for standards in gardens. The American hawthorn is Crataegus cordata, which has the leaves but little lobed., Haythorn : Hawthorn., Horatian : Of or pertaining to Horace, the Latin poet, or resembling his style., Horntail : Any one of family (Uroceridae) of large hymenopterous insects, allied to the sawflies. The larvae bore in the wood of trees. So called from the long, stout ovipositors of the females., Hortulan : Belonging to a garden., Hortyard : An orchard., Idolater : A worshiper of idols; one who pays divine honors to images, statues, or representations of anything made by hands; one who worships as a deity that which is not God; a pagan., Idolater : An adorer; a great admirer., Idolatry : The worship of idols, images, or anything which is not God; the worship of false gods., Idolatry : Excessive attachment or veneration for anything; respect or love which borders on adoration., Ignorant : Destitute of knowledge; uninstructed or uninformed; untaught; unenlightened., Ignorant : Unacquainted with; unconscious or unaware; -- used with of., Ignorant : Unknown; undiscovered., Ignorant : Resulting from ignorance; foolish; silly., Ignorant : A person untaught or uninformed; one unlettered or unskilled; an ignoramous., Immortal : Not mortal; exempt from liability to die; undying; imperishable; lasting forever; having unlimited, or eternal, existance., Immortal : Connected with, or pertaining to immortability., Immortal : Destined to live in all ages of this world; abiding; exempt from oblivion; imperishable; as, immortal fame., Immortal : Great; excessive; grievous., Immortal : One who will never cease to be; one exempt from death, decay, or annihilation., Intrados : The interior curve of an arch; esp., the inner or lower curved face of the whole body of voussoirs taken together. See Extrados., Irrorate : To sprinkle or moisten with dew; to bedew., Irrorate : Covered with minute grains, appearing like fine sand., Isolator : One who, or that which, isolates., Jarosite : An ocher-yellow mineral occurring on minute rhombohedral crystals. It is a hydrous sulphate of iron and potash., Jocantry : The act or practice of jesting., Juratory : Relating to or comprising an oath; as, juratory caution., Keratode : See Keratose., Keratome : An instrument for dividing the cornea in operations for cataract., Keratosa : An order of sponges having a skeleton composed of hornlike fibers. It includes the commercial sponges., Keratose : A tough, horny animal substance entering into the composition of the skeleton of sponges, and other invertebrates; -- called also keratode., Keratose : Containing hornlike fibers or fibers of keratose; belonging to the Keratosa., Laborant : A chemist., Lanthorn : See Lantern., Lathwork : Same as Lathing., Laudator : One who lauds., Laudator : An arbitrator., Lavatory : Washing, or cleansing by washing., Lavatory : A place for washing., Lavatory : A basin or other vessel for washing in., Lavatory : A wash or lotion for a diseased part., Lavatory : A place where gold is obtained by washing., Leadwort : A genus of maritime herbs (Plumbago). P. Europaea has lead-colored spots on the leaves, and nearly lead-colored flowers., Libatory : Pertaining to libation., Littoral : Of or pertaining to a shore, as of the sea., Littoral : Inhabiting the seashore, esp. the zone between high-water and low-water mark., Loadstar : Alt. of Lodestar, Lodestar : A star that leads; a guiding star; esp., the polestar; the cynosure., Lodestar : Same as Loadstar., Loricata : A suborder of edentates, covered with bony plates, including the armadillos., Loricata : The crocodilia., Loricate : To cover with some protecting substance, as with lute, a crust, coating, or plates., Loricate : Covered with a shell or exterior made of plates somewhat like a coat of mail, as in the armadillo., Loricate : An animal covered with bony scales, as crocodiles among reptiles, and the pangolins among mammals., Lothario : A gay seducer of women; a libertine., Majorate : The office or rank of a major., Majorate : To augment; to increase., Majority : The quality or condition of being major or greater; superiority., Majority : The military rank of a major., Majority : The condition of being of full age, or authorized by law to manage one's own affairs., Majority : The greater number; more than half; as, a majority of mankind; a majority of the votes cast., Majority : Ancestors; ancestry., Majority : The amount or number by which one aggregate exceeds all other aggregates with which it is contrasted; especially, the number by which the votes for a successful candidate exceed those for all other candidates; as, he is elected by a majority of five hundred votes. See Plurality., Maltworm : A tippler., Mandator : A director; one who gives a mandate or order., Mandator : The person who employs another to perform a mandate., Marabout : A Mohammedan saint; especially, one who claims to work cures supernaturally., Marmoset : Any one of numerous species of small South American monkeys of the genera Hapale and Midas, family Hapalidae. They have long soft fur, and a hairy, nonprehensile tail. They are often kept as pets. Called also squirrel monkey., Marmozet : See Marmoset., Maronite : One of a body of nominal Christians, who speak the Arabic language, and reside on Mount Lebanon and in different parts of Syria. They take their name from one Maron of the 6th century., Martagon : A lily (Lilium Martagon) with purplish red flowers, found in Europe and Asia., Masorite : One of the writers of the Masora., Massoret : Same as Masorite., Matadore : Alt. of Matador, Matronal : Of or pertaining to a matron; suitable to an elderly lady or to a married woman; grave; motherly., Matronly : Advanced in years; elderly., Matronly : Like, or befitting, a matron; grave; sedate., Mediator : One who mediates; especially, one who interposes between parties at variance for the purpose of reconciling them; hence, an intercessor., Memorate : To commemorate., Metaphor : The transference of the relation between one set of objects to another set for the purpose of brief explanation; a compressed simile; e. g., the ship plows the sea., Minatory : Threatening; menacing., Minorate : To diminish., Minotaur : A fabled monster, half man and half bull, confined in the labyrinth constructed by Daedalus in Crete., Misurato : Measured; -- a direction to perform a passage in strict or measured time., Mobocrat : One who favors a form of government in which the unintelligent populace rules without restraint., Moderate : Kept within due bounds; observing reasonable limits; not excessive, extreme, violent, or rigorous; limited; restrained, Moderate : Limited in quantity; sparing; temperate; frugal; as, moderate in eating or drinking; a moderate table., Moderate : Limited in degree of activity, energy, or excitement; reasonable; calm; slow; as, moderate language; moderate endeavors., Moderate : Not extreme in opinion, in partisanship, and the like; as, a moderate Calvinist., Moderate : Not violent or rigorous; temperate; mild; gentle; as, a moderate winter., Moderate : Limited as to degree of progress; as, to travel at moderate speed., Moderate : Limited as to the degree in which a quality, principle, or faculty appears; as, an infusion of moderate strength; a man of moderate abilities., Moderate : Limited in scope or effects; as, a reformation of a moderate kind., Moderate : One of a party in the Church of Scotland in the 18th century, and part of the 19th, professing moderation in matters of church government, in discipline, and in doctrine., Moderate : To restrain from excess of any kind; to reduce from a state of violence, intensity, or excess; to keep within bounds; to make temperate; to lessen; to allay; to repress; to temper; to qualify; as, to moderate rage, action, desires, etc.; to moderate heat or wind., Moderate : To preside over, direct, or regulate, as a public meeting; as, to moderate a synod., Moderate : To become less violent, severe, rigorous, or intense; as, the wind has moderated., Moderate : To preside as a moderator., Moderato : With a moderate degree of quickness; moderately., Monetary : Of or pertaining to money, or consisting of money; pecuniary., Monocrat : One who governs alone., Moralist : One who moralizes; one who teaches or animadverts upon the duties of life; a writer of essays intended to correct vice and inculcate moral duties., Moralist : One who practices moral duties; a person who lives in conformity with moral rules; one of correct deportment and dealings with his fellow-creatures; -- sometimes used in contradistinction to one whose life is controlled by religious motives., Morality : The relation of conformity or nonconformity to the moral standard or rule; quality of an intention, a character, an action, a principle, or a sentiment, when tried by the standard of right., Morality : The quality of an action which renders it good; the conformity of an act to the accepted standard of right., Morality : The doctrines or rules of moral duties, or the duties of men in their social character; ethics., Morality : The practice of the moral duties; rectitude of life; conformity to the standard of right; virtue; as, we often admire the politeness of men whose morality we question., Morality : A kind of allegorical play, so termed because it consisted of discourses in praise of morality between actors representing such characters as Charity, Faith, Death, Vice, etc. Such plays were occasionally exhibited as late as the reign of Henry VIII., Morality : Intent; meaning; moral., Moration : A delaying tarrying; delay., Mortally : In a mortal manner; so as to cause death; as, mortally wounded., Mortally : In the manner of a mortal or of mortal beings., Mortally : In an extreme degree; to the point of dying or causing death; desperately; as, mortally jealous., Mortgage : A conveyance of property, upon condition, as security for the payment of a debt or the preformance of a duty, and to become void upon payment or performance according to the stipulated terms; also, the written instrument by which the conveyance is made., Mortgage : State of being pledged; as, lands given in mortgage., Mortgage : To grant or convey, as property, for the security of a debt, or other engagement, upon a condition that if the debt or engagement shall be discharged according to the contract, the conveyance shall be void, otherwise to become absolute, subject, however, to the right of redemption., Mortgage : Hence: To pledge, either literally or figuratively; to make subject to a claim or obligation., Mortmain : Possession of lands or tenements in, or conveyance to, dead hands, or hands that cannot alienate., Mortuary : A sort of ecclesiastical heriot, a customary gift claimed by, and due to, the minister of a parish on the death of a parishioner. It seems to have been originally a voluntary bequest or donation, intended to make amends for any failure in the payment of tithes of which the deceased had been guilty., Mortuary : A burial place; a place for the dead., Mortuary : A place for the reception of the dead before burial; a deadhouse; a morgue., Mortuary : Of or pertaining to the dead; as, mortuary monuments., Motorial : Causing or setting up motion; pertaining to organs of motion; -- applied especially in physiology to those nerves or nerve fibers which only convey impressions from a nerve center to muscles, thereby causing motion., Motorman : A man who controls a motor., Narcotic : Having the properties of a narcotic; operating as a narcotic., Narcotic : A drug which, in medicinal doses, generally allays morbid susceptibility, relieves pain, and produces sleep; but which, in poisonous doses, produces stupor, coma, or convulsions, and, when given in sufficient quantity, causes death. The best examples are opium (with morphine), belladonna (with atropine), and conium., Narrator : One who narrates; one who relates a series of events or transactions., Natatory : Adapted for swimming or floating; as, natatory organs., Nathmore : Not the more; never the more., Negatory : Expressing denial; belonging to negation; negative., Noctuary : A record of what passes in the night; a nightly journal; -- distinguished from diary., Northman : One of the inhabitants of the north of Europe; esp., one of the ancient Scandinavians; a Norseman., Notarial : Of or pertaining to a notary; done or taken by a notary; as, a notarial seal; notarial evidence or attestation., Notaries : of Notary, Nugatory : Trifling; vain; futile; insignificant., Nugatory : Of no force; inoperative; ineffectual., Obdurate : Hardened in feelings, esp. against moral or mollifying influences; unyielding; hard-hearted; stubbornly wicked., Obdurate : Hard; harsh; rugged; rough; intractable., Obdurate : To harden., Obituary : That which pertains to, or is called forth by, the obit or death of a person; esp., an account of a deceased person; a notice of the death of a person, accompanied by a biographical sketch., Obituary : A list of the dead, or a register of anniversary days when service is performed for the dead., Obrogate : To annul indirectly by enacting a new and contrary law, instead of by expressly abrogating or repealing the old one., Obtainer : One who obtains., Ochreate : Alt. of Ochreated, Ocreated : Same as Ochreate, Ochreated., Octander : One of the Octandria., Octaroon : See Octoroon., Octocera : Octocerata., Octonary : Of or pertaining to the number eight., Oestrian : Of or pertaining to the gadflies., Oestrian : A gadfly., Oestrual : Of or pertaining to sexual desire; -- mostly applied to brute animals; as, the oestrual period; oestrual influence., Oleaster : The wild olive tree (Olea Europea, var. sylvestris)., Oleaster : Any species of the genus Elaeagus. See Eleagnus. The small silvery berries of the common species (Elaeagnus hortensis) are called Trebizond dates, and are made into cakes by the Arabs., Olfactor : A smelling organ; a nose., Onerated : of Onerate, Operated : of Operate, Operatic : Alt. of Operatical, Operator : One who, or that which, operates or produces an effect., Operator : One who performs some act upon the human body by means of the hand, or with instruments., Operator : A dealer in stocks or any commodity for speculative purposes; a speculator., Operator : The symbol that expresses the operation to be performed; -- called also facient., Operetta : A short, light, musical drama., Opinator : One fond of his own opinious; one who holds an opinion., Optogram : An image of external objects fixed on the retina by the photochemical action of light on the visual purple. See Optography., Orangeat : Candied orange peel; also, orangeade., Orangite : An orange-yellow variety of the mineral thorite, found in Norway., Oratorio : A more or less dramatic text or poem, founded on some Scripture nerrative, or great divine event, elaborately set to music, in recitative, arias, grand choruses, etc., to be sung with an orchestral accompaniment, but without action, scenery, or costume, although the oratorio grew out of the Mysteries and the Miracle and Passion plays, which were acted., Oratorio : Performance or rendering of such a composition., Oratress : A woman who makes public addresses., Orbation : The state of being orbate, or deprived of parents or children; privation, in general; bereavement., Orbitary : Situated around the orbit; as, the orbitary feathers of a bird., Orchanet : Same as Alkanet, 2., Ordinant : Ordaining; decreeing., Ordinant : One who ordains., Ordinate : Well-ordered; orderly; regular; methodical., Ordinate : The distance of any point in a curve or a straight line, measured on a line called the axis of ordinates or on a line parallel to it, from another line called the axis of abscissas, on which the corresponding abscissa of the point is measured., Ordinate : To appoint, to regulate; to harmonize., Organist : One who plays on the organ., Organist : One of the priests who organized or sung in parts., Organity : Organism., Oriental : Of or pertaining to the orient or east; eastern; concerned with the East or Orientalism; -- opposed to occidental; as, Oriental countries., Oriental : A native or inhabitant of the Orient or some Eastern part of the world; an Asiatic., Oriental : Eastern Christians of the Greek rite., Ornament : That which embellishes or adorns; that which adds grace or beauty; embellishment; decoration; adornment., Ornament : To adorn; to deck; to embellish; to beautify; as, to ornament a room, or a city., Ornately : In an ornate manner., Ornature : Decoration; ornamentation., Orphanet : A little orphan., Orthopn/a : Alt. of Orthopny, Orvietan : A kind of antidote for poisons; a counter poison formerly in vogue., Ostracea : A division of bivalve mollusks including the oysters and allied shells., Otocrane : The cavity in the skull in which the parts of the internal ear are lodged., Outargue : To surpass or conquer in argument., Outboard : Beyond or outside of the lines of a vessel's bulwarks or hull; in a direction from the hull or from the keel; -- opposed to inboard; as, outboard rigging; swing the davits outboard., Outbrave : To excel in bravery o/ in insolence; to defy with superior courage or audacity, Outbrave : To excel in magnificence or comeliness., Outbreak : A bursting forth; eruption; insurrection., Outdream : To pass, or escape, while dreaming., Outguard : A guard or small body of troops at a distance from the main body of an army, to watch for the approach of an enemy; hence, anything for defense placed at a distance from the thing to be defended., Outlabor : To surpass in laboring., Outlawry : The act of outlawing; the putting a man out of the protection of law, or the process by which a man (as an absconding criminal) is deprived of that protection., Outlawry : The state of being an outlaw., Outlearn : To excel or surpass in learing., Outlearn : To learn out [i. e., completely, utterly]; to exhaust knowledge of., Outmarch : To surpass in marching; to march faster than, or so as to leave behind., Outragen : of Outrage, Outrance : The utmost or last extremity., Outreach : To reach beyond., Outrival : To surpass in a rivalry., Outstare : To excel or overcome in staring; to face down., Outstart : To start out or up., Outswear : To exceed in swearing., Outwards : From the interior part; in a direction from the interior toward the exterior; out; to the outside; beyond; off; away; as, a ship bound outward., Outwards : See Outward, adv., Outweary : To weary out., Ovaritis : Inflammation of the ovaries., Overcast : To cast or cover over; hence, to cloud; to darken., Overcast : To compute or rate too high., Overcast : To take long, loose stitches over (the raw edges of a seam) to prevent raveling., Overcoat : A coat worn over the other clothing; a greatcoat; a topcoat., Overdate : To date later than the true or proper period., Overheat : To heat to excess; to superheat., Overlate : Too late; exceedingly late., Overmast : To furnish (a vessel) with too long or too heavy a mast or masts., Overneat : Excessively neat., Overpart : To give too important or difficult a part to., Overrate : To rate or value too highly., Overrate : An excessive rate., Overstay : To stay beyond the time or the limits of; as, to overstay the appointed time., Overtake : To come up with in a course, pursuit, progress, or motion; to catch up with., Overtake : To come upon from behind; to discover; to surprise; to capture; to overcome., Overtake : Hence, figuratively, in the past participle (overtaken), drunken., Overtalk : To talk to excess., Overtask : To task too heavily., Oxidator : An oxidizer., Oxidator : A contrivance for causing a current of air to impinge on the flame of the Argand lamp; -- called also oxygenator., Oxycrate : A Mixture of water and vinegar., Palpator : One of a family of clavicorn beetles, including those which have very long maxillary palpi., Paritory : Pellitory., Parodist : One who writes a parody; one who parodies., Paroquet : Same as Parrakeet., Parotoid : Resembling the parotid gland; -- applied especially to cutaneous glandular elevations above the ear in many toads and frogs., Parotoid : A parotoid gland., Parroter : One who simply repeats what he has heard., Parrotry : Servile imitation or repetition., Passport : Permission to pass; a document given by the competent officer of a state, permitting the person therein named to pass or travel from place to place, without molestation, by land or by water., Passport : A document carried by neutral merchant vessels in time of war, to certify their nationality and protect them from belligerents; a sea letter., Passport : A license granted in time of war for the removal of persons and effects from a hostile country; a safe-conduct., Passport : Figuratively: Anything which secures advancement and general acceptance., Pastoral : Of or pertaining to shepherds; hence, relating to rural life and scenes; as, a pastoral life., Pastoral : Relating to the care of souls, or to the pastor of a church; as, pastoral duties; a pastoral letter., Pastoral : A poem describing the life and manners of shepherds; a poem in which the speakers assume the character of shepherds; an idyl; a bucolic., Pastoral : A cantata relating to rural life; a composition for instruments characterized by simplicity and sweetness; a lyrical composition the subject of which is taken from rural life., Pastoral : A letter of a pastor to his charge; specifically, a letter addressed by a bishop to his diocese; also (Prot. Epis. Ch.), a letter of the House of Bishops, to be read in each parish., Pastorly : Appropriate to a pastor., Paterero : See Pederero., Patronal : Patron; protecting; favoring., Pectoral : Of or pertaining to the breast, or chest; as, the pectoral muscles., Pectoral : Relating to, or good for, diseases of the chest or lungs; as, a pectoral remedy., Pectoral : Having the breast conspicuously colored; as, the pectoral sandpiper., Pectoral : A covering or protecting for the breast., Pectoral : A breastplate, esp. that worn by the Jewish high person., Pectoral : A clasp or a cross worn on the breast., Pectoral : A medicine for diseases of the chest organs, especially the lungs., Peronate : A term applied to the stipes or stalks of certain fungi which are covered with a woolly substance which at length becomes powdery., Perorate : To make a peroration; to harangue., Petiolar : Alt. of Petiolary, Petrosal : Hard; stony; petrous; as, the petrosal bone; petrosal part of the temporal bone., Petrosal : Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the petrous, or petrosal, bone, or the corresponding part of the temporal bone., Petrosal : A petrosal bone., Petrosal : The auditory capsule., Piscator : A fisherman; an angler., Plastron : A piece of leather stuffed or padded, worn by fencers to protect the breast., Plastron : An iron breastplate, worn under the hauberk., Plastron : The ventral shield or shell of tortoises and turtles. See Testudinata., Plastron : A trimming for the front of a woman's dress, made of a different material, and narrowing from the shoulders to the waist., Platform : A plat; a plan; a sketch; a model; a pattern. Used also figuratively., Platform : A place laid out after a model., Platform : Any flat or horizontal surface; especially, one that is raised above some particular level, as a framework of timber or boards horizontally joined so as to form a roof, or a raised floor, or portion of a floor; a landing; a dais; a stage, for speakers, performers, or workmen; a standing place., Platform : A declaration of the principles upon which a person, a sect, or a party proposes to stand; a declared policy or system; as, the Saybrook platform; a political platform., Platform : A light deck, usually placed in a section of the hold or over the floor of the magazine. See Orlop., Platform : To place on a platform., Platform : To form a plan of; to model; to lay out., Plethora : Overfullness; especially, excessive fullness of the blood vessels; repletion; that state of the blood vessels or of the system when the blood exceeds a healthy standard in quantity; hyperaemia; -- opposed to anaemia., Plethora : State of being overfull; excess; superabundance., Polarity : That quality or condition of a body in virtue of which it exhibits opposite, or contrasted, properties or powers, in opposite, or contrasted, parts or directions; or a condition giving rise to a contrast of properties corresponding to a contrast of positions, as, for example, attraction and repulsion in the opposite parts of a magnet, the dissimilar phenomena corresponding to the different sides of a polarized ray of light, etc., Polarity : A property of the conic sections by virtue of which a given point determines a corresponding right line and a given right line determines a corresponding point. See Polar, n., Polestar : Polaris, or the north star. See North star, under North., Polestar : A guide or director., Pomwater : Same as Pomewater., Portable : Capable of being borne or carried; easily transported; conveyed without difficulty; as, a portable bed, desk, engine., Portable : Possible to be endured; supportable., Portague : A Portuguese gold coin formerly current, and variously estimated to be worth from three and one half to four and one half pounds sterling., Portance : See Port, carriage, demeanor., Portlast : The portoise. See Portoise., Portpane : A cloth for carrying bread, so as not to touch it with the hands., Portrait : The likeness of a person, painted, drawn, or engraved; commonly, a representation of the human face painted from real life., Portrait : Hence, any graphic or vivid delineation or description of a person; as, a portrait in words., Portrait : To portray; to draw., Portsale : Public or open sale; auction., Portuary : A breviary., Postmark : The mark, or stamp, of a post office on a letter, giving the place and date of mailing or of arrival., Postmark : To mark with a post-office stamp; as, to postmark a letter or parcel., Postoral : Situated behind, or posterior to, the mouth., Postural : Of or pertaining to posture., Potatory : Of or pertaining to drinking., Potecary : An apothecary., Potshard : Alt. of Potshare, Potshare : A potsherd., Pourtray : See Portray., Preatory : Suppliant; beseeching., Priorate : The dignity, office, or government, of a prior., Proatlas : A vertebral rudiment in front of the atlas in some reptiles., Probator : An examiner; an approver., Probator : One who, when indicted for crime, confessed it, and accused others, his accomplices, in order to obtain pardon; a state's evidence., Prolatum : A prolate spheroid. See Ellipsoid of revolution, under Ellipsoid., Pronator : A muscle which produces pronation., Prorated : of Prorate, Prosaist : A writer of prose; an unpoetical writer., Prostate : Standing before; -- applied to a gland which is found in the males of most mammals, and is situated at the neck of the bladder where this joins the urethra., Prostate : The prostate gland., Protagon : A nitrogenous phosphorized principle found in brain tissue. By decomposition it yields neurine, fatty acids, and other bodies., Protamin : An amorphous nitrogenous substance found in the spermatic fluid of salmon. It is soluble in water, which an alkaline reaction, and unites with acids and metallic bases., Protasis : A proposition; a maxim., Protasis : The introductory or subordinate member of a sentence, generally of a conditional sentence; -- opposed to apodosis. See Apodosis., Protasis : The first part of a drama, of a poem, or the like; the introduction; opposed to epitasis., Protatic : Of or pertaining to the protasis of an ancient play; introductory., Protista : A provisional group in which are placed a number of low microscopic organisms of doubtful nature. Some are probably plants, others animals., Protista : of Protiston, Protozoa : The lowest of the grand divisions of the animal kingdom., Protozoa : of Protozoon, Protract : To draw out or lengthen in time or (rarely) in space; to continue; to prolong; as, to protract an argument; to protract a war., Protract : To put off to a distant time; to delay; to defer; as, to protract a decision or duty., Protract : To draw to a scale; to lay down the lines and angles of, with scale and protractor; to plot., Protract : To extend; to protrude; as, the cat can protract its claws; -- opposed to retract., Protract : Tedious continuance or delay., Pulsator : A beater; a striker., Pulsator : That which beats or throbs in working., Quaestor : Same as Questor., Quateron : See 2d Quarteron., Quatorze : The four aces, kings, queens, knaves, or tens, in the game of piquet; -- so called because quatorze counts as fourteen points., Racahout : A preparation from acorns used by the Arabs as a substitute for chocolate, and also as a beverage for invalids., Radiator : That which radiates or emits rays, whether of light or heat; especially, that part of a heating apparatus from which the heat is radiated or diffused; as, a steam radiator., Raptores : Same as Accipitres. Called also Raptatores., Rational : Relating to the reason; not physical; mental., Rational : Having reason, or the faculty of reasoning; endowed with reason or understanding; reasoning., Rational : Agreeable to reason; not absurd, preposterous, extravagant, foolish, fanciful, or the like; wise; judicious; as, rational conduct; a rational man., Rational : Expressing the type, structure, relations, and reactions of a compound; graphic; -- said of formulae. See under Formula., Rational : A rational being., Reaction : Any action in resisting other action or force; counter tendency; movement in a contrary direction; reverse action., Reaction : The mutual or reciprocal action of chemical agents upon each other, or the action upon such chemical agents of some form of energy, as heat, light, or electricity, resulting in a chemical change in one or more of these agents, with the production of new compounds or the manifestation of distinctive characters. See Blowpipe reaction, Flame reaction, under Blowpipe, and Flame., Reaction : An action induced by vital resistance to some other action; depression or exhaustion of vital force consequent on overexertion or overstimulation; heightened activity and overaction succeeding depression or shock., Reaction : The force which a body subjected to the action of a force from another body exerts upon the latter body in the opposite direction., Reaction : Backward tendency or movement after revolution, reform, or great progress in any direction., Rearmost : Farthest in the rear; last., Recaptor : One who recaptures; one who takes a prize which had been previously taken., Rectoral : Pertaining to a rector or governor., Redactor : One who redacts; one who prepares matter for publication; an editor., Regrator : One guilty of regrating., Relation : The act of relating or telling; also, that which is related; recital; account; narration; narrative; as, the relation of historical events., Relation : The state of being related or of referring; what is apprehended as appertaining to a being or quality, by considering it in its bearing upon something else; relative quality or condition; the being such and such with regard or respect to some other thing; connection; as, the relation of experience to knowledge; the relation of master to servant., Relation : Reference; respect; regard., Relation : Connection by consanguinity or affinity; kinship; relationship; as, the relation of parents and children., Relation : A person connected by cosanguinity or affinity; a relative; a kinsman or kinswoman., Relation : The carrying back, and giving effect or operation to, an act or proceeding frrom some previous date or time, by a sort of fiction, as if it had happened or begun at that time. In such case the act is said to take effect by relation., Relation : The act of a relator at whose instance a suit is begun., Relocate : To locate again., Remorate : To hinder; to delay., Renovate : To make over again; to restore to freshness or vigor; to renew., Reobtain : To obtain again., Resonant : Returning, or capable of returning, sound; fitted to resound; resounding; echoing back., Restoral : Restoration., Retroact : To act backward, or in return; to act in opposition; to be retrospective., Revocate : To recall; to call back., Rheostat : A contrivance for adjusting or regulating the strength of electrical currents, operating usually by the intercalation of resistance which can be varied at will., Ribroast : To beat soundly., Ritratto : A picture., Rixation : A brawl or quarrel., Roadster : A clumsy vessel that works its way from one anchorage to another by means of the tides., Roadster : A horse that is accustomed to traveling on the high road, or is suitable for use on ordinary roads., Roadster : A bicycle or tricycle adapted for common roads rather than for the racing track., Roadster : One who drives much; a coach driver., Roadster : A hunter who keeps to the roads instead of following the hounds across country., Roasting : of Roast, Roasting : a. & n., from Roast, v., Roborant : Strengthening., Roborant : A strengthening medicine; a tonic., Roborate : To give strength or support to; to confirm., Rodentia : An order of mammals having two (rarely four) large incisor teeth in each jaw, distant from the molar teeth. The rats, squirrels, rabbits, marmots, and beavers belong to this order., Rogation : The demand, by the consuls or tribunes, of a law to be passed by the people; a proposed law or decree., Rogation : Litany; supplication., Rogatory : Seeking information; authorized to examine witnesses or ascertain facts; as, a rogatory commission., Romanist : One who adheres to Romanism., Romantic : Of or pertaining to romance; involving or resembling romance; hence, fanciful; marvelous; extravagant; unreal; as, a romantic tale; a romantic notion; a romantic undertaking., Romantic : Entertaining ideas and expectations suited to a romance; as, a romantic person; a romantic mind., Romantic : Of or pertaining to the style of the Christian and popular literature of the Middle Ages, as opposed to the classical antique; of the nature of, or appropriate to, that style; as, the romantic school of poets., Romantic : Characterized by strangeness or variety; suggestive of adventure; suited to romance; wild; picturesque; -- applied to scenery; as, a romantic landscape., Roommate : One of twe or more occupying the same room or rooms; one who shares the occupancy of a room or rooms; a chum., Roration : A falling of dew., Rostella : of Rostellum, Rostrate : Alt. of Rostrated, Rostrula : of Rostrulum, Rosulate : Arranged in little roselike clusters; -- said of leaves and bracts., Rotacism : See Rhotacism., Rotalite : Any fossil foraminifer of the genus Rotalia, abundant in the chalk formation. See Illust. under Rhizopod., Rotating : of Rotate, Rotation : The act of turning, as a wheel or a solid body on its axis, as distinguished from the progressive motion of a revolving round another body or a distant point; thus, the daily turning of the earth on its axis is a rotation; its annual motion round the sun is a revolution., Rotation : Any return or succesion in a series., Rotation : Pertaining to, or resulting from, rotation; of the nature of, or characterized by, rotation; as, rotational velocity., Rotative : turning, as a wheel; rotary; rotational., Rotatory : Turning as on an axis; rotary., Rotatory : Going in a circle; following in rotation or succession; as, rotatory assembles., Rotatory : Producing rotation of the plane of polarization; as, the rotatory power of bodies on light. See the Note under polarization., Rotatory : A rotifer., Rotifera : An order of minute worms which usually have one or two groups of vibrating cilia on the head, which, when in motion, often give an appearance of rapidly revolving wheels. The species are very numerous in fresh waters, and are very diversified in form and habits., Royalist : An adherent of a king (as of Charles I. in England, or of the Bourbons in france); one attached to monarchical government., Salomtry : Salimetry., Saltwort : A name given to several plants which grow on the seashore, as the Batis maritima, and the glasswort. See Glasswort., Sanatory : Conducive to health; tending to cure; healing; curative; sanative., Sandwort : Any plant of the genus Arenaria, low, tufted herbs (order Caryophyllaceae.), Sarcotic : Producing or promoting the growth of flesh., Sarcotic : A sarcotic medicine., Satyrion : Any one of several kinds of orchids., Scabwort : Elecampane., Sea froth : See Sea foam, 2., Sea otter : An aquatic carnivore (Enhydris lutris, / marina) found in the North Pacific Ocean. Its fur is highly valued, especially by the Chinese. It is allied to the common otter, but is larger, with feet more decidedly webbed., Sea trout : Any one of several species of true trouts which descend rivers and enter the sea after spawning, as the European bull trout and salmon trout, and the eastern American spotted trout., Sea trout : The common squeteague, and the spotted squeteague., Sea trout : A California fish of the family Chiridae, especially Hexagrammus decagrammus; -- called also spotted rock trout. See Rock trout, under Rock., Sea trout : A California sciaenoid fish (Cynoscion nobilis); -- called also white sea bass., Sectator : A follower; a disciple; an adherent to a sect., Sectoral : Of or pertaining to a sector; as, a sectoral circle., Serrator : The ivory gull (Larus eburneus)., Sforzato : Forcing or forced; -- a direction placed over a note, to signify that it must be executed with peculiar emphasis and force; -- marked fz (an abbreviation of forzando), sf, sfz, or /., Shortage : Amount or extent of deficiency, as determined by some requirement or standard; as, a shortage in money accounts., Smorsato : Growing gradually fainter and softer; dying away; morendo., Soaproot : A perennial herb (Gypsophila Struthium) the root of which is used in Spain as a substitute for soap., Soapwort : A common plant (Saponaria officinalis) of the Pink family; -- so called because its bruised leaves, when agitated in water, produce a lather like that from soap. Called also Bouncing Bet., Socratic : Alt. of Socratical, Solitary : Living or being by one's self; having no companion present; being without associates; single; alone; lonely., Solitary : Performed, passed, or endured alone; as, a solitary journey; a solitary life., Solitary : ot much visited or frequented remote from society; retired; lonely; as, a solitary residence or place., Solitary : Not inhabited or occupied; without signs of inhabitants or occupation; desolate; deserted; silent; still; hence, gloomy; dismal; as, the solitary desert., Solitary : Single; individual; sole; as, a solitary instance of vengeance; a solitary example., Solitary : Not associated with others of the same kind., Solitary : One who lives alone, or in solitude; an anchoret; a hermit; a recluse., Soporate : To lay or put to sleep; to stupefy., Sortable : Capable of being sorted., Sortable : Suitable; befitting; proper., Sortably : Suitable., Sortance : Suitableness; agreement., Spermato- : Alt. of Spermo-, Sportula : A gift; a present; a prize; hence, an alms; a largess., Stagworm : The larve of any species of botfly which is parasitic upon the stag, as /strus, or Hypoderma, actaeon, which burrows beneath the skin, and Cephalomyia auribarbis, which lives in the nostrils., Starnose : A curious American mole (Condylura cristata) having the nose expanded at the end into a stellate disk; -- called also star-nosed mole., Starosty : A castle and domain conferred on a nobleman for life., Starwort : Any plant of the genus Aster. See Aster., Starwort : A small plant of the genus Stellaria, having star-shaped flowers; star flower; chickweed., Stearone : The ketone of stearic acid, obtained as a white crystalline substance, (C17H35)2.CO, by the distillation of calcium stearate., Stramony : Stramonium., Strobila : A form of the larva of certain Discophora in a state of development succeeding the scyphistoma. The body of the strobila becomes elongated, and subdivides transversely into a series of lobate segments which eventually become ephyrae, or young medusae., Strobila : A mature tapeworm., Stromata : of Stroma, Strontia : An earth of a white color resembling lime in appearance, and baryta in many of its properties. It is an oxide of the metal strontium., Suctoria : An order of Infusoria having the body armed with somewhat stiff, tubular processes which they use as suckers in obtaining their food. They are usually stalked., Suctoria : Same as Rhizocephala., Sudatory : Sweating; perspiring., Sudatory : A bagnio; a sweating bath; a vapor bath., Surfboat : A boat intended for use in heavy surf. It is built with a pronounced sheer, and with a view to resist the shock of waves and of contact with the beach., Taboring : of Tabor, Taborine : A small, shallow drum; a tabor., Taborite : One of certain Bohemian reformers who suffered persecution in the fifteenth century; -- so called from Tabor, a hill or fortress where they encamped during a part of their struggles., Tabouret : Same as Taboret., Tabouret : A seat without arms or back, cushioned and stuffed: a high stool; -- so called from its resemblance to a drum., Tabouret : An embroidery frame., Tailored : of Tailor, Tallower : An animal which produces tallow., Tamanoir : The ant-bear., Tapeworm : Any one of numerous species of cestode worms belonging to Taenia and many allied genera. The body is long, flat, and composed of numerous segments or proglottids varying in shape, those toward the end of the body being much larger and longer than the anterior ones, and containing the fully developed sexual organs. The head is small, destitute of a mouth, but furnished with two or more suckers (which vary greatly in shape in different genera), and sometimes, also, with hooks for adhesion to the walls of the intestines of the animals in which they are parasitic. The larvae (see Cysticercus) live in the flesh of various creatures, and when swallowed by another animal of the right species develop into the mature tapeworm in its intestine. See Illustration in Appendix., Tapiroid : Allied to the tapir, or the Tapir family., Tarbogan : See Toboggan., Tarboosh : A red cap worn by Turks and other Eastern nations, sometimes alone and sometimes swathed with linen or other stuff to make a turban. See Fez., Tarragon : A plant of the genus Artemisa (A. dracunculus), much used in France for flavoring vinegar., Taskwork : Work done as a task; also, work done by the job; piecework., Tauridor : A bullfighter; a toreador., Taurocol : Alt. of Taurocolla, Taxicorn : One of a family of beetles (Taxicornes) whose antennae are largest at the tip. Also used adjectively., Teamwork : Work done by a team, as distinguished from that done by personal labor., Temporal : Of or pertaining to the temple or temples; as, the temporal bone; a temporal artery., Temporal : Of or pertaining to time, that is, to the present life, or this world; secular, as distinguished from sacred or eternal., Temporal : Civil or political, as distinguished from ecclesiastical; as, temporal power; temporal courts., Temporal : Anything temporal or secular; a temporality; -- used chiefly in the plural., Teratoid : Resembling a monster; abnormal; of a pathological growth, exceedingly complex or highly organized., Teratoma : A tumor, sometimes found in newborn children, which is made up of a heterigenous mixture of tissues, as of bone, cartilage and muscle., Testator : A man who makes and leaves a will, or testament, at death., Tetradon : See Tetrodon., Tetragon : A plane figure having four sides and angles; a quadrangle, as a square, a rhombus, etc., Tetragon : An aspect of two planets with regard to the earth when they are distant from each other ninety degrees, or the fourth of a circle., Tetrapod : An insect characterized by having but four perfect legs, as certain of the butterflies., Theocrat : One who lives under a theocratic form of government; one who in civil affairs conforms to divine law., Theorica : Public moneys expended at Athens on festivals, sacrifices, and public entertainments (especially theatrical performances), and in gifts to the people; -- also called theoric fund., Thoracic : Of or pertaining to the thorax, or chest., Thoracic : One of a group of fishes having the ventral fins placed beneath the thorax or beneath the pectorial fins., Thraldom : The condition of a thrall; slavery; bondage; state of servitude., Tironian : Of or pertaining to Tiro, or a system of shorthand said to have been introduced by him into ancient Rome., Tolerant : Inclined to tolerate; favoring toleration; forbearing; indulgent., Tolerate : To suffer to be, or to be done, without prohibition or hindrance; to allow or permit negatively, by not preventing; not to restrain; to put up with; as, to tolerate doubtful practices., Tonsilar : Of or pertaining to the tonsils; tonsilitic., Toparchy : A small state, consisting of a few cities or towns; a petty country governed by a toparch; as, Judea was formerly divided into ten toparchies., Top-armor : A top railing supported by stanchions and equipped with netting., Top-drain : To drain the surface of, as land; as, to top-drain a field or farm., Toreador : A bullfighter., Tornaria : The peculiar free swimming larva of Balanoglossus. See Illust. in Append., Torquate : Collared; having a torques, or distinct colored ring around the neck., Torteaus : of Torteau, Tortilla : An unleavened cake, as of maize flour, baked on a heated iron or stone., Towardly : Same as Toward, a., 2., Townward : Alt. of Townwards, Toxifera : Same as Toxoglossa., Traction : The act of drawing, or the state of being drawn; as, the traction of a muscle., Traction : Specifically, the act of drawing a body along a plane by motive power, as the drawing of a carriage by men or horses, the towing of a boat by a tug., Traction : Attraction; a drawing toward., Traction : The adhesive friction of a wheel on a rail, a rope on a pulley, or the like., Tractory : A tractrix., Traditor : A deliverer; -- a name of infamy given to Christians who delivered the Scriptures, or the goods of the church, to their persecutors to save their lives., Tragopan : Any one of several species of Asiatic pheasants of the genus Ceriornis. They are brilliantly colored with a variety of tints, the back and breast are usually covered with white or buff ocelli, and the head is ornamented with two bright-colored, fleshy wattles. The crimson tragopan, or horned pheasant (C. satyra), of India is one of the best-known species., Train oil : Oil procured from the blubber or fat of whales, by boiling., Traitory : Treachery., Tramroad : A road prepared for easy transit of trams or wagons, by forming the wheel tracks of smooth beams of wood, blocks of stone, or plates of iron., Trapdoor : A lifting or sliding door covering an opening in a roof or floor., Trapdoor : A door in a level for regulating the ventilating current; -- called also weather door., Traphole : See Trou-de-loup., Trappous : Of or performance to trap; resembling trap, or partaking of its form or qualities; trappy., Tremando : Trembling; -- used as a direction to perform a passage with a general shaking of the whole chord., Trigonal : Having three angles, or corners; triangular; as, a trigonal stem, one having tree prominent longitudinal angles., Trigonia : A genus of pearly bivalve shells, numerous extinct species of which are characteristic of the Mesozoic rocks. A few living species exist on the coast of Australia., Trihoral : Occurring once in every three hours., Trinodal : Having three knots or nodes; having three points from which a leaf may shoot; as, a trinodal stem., Trinodal : Having three nodal points., Tristoma : Any one of numerous species of trematode worms belonging to Tristoma and allied genera having a large posterior sucker and two small anterior ones. They usually have broad, thin, and disklike bodies, and are parasite on the gills and skin of fishes., Trochaic : A trochaic verse or measure., Trochaic : Alt. of Trochaical, Trochlea : A pulley., Trochlea : A pulley, or a structure resembling a pulley; as, the trochlea, or pulleylike end, of the humerus, which articulates with the ulna; or the trochlea, or fibrous ring, in the upper part of the orbit, through which the superior oblique, or trochlear, muscle of the eye passes., Tronator : An officer in London whose duty was to weigh wool., Troopial : Same as Troupial., Tropical : Of or pertaining to the tropics; characteristic of, or incident to, the tropics; being within the tropics; as, tropical climate; tropical latitudes; tropical heat; tropical diseases., Tropical : Rhetorically changed from its exact original sense; being of the nature of a trope; figurative; metaphorical., Troupial : Any one of numerous species of bright-colored American birds belonging to Icterus and allied genera, especially Icterus icterus, a native of the West Indies and South America. Many of the species are called orioles in America., Tubipora : A genus of halcyonoids in which the skeleton, or coral (called organ-pipe coral), consists of a mass of parallel cylindrical tubes united at intervals by transverse plates. These corals are usually red or purple and form large masses. They are natives of the tropical parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans., Turcoman : A member of a tribe of Turanians inhabiting a region east of the Caspian Sea., Turcoman : A Turcoman carpet., Turkoman : Same as Turcoman., Turncoat : One who forsakes his party or his principles; a renegade; an apostate., Turonian : One of the subdivisions into which the Upper Cretaceous formation of Europe is divided., Tutorage : The office or occupation of a tutor; tutorship; guardianship., Tutorial : Of or pertaining to a tutor; belonging to, or exercised by, a tutor., Unpastor : To cause to be no longer pastor; to deprive of pastorship., Untoward : Toward., Untoward : Froward; perverse., Untoward : Awkward; ungraceful., Untoward : Inconvenient; troublesome; vexatious; unlucky; unfortunate; as, an untoward wind or accident., Urinator : One who dives under water in search of something, as for pearls; a diver., Valuator : One who assesses, or sets a value on, anything; an appraiser., Vaporate : To emit vapor; to evaporate., Veratrol : A liquid hydrocarbon obtained by the decomposition of veratric acid, and constituting the dimethyl ether of pyrocatechin., Victoria : A genus of aquatic plants named in honor of Queen Victoria. The Victoria regia is a native of Guiana and Brazil. Its large, spreading leaves are often over five feet in diameter, and have a rim from three to five inches high; its immense rose-white flowers sometimes attain a diameter of nearly two feet., Victoria : A kind of low four-wheeled pleasure carriage, with a calash top, designed for two persons and the driver who occupies a high seat in front., Victoria : An asteroid discovered by Hind in 1850; -- called also Clio., Violator : One who violates; an infringer; a profaner; a ravisher., Voracity : The quality of being voracious; voraciousness., Vortical : Of or pertaining to a vortex or vortexes; resembling a vortex in form or motion; whirling; as, a vortical motion., Votaress : A woman who is a votary., Votarist : A votary., Votaries : of Votary, Wallwort : The dwarf elder, or danewort (Sambucus Ebulus)., Wardmote : Anciently, a meeting of the inhabitants of a ward; also, a court formerly held in each ward of London for trying defaults in matters relating to the watch, police, and the like., Warmouth : An American freshwater bream, or sunfish (Chaenobryttus gulosus); -- called also red-eyed bream., Wartwort : A name given to several plants because they were thought to be a cure for warts, as a kind of spurge (Euphorbia Helioscopia), and the nipplewort (Lampsana communis)., Wastorel : See Wastrel., Waterbok : A water buck., Water dog : A dog accustomed to the water, or trained to retrieve waterfowl. Retrievers, waters spaniels, and Newfoundland dogs are so trained., Water dog : The menobranchus., Water dog : A small floating cloud, supposed to indicate rain., Water dog : A sailor, esp. an old sailor; an old salt., Water fox : The carp; -- so called on account of its cunning., Water god : A fabulous deity supposed to dwell in, and preside over, some body of water., Water hog : The capybara., Water oat : Indian rice. See under Rice., Water poa : Meadow reed grass. See under Reed., Waterpot : A vessel for holding or conveying water, or for sprinkling water on cloth, plants, etc., Water pox : A variety of chicken pox, or varicella., Water-rot : To rot by steeping in water; to water-ret; as, to water-rot hemp or flax., Xeronate : A salt of xeronic acid., Xylotrya : A genus of marine bivalves closely allied to Teredo, and equally destructive to timber. One species (Xylotrya fimbriata) is very common on the Atlantic coast of the United States., Zealotry : The character and behavior of a zealot; excess of zeal; fanatical devotion to a cause., Zoolatry : The worship of animals.,

9 Letter Words containing ORAT: Abattoirs : of Abattoir, Abdicator : One who abdicates., Abhorrent : Abhorring; detesting; having or showing abhorrence; loathing; hence, strongly opposed to; as, abhorrent thoughts., Abhorrent : Contrary or repugnant; discordant; inconsistent; -- followed by to., Abhorrent : Detestable., Abnegator : One who abnegates, denies, or rejects anything., Abnormity : Departure from the ordinary type; irregularity; monstrosity., Abortment : Abortion., Abreption : A snatching away., Abrogated : of Abrogate, Abrogator : One who repeals by authority., Abruption : A sudden breaking off; a violent separation of bodies., Absorbent : Absorbing; swallowing; absorptive., Absorbent : Anything which absorbs., Absorbent : Any substance which absorbs and neutralizes acid fluid in the stomach and bowels, as magnesia, chalk, etc.; also a substance e. g., iodine) which acts on the absorbent vessels so as to reduce enlarged and indurated parts., Absorbent : The vessels by which the processes of absorption are carried on, as the lymphatics in animals, the extremities of the roots in plants., Abstorted : Wrested away., Accordant : Agreeing; consonant; harmonious; corresponding; conformable; -- followed by with or to., Accoutred : of Accoutre, Accretion : The act of increasing by natural growth; esp. the increase of organic bodies by the internal accession of parts; organic growth., Accretion : The act of increasing, or the matter added, by an accession of parts externally; an extraneous addition; as, an accretion of earth., Accretion : Concretion; coherence of separate particles; as, the accretion of particles so as to form a solid mass., Accretion : A growing together of parts naturally separate, as of the fingers toes., Accretion : The adhering of property to something else, by which the owner of one thing becomes possessed of a right to another; generally, gain of land by the washing up of sand or sail from the sea or a river, or by a gradual recession of the water from the usual watermark., Accretion : Gain to an heir or legatee, failure of a coheir to the same succession, or a co-legatee of the same thing, to take his share., Acoumeter : An instrument for measuring the acuteness of the sense of hearing., Acoumetry : The measuring of the power or extent of hearing., Acrobatic : Pertaining to an acrobat., Acropetal : Developing from below towards the apex, or from the circumference towards the center; centripetal; -- said of certain inflorescence., Acroteria : of Acroterium, Actionary : Alt. of Actionist, Adderwort : The common bistort or snakeweed (Polygonum bistorta)., Adjutator : A corruption of Agitator., Admonitor : Admonisher; monitor., Adoration : The act of playing honor to a divine being; the worship paid to God; the act of addressing as a god., Adoration : Homage paid to one in high esteem; profound veneration; intense regard and love; fervent devotion., Adoration : A method of electing a pope by the expression of homage from two thirds of the conclave., Adorement : The act of adoring; adoration., Adornment : An adorning; an ornament; a decoration., Adulatory : Containing excessive praise or compliment; servilely praising; flattering; as, an adulatory address., Advoutrer : An adulterer., Aerolitic : Of or pertaining to aerolites; meteoric; as, aerolitic iron., Aerometer : An instrument for ascertaining the weight or density of air and gases., Aerometry : The science of measuring the air, including the doctrine of its pressure, elasticity, rarefaction, and condensation; pneumatics., Aerophyte : A plant growing entirely in the air, and receiving its nourishment from it; an air plant or epiphyte., Affronted : of Affront, Affrontee : One who receives an affront., Affronter : One who affronts, or insults to the face., Aforetime : In time past; formerly., A fortiori : With stronger reason., Aftercrop : A second crop or harvest in the same year., After-glow : A glow of refulgence in the western sky after sunset., Aftermost : Hindmost; -- opposed to foremost., Aftermost : Nearest the stern; most aft., Afternoon : The part of the day which follows noon, between noon and evening., After-note : One of the small notes occur on the unaccented parts of the measure, taking their time from the preceding note., Agistator : See Agister., Airometer : A hollow cylinder to contain air. It is closed above and open below, and has its open end plunged into water., Albatross : A web-footed bird, of the genus Diomedea, of which there are several species. They are the largest of sea birds, capable of long-continued flight, and are often seen at great distances from the land. They are found chiefly in the southern hemisphere., Alembroth : The salt of wisdom of the alchemists, a double salt composed of the chlorides of ammonium and mercury. It was formerly used as a stimulant., Algorithm : The art of calculating by nine figures and zero., Algorithm : The art of calculating with any species of notation; as, the algorithms of fractions, proportions, surds, etc., Alienator : One who alienates., Alligator : A large carnivorous reptile of the Crocodile family, peculiar to America. It has a shorter and broader snout than the crocodile, and the large teeth of the lower jaw shut into pits in the upper jaw, which has no marginal notches. Besides the common species of the southern United States, there are allied species in South America., Alligator : Any machine with strong jaws, one of which opens like the movable jaw of an alligator, Alligator : a form of squeezer for the puddle ball, Alligator : a rock breaker, Alligator : a kind of job press, called also alligator press., Allocatur : "Allowed." The word allocatur expresses the allowance of a proceeding, writ, order, etc., by a court, judge, or judicial officer., Allotropy : The property of existing in two or more conditions which are distinct in their physical or chemical relations., Allottery : Allotment., Altometer : A theodolite., Amatorial : Of or pertaining to a lover or to love making; amatory; as, amatorial verses., Amatorian : Amatory., Amaurotic : Affected with amaurosis; having the characteristics of amaurosis., Ambrotype : A picture taken on a plate of prepared glass, in which the lights are represented in silver, and the shades are produced by a dark background visible through the unsilvered portions of the glass., Ambulator : One who walks about; a walker., Ambulator : A beetle of the genus Lamia., Ambulator : A genus of birds, or one of this genus., Ambulator : An instrument for measuring distances; -- called also perambulator., Ametropia : Any abnormal condition of the refracting powers of the eye., Amorosity : The quality of being amorous; lovingness., Amputator : One who amputates., Anachoret : Alt. of Anachoretical, Anacrotic : Pertaining to anachronism., Anatropal : Alt. of Anatropous, Anchorate : Anchor-shaped., Anchorite : One who renounces the world and secludes himself, usually for religious reasons; a hermit; a recluse., Anchorite : Same as Anchoret., Androtomy : Dissection of the human body, as distinguished from zootomy; anthropotomy., Annotator : A writer of annotations; a commentator., Anorthite : A mineral of the feldspar family, commonly occurring in small glassy crystals, also a constituent of some igneous rocks. It is a lime feldspar. See Feldspar., Antheroid : Resembling an anther., Anthorism : A description or definition contrary to that which is given by the adverse party., Anthropic : Alt. of Anthropical, Antichlor : Any substance (but especially sodium hyposulphite) used in removing the excess of chlorine left in paper pulp or stuffs after bleaching., Antisolar : Opposite to the sun; -- said of the point in the heavens 180 distant from the sun., Antrovert : To bend forward., Aphrodite : The Greek goddess of love, corresponding to the Venus of the Romans., Aphrodite : A large marine annelid, covered with long, lustrous, golden, hairlike setae; the sea mouse., Aphrodite : A beautiful butterfly (Argunnis Aphrodite) of the United States., Apparitor : Formerly, an officer who attended magistrates and judges to execute their orders., Apparitor : A messenger or officer who serves the process of an ecclesiastical court., Appointer : One who appoints, or executes a power of appointment., Appointor : The person who selects the appointee. See Appointee, 2., Apportion : To divide and assign in just proportion; to divide and distribute proportionally; to portion out; to allot; as, to apportion undivided rights; to apportion time among various employments., Approbate : Approved., Approbate : To express approbation of; to approve; to sanction officially., Apriority : The quality of being innate in the mind, or prior to experience; a priori reasoning., Aproctous : Without an anal office., Aragonite : A mineral identical in composition with calcite or carbonate of lime, but differing from it in its crystalline form and some of its physical characters., Arborator : One who plants or who prunes trees., Arboretum : A place in which a collection of rare trees and shrubs is cultivated for scientific or educational purposes., Archivolt : The architectural member surrounding the curved opening of an arch, corresponding to the architrave in the case of a square opening., Archivolt : More commonly, the molding or other ornaments with which the wall face of the voussoirs of an arch is charged., Arch stone : A wedge-shaped stone used in an arch; a voussoir., Arctation : Constriction or contraction of some natural passage, as in constipation from inflammation., Arctogeal : Of or pertaining to arctic lands; as, the arctogeal fauna., Arctoidea : A group of the Carnivora, that includes the bears, weasels, etc., Arcuation : The act of bending or curving; incurvation; the state of being bent; crookedness., Arcuation : A mode of propagating trees by bending branches to the ground, and covering the small shoots with earth; layering., Arenation : A sand bath; application of hot sand to the body., Arendator : In some provinces of Russia, one who farms the rents or revenues., Areolated : Divided into small spaces or areolations, as the wings of insects, the leaves of plants, or the receptacle of compound flowers., Areometer : An instrument for measuring the specific gravity of fluids; a form hydrometer., Areometry : The art or process of measuring the specific gravity of fluids., Areostyle : See Intercolumniation, and Araeostyle., Aretology : That part of moral philosophy which treats of virtue, its nature, and the means of attaining to it., Argentous : Of, pertaining to, or containing, silver; -- said of certain silver compounds in which silver has a higher proportion than in argentic compounds; as, argentous chloride., Argonauta : A genus of Cephalopoda. The shell is called paper nautilus or paper sailor., Aromatize : To impregnate with aroma; to render aromatic; to give a spicy scent or taste to; to perfume., Aromatous : Aromatic., Arreption : The act of taking away., Arrogated : of Arrogate, Arrowroot : A west Indian plant of the genus Maranta, esp. M. arundinacea, now cultivated in many hot countries. It said that the Indians used the roots to neutralize the venom in wounds made by poisoned arrows., Arrowroot : A nutritive starch obtained from the rootstocks of Maranta arundinacea, and used as food, esp. for children an invalids; also, a similar starch obtained from other plants, as various species of Maranta and Curcuma., Arteriole : A small artery., Arthrodia : A form of diarthrodial articulation in which the articular surfaces are nearly flat, so that they form only an imperfect ball and socket., Arthrodic : Of or pertaining to arthrodia., Arthropod : One of the Arthropoda., Arthrosis : Articulation., Artichoke : The Cynara scolymus, a plant somewhat resembling a thistle, with a dilated, imbricated, and prickly involucre. The head (to which the name is also applied) is composed of numerous oval scales, inclosing the florets, sitting on a broad receptacle, which, with the fleshy base of the scales, is much esteemed as an article of food., Artichoke : See Jerusalem artichoke., Arytenoid : Ladle-shaped; -- applied to two small cartilages of the larynx, and also to the glands, muscles, etc., connected with them. The cartilages are attached to the cricoid cartilage and connected with the vocal cords., Ashtaroth : of Ashtoreth, Ashtoreth : The principal female divinity of the Phoenicians, as Baal was the principal male divinity., Aspirator : An apparatus for passing air or gases through or over certain liquids or solids, or for exhausting a closed vessel, by means of suction., Aspirator : An instrument for the evacuation of the fluid contents of tumors or collections of blood., Assertion : The act of asserting, or that which is asserted; positive declaration or averment; affirmation; statement asserted; position advanced., Assertion : Maintenance; vindication; as, the assertion of one's rights or prerogatives., Assertory : Affirming; maintaining., Assorting : of Assort, Astrofell : A bitter herb, probably the same as aster, or starwort., Astrogeny : The creation or evolution of the stars or the heavens., Astrogony : Same as Astrogeny., Astrolabe : An instrument for observing or showing the positions of the stars. It is now disused., Astrolabe : A stereographic projection of the sphere on the plane of a great circle, as the equator, or a meridian; a planisphere., Astrology : In its etymological signification, the science of the stars; among the ancients, synonymous with astronomy; subsequently, the art of judging of the influences of the stars upon human affairs, and of foretelling events by their position and aspects., Astronomy : Astrology., Astronomy : The science which treats of the celestial bodies, of their magnitudes, motions, distances, periods of revolution, eclipses, constitution, physical condition, and of the causes of their various phenomena., Astronomy : A treatise on, or text-book of, the science., Astrophel : See Astrofel., Athermous : Athermanous., Atmolyzer : An apparatus for effecting atmolysis., Atmometer : An instrument for measuring the rate of evaporation from a moist surface; an evaporometer., Atrocious : Extremely heinous; full of enormous wickedness; as, atrocious quilt or deeds., Atrocious : Characterized by, or expressing, great atrocity., Atrocious : Very grievous or violent; terrible; as, atrocious distempers., Atrophied : Affected with atrophy, as a tissue or organ; arrested in development at a very early stage; rudimentary., Atrophied : of Atrophy, Attorneys : of Attorney, Attractor : One who, or that which, attracts., Attrition : The act of rubbing together; friction; the act of wearing by friction, or by rubbing substances together; abrasion., Attrition : The state of being worn., Attrition : Grief for sin arising only from fear of punishment or feelings of shame. See Contrition., Authoress : A female author., Authorial : Of or pertaining to an author., Authorism : Authorship., Authority : Legal or rightful power; a right to command or to act; power exercised buy a person in virtue of his office or trust; dominion; jurisdiction; authorization; as, the authority of a prince over subjects, and of parents over children; the authority of a court., Authority : Government; the persons or the body exercising power or command; as, the local authorities of the States; the military authorities., Authority : The power derived from opinion, respect, or esteem; influence of character, office, or station, or mental or moral superiority, and the like; claim to be believed or obeyed; as, an historian of no authority; a magistrate of great authority., Authority : That which, or one who, is claimed or appealed to in support of opinions, actions, measures, etc., Authority : Testimony; witness., Authority : A precedent; a decision of a court, an official declaration, or an opinion, saying, or statement worthy to be taken as a precedent., Authority : A book containing such a statement or opinion, or the author of the book., Authority : Justification; warrant., Authorize : To clothe with authority, warrant, or legal power; to give a right to act; to empower; as, to authorize commissioners to settle a boundary., Authorize : To make legal; to give legal sanction to; to legalize; as, to authorize a marriage., Authorize : To establish by authority, as by usage or public opinion; to sanction; as, idioms authorized by usage., Authorize : To sanction or confirm by the authority of some one; to warrant; as, to authorize a report., Authorize : To justify; to furnish a ground for., Autocracy : Independent or self-derived power; absolute or controlling authority; supremacy., Autocracy : Supreme, uncontrolled, unlimited authority, or right of governing in a single person, as of an autocrat., Autocracy : Political independence or absolute sovereignty (of a state); autonomy., Autocracy : The action of the vital principle, or of the instinctive powers, toward the preservation of the individual; also, the vital principle., Autograph : That which is written with one's own hand; an original manuscript; a person's own signature or handwriting., Autograph : In one's own handwriting; as, an autograph letter; an autograph will., Autolatry : Self-worship., Avauntour : A boaster., Averroist : One of a sect of peripatetic philosophers, who appeared in Italy before the restoration of learning; so denominated from Averroes, or Averrhoes, a celebrated Arabian philosopher. He held the doctrine of monopsychism., Bacteroid : Alt. of Bacteroidal, Barbotine : A paste of clay used in decorating coarse pottery in relief., Barmcloth : Apron., Barometer : An instrument for determining the weight or pressure of the atmosphere, and hence for judging of the probable changes of weather, or for ascertaining the height of any ascent., Barometry : The art or process of making barometrical measurements., Baronetcy : The rank or patent of a baronet., Barouchet : A kind of light barouche., Barrowist : A follower of Henry Barrowe, one of the founders of Independency or Congregationalism in England. Barrowe was executed for nonconformity in 1953., Base-court : The secondary, inferior, or rear courtyard of a large house; the outer court of a castle., Base-court : An inferior court of law, not of record., Batfowler : One who practices or finds sport in batfowling., Bear's-foot : A species of hellebore (Helleborus foetidus), with digitate leaves. It has an offensive smell and acrid taste, and is a powerful emetic, cathartic, and anthelmintic., Betrothal : The act of betrothing, or the fact of being betrothed; a mutual promise, engagement, or contract for a future marriage between the persons betrothed; betrothment; affiance., Bezoartic : Alt. of Bezoartical, Biflorate : Alt. of Biflorous, Blackroot : See Colicroot., Bombastry : Swelling words without much meaning; bombastic language; fustian., Bookcraft : Authorship; literary skill., Bootmaker : One who makes boots., Botanizer : One who botanizes., Bracteole : Same as Bractlet., Breadroot : The root of a leguminous plant (Psoralea esculenta), found near the Rocky Mountains. It is usually oval in form, and abounds in farinaceous matter, affording sweet and palatable food., Broadcast : A casting or throwing seed in all directions, as from the hand in sowing., Broadcast : Cast or dispersed in all directions, as seed from the hand in sowing; widely diffused., Broadcast : Scattering in all directions (as a method of sowing); -- opposed to planting in hills, or rows., Broadcast : So as to scatter or be scattered in all directions; so as to spread widely, as seed from the hand in sowing, or news from the press., Brominate : See Bromate, v. t., Bryophyta : See Cryptogamia., Cabriolet : A one-horse carriage with two seats and a calash top., Cantatory : Containing cant or affectation; whining; singing., Carbonate : A salt or carbonic acid, as in limestone, some forms of lead ore, etc., Cariosity : Caries., Carnation : The natural color of flesh; rosy pink., Carnation : Those parts of a picture in which the human body or any part of it is represented in full color; the flesh tints., Carnation : A species of Dianthus (D. Caryophyllus) or pink, having very beautiful flowers of various colors, esp. white and usually a rich, spicy scent., Carnosity : A fleshy excrescence; esp. a small excrescence or fungous growth., Carnosity : Fleshy substance or quality; fleshy covering., Carolitic : Adorned with sculptured leaves and branches., Carotidal : Pertaining to, or near, the carotids or one of them; as, the carotid gland., Carpolite : A general term for a fossil fruit, nut, or seed., Castorite : A variety of the mineral called petalite, from Elba., Castoreum : A peculiar bitter orange-brown substance, with strong, penetrating odor, found in two sacs between the anus and external genitals of the beaver; castor; -- used in medicine as an antispasmodic, and by perfumers., Castor oil : A mild cathartic oil, expressed or extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis, or Palma Christi. When fresh the oil is inodorous and insipid., Catadrome : A race course., Catadrome : A machine for raising or lowering heavy weights., Catchword : Among theatrical performers, the last word of the preceding speaker, which reminds one that he is to speak next; cue., Catchword : The first word of any page of a book after the first, inserted at the right hand bottom corner of the preceding page for the assistance of the reader. It is seldom used in modern printing., Catchword : A word or phrase caught up and repeated for effect; as, the catchword of a political party, etc., Catchwork : A work or artificial water-course for throwing water on lands that lie on the slopes of hills; a catchdrain., Catoptron : A reflecting optical glass or instrument; a mirror., Catoptric : Alt. of Catoptrical, Cautioner : One who cautions or advises., Cautioner : A surety or sponsor., Cautionry : Suretyship., Cavorting : of Cavort, Ceratodus : A genus of ganoid fishes, of the order Dipnoi, first known as Mesozoic fossil fishes; but recently two living species have been discovered in Australian rivers. They have lungs so well developed that they can leave the water and breathe in air. In Australia they are called salmon and baramunda. See Dipnoi, and Archipterygium., Charioted : of Chariot, Chariotee : A light, covered, four-wheeled pleasure carriage with two seats., Charlotte : A kind of pie or pudding made by lining a dish with slices of bread, and filling it with bread soaked in milk, and baked., Choralist : A singer or composer of chorals., Chromatic : Relating to color, or to colors., Chromatic : Proceeding by the smaller intervals (half steps or semitones) of the scale, instead of the regular intervals of the diatonic scale., Chromatin : Tissue which is capable of being stained by dyes., Cicatrose : Full of scars., Clarionet : See Clarinet., Cloistral : Of, pertaining to, or confined in, a cloister; recluse., Coadjutor : One who aids another; an assistant; a coworker., Coadjutor : The assistant of a bishop or of a priest holding a benefice., Coal-meter : A licensed or official coal measurer in London. See Meter., Coarctate : To press together; to crowd; to straiten; to confine closely., Coarctate : To restrain; to confine., Coarctate : Pressed together; closely connected; -- applied to insects having the abdomen separated from the thorax only by a constriction., Coeternal : Equally eternal., Cohabiter : A cohabitant., Colcothar : Polishing rouge; a reddish brown oxide of iron, used in polishing glass, and also as a pigment; -- called also crocus Martis., Commorant : Ordinarily residing; inhabiting., Commorant : Inhabiting or occupying temporarily., Commorant : A resident., Compacter : One who makes a compact., Comparate : One of two things compared together., Comparted : of Compart, Conciator : The person who weighs and proportions the materials to be made into glass, and who works and tempers them., Concordat : A compact, covenant, or agreement concerning anything., Concordat : An agreement made between the pope and a sovereign or government for the regulation of ecclesiastical matters with which both are concerned; as, the concordat between Pope Pius VII and Bonaparte in 1801., Concreate : To create at the same time., Connature : Participation in a common nature or character., Constrain : To secure by bonds; to chain; to bond or confine; to hold tightly; to constringe., Constrain : To bring into a narrow compass; to compress., Constrain : To hold back by force; to restrain; to repress., Constrain : To compel; to force; to necessitate; to oblige., Constrain : To violate; to ravish., Constrain : To produce in such a manner as to give an unnatural effect; as, a constrained voice., Container : One who, or that which, contains., Contralto : The part sung by the highest male or lowest female voices; the alto or counter tenor., Contralto : the voice or singer performing this part; as, her voice is a contralto; she is a contralto., Contralto : Of or pertaining to a contralto, or to the part in music called contralto; as, a contralto voice., Contrarry : To contradict or oppose; to thwart., Cooperant : Operating together; as, cooperant forces., Cooperate : To act or operate jointly with another or others; to concur in action, effort, or effect., Copartner : One who is jointly concerned with one or more persons in business, etc.; a partner; an associate; a partaker; a sharer., Copatriot : A joint patriot., Corallite : A mineral substance or petrifaction, in the form of coral., Corallite : One of the individual members of a compound coral; or that part formed by a single coral animal., Coralwort : A cruciferous herb of certain species of Dentaria; -- called also toothwort, tooth violet, or pepper root., Cordately : In a cordate form., Cormorant : Any species of Phalacrocorax, a genus of sea birds having a sac under the beak; the shag. Cormorants devour fish voraciously, and have become the emblem of gluttony. They are generally black, and hence are called sea ravens, and coalgeese., Cormorant : A voracious eater; a glutton, or gluttonous servant., Cormoraut : Ravenous; voracious., Cornamute : A cornemuse., Cornstalk : A stalk of Indian corn., Corollate : Alt. of Corollated, Coronated : Having or wearing a crown., Coronated : Having the coronal feathers lengthened or otherwise distinguished; -- said of birds., Coronated : Girt about the spire with a row of tubercles or spines; -- said of spiral shells., Coronated : Having a crest or a crownlike appendage., Corporate : Formed into a body by legal enactment; united in an association, and endowed by law with the rights and liabilities of an individual; incorporated; as, a corporate town., Corporate : Belonging to a corporation or incorporated body., Corporate : United; general; collectively one., Corporate : To incorporate., Corporate : To become incorporated., Corposant : St. Elmo's fire. See under Saint., Correlate : To have reciprocal or mutual relations; to be mutually related., Correlate : To put in relation with each other; to connect together by the disclosure of a mutual relation; as, to correlate natural phenomena., Correlate : One who, or that which, stands in a reciprocal relation to something else, as father to son; a correlative., Corrivate : To cause to flow together, as water drawn from several streams., Corrugant : Having the power of contracting into wrinkles., Corrugate : Wrinkled; crumpled; furrowed; contracted into ridges and furrows., Corrugate : To form or shape into wrinkles or folds, or alternate ridges and grooves, as by drawing, contraction, pressure, bending, or otherwise; to wrinkle; to purse up; as, to corrugate plates of iron; to corrugate the forehead., Corticate : Alt. of Corticated, Coruscant : Glittering in flashes; flashing., Coruscate : To glitter in flashes; to flash., Corvorant : See Cormorant., Corybants : of Corybant, Cotarnine : A white, crystalline substance, C12H13NO3, obtained as a product of the decomposition of narcotine. It has weak basic properties, and is usually regarded as an alkaloid., Coticular : Pertaining to whetstones; like or suitable for whetstones., Cottonary : Relating to, or composed of, cotton; cottony., Courtesan : A woman who prostitutes herself for hire; a prostitute; a harlot., Courtyard : A court or inclosure attached to a house., Covariant : A function involving the coefficients and the variables of a quantic, and such that when the quantic is lineally transformed the same function of the new variables and coefficients shall be equal to the old function multiplied by a factor. An invariant is a like function involving only the coefficients of the quantic., Craterous : Pertaining to, or resembling, a crater., Cremation : A burning; esp., the act or practice of cremating the dead., Crematory : A furnace for cremating corpses; a building containing such a furnace., Crematory : Pertaining to, or employed in, cremation., Crenation : A rounded tooth on the edge of a leaf., Crenation : The condition of being crenate., Crinatory : Crinitory., Croconate : A salt formed by the union of croconic acid with a base., Croftland : Land of superior quality, on which successive crops are raised., Crossnath : To shade by means of crosshatching., Cross-tail : A bar connecting the ends of the side rods or levers of a backaction or side-lever engine., Crotaline : Resembling, or pertaining to, the Crotalidae, or Rattlesnake family., Croustade : Bread baked in a mold, and scooped out, to serve minces upon., Cryptogam : A plant belonging to the Cryptogamia., Culpatory : Expressing blame; censuring; reprehensory; inculpating., Cunctator : One who delays or lingers., Curtation : The interval by which the curtate distance of a planet is less than the true distance., Curvation : The act of bending or crooking., Customary : Agreeing with, or established by, custom; established by common usage; conventional; habitual., Customary : Holding or held by custom; as, customary tenants; customary service or estate., Customary : A book containing laws and usages, or customs; as, the Customary of the Normans., Cutthroat : One who cuts throats; a murderer; an assassin., Cutthroat : Murderous; cruel; barbarous., Cystocarp : A minute vesicle in a red seaweed, which contains the reproductive spores., Czarowitz : The title of the eldest son of the czar of Russia., Damnatory : Dooming to damnation; condemnatory., Damourite : A kind of Muscovite, or potash mica, containing water., Davenport : A kind of small writing table, generally somewhat ornamental, and forming a piece of furniture for the parlor or boudoir., Dearworth : Precious., Decimator : One who decimates., Decorated : of Decorate, Decorator : One who decorates, adorns, or embellishes; specifically, an artisan whose business is the decoration of houses, esp. their interior decoration., Dedicator : One who dedicates; more especially, one who inscribes a book to the favor of a patron, or to one whom he desires to compliment., Defecator : That which cleanses or purifies; esp., an apparatus for removing the feculencies of juices and sirups., Defiatory : Bidding or manifesting defiance., Deflorate : Past the flowering state; having shed its pollen., Demigroat : A half groat., Democraty : Democracy., Deodorant : A deodorizer., Deonerate : To unload; to disburden., Deplorate : Deplorable., Depurator : One who, or that which, cleanses., Deputator : One who deputes, or makes a deputation., Dermatoid : Resembling skin; skinlike., Derogated : of Derogate, Derogator : A detractor., Desolater : One who, or that which, desolates or lays waste., Desolator : Same as Desolater., Detonator : One who, or that which, detonates., Deviatory : Tending to deviate; devious; as, deviatory motion., Dialector : One skilled in dialectics., Dictatory : Dogmatical; overbearing; dictatorial., Dilatator : A muscle which dilates any part; a dilator., Ditionary : Under rule; subject; tributary., Ditionary : A subject; a tributary., Divinator : One who practices or pretends to divination; a diviner., Doctorate : The degree, title, or rank, of a doctor., Doctorate : To make (one) a doctor., Doctrinal : Pertaining to, or containing, doctrine or something taught and to be believed; as, a doctrinal observation., Doctrinal : Pertaining to, or having to do with, teaching., Doctrinal : A matter of doctrine; also, a system of doctrines., Dominator : A ruler or ruling power., Doorstead : Entrance or place of a door., Dracontic : Belonging to that space of time in which the moon performs one revolution, from ascending node to ascending node. See Dragon's head, under Dragon., Dress coat : A coat with skirts behind only, as distinct from the frock coat, of which the skirts surround the body. It is worn on occasions of ceremony. The dress coat of officers of the United States army is a full-skirted frock coat., Droitural : relating to the mere right of property, as distinguished from the right of possession; as, droitural actions., Dulcorate : To sweeten; to make less acrimonious., Earthborn : Born of the earth; terrigenous; springing originally from the earth; human., Earthborn : Relating to, or occasioned by, earthly objects., Earthfork : A pronged fork for turning up the earth., Earthwork : Any construction, whether a temporary breastwork or permanent fortification, for attack or defense, the material of which is chiefly earth., Earthwork : The operation connected with excavations and embankments of earth in preparing foundations of buildings, in constructing canals, railroads, etc., Earthwork : An embankment or construction made of earth., Earthworm : Any worm of the genus Lumbricus and allied genera, found in damp soil. One of the largest and most abundant species in Europe and America is L. terrestris; many others are known; -- called also angleworm and dewworm., Earthworm : A mean, sordid person; a niggard., Editorial : Of or pertaining to an editor; written or sanctioned by an editor; as, editorial labors; editorial remarks., Editorial : A leading article in a newspaper or magazine; an editorial article; an article published as an expression of the views of the editor., Elaborate : Wrought with labor; finished with great care; studied; executed with exactness or painstaking; as, an elaborate discourse; an elaborate performance; elaborate research., Elaborate : To produce with labor, Elaborate : To perfect with painstaking; to improve or refine with labor and study, or by successive operations; as, to elaborate a painting or a literary work., Elevatory : Tending to raise, or having power to elevate; as, elevatory forces., Elevatory : See Elevator, n. (e)., Emanatory : Emanative; of the nature of an emanation., Embrocate : To moisten and rub (a diseased part) with a liquid substance, as with spirit, oil, etc., by means of a cloth or sponge., Emendator : One who emends or critically edits., Emigrator : One who emigrates; am emigrant., Emulatory : Pertaining to emulation; connected with rivalry., Entrochal : Pertaining to, or consisting of, entrochites, or the joints of encrinites; -- used of a kind of stone or marble., Ephoralty : The office of an ephor, or the body of ephors., Epistolar : Epistolary., Epuration : Purification., Equirotal : Having wheels of the same size or diameter; having equal rotation., Eretation : A creeping forth., Erogating : of Erogate, Erogation : The act of giving out or bestowing., Erostrate : Without a beak., Escheator : An officer whose duty it is to observe what escheats have taken place, and to take charge of them., Estimator : One who estimates or values; a valuer., Etat major : The staff of an army, including all officers above the rank of colonel, also, all adjutants, inspectors, quartermasters, commissaries, engineers, ordnance officers, paymasters, physicians, signal officers, judge advocates; also, the noncommissioned assistants of the above officers., Evacuator : One who evacuates; a nullifier., Evaporate : To pass off in vapor, as a fluid; to escape and be dissipated, either in visible vapor, or in practice too minute to be visible., Evaporate : To escape or pass off without effect; to be dissipated; to be wasted, as, the spirit of writer often evaporates in the process of translation., Evaporate : To convert from a liquid or solid state into vapor (usually) by the agency of heat; to dissipate in vapor or fumes., Evaporate : To expel moisture from (usually by means of artificial heat), leaving the solid portion; to subject to evaporation; as, to evaporate apples., Evaporate : To give vent to; to dissipate., Evaporate : Dispersed in vapors., Eviration : Castration., Exametron : An hexameter., Exaration : Act of plowing; also, act of writing., Excavator : One who, or that which, excavates or hollows out; a machine, as a dredging machine, or a tool, for excavating., Excheator : See Escheator., Excitator : A kind of discarder., Eccoriate : To strip or wear off the skin of; to abrade; to gall; to break and remove the cuticle of, in any manner, as by rubbing, beating, or by the action of acrid substances., Excusator : One who makes, or is authorized to make, an excuse; an apologist., Exonerate : To unload; to disburden; to discharge., Exonerate : To relieve, in a moral sense, as of a charge, obligation, or load of blame resting on one; to clear of something that lies upon oppresses one, as an accusation or imputation; as, to exonerate one's self from blame, or from the charge of avarice., Exonerate : To discharge from duty or obligation, as a ball., Exoration : Entreaty., Expiatory : Having power, or intended, to make expiation; atoning; as, an expiatory sacrifice., Expilator : One who pillages; a plunderer; a pillager., Explorate : To explore., Extractor : One who, or that which, extracts, Extractor : A forceps or instrument for extracting substances., Extractor : A device for withdrawing a cartridge or spent cartridge shell from the chamber of the barrel., Extrorsal : Extrorse., Factioner : One of a faction., Factoring : of Factor, Factorage : The allowance given to a factor, as a compensation for his services; -- called also a commission., Factoress : A factor who is a woman., Factorial : Of or pertaining to a factory., Factorial : Related to factorials., Factorial : A name given to the factors of a continued product when the former are derivable from one and the same function F(x) by successively imparting a constant increment or decrement h to the independent variable. Thus the product F(x).F(x + h).F(x + 2h) . . . F[x + (n-1)h] is called a factorial term, and its several factors take the name of factorials., Factorial : The product of the consecutive numbers from unity up to any given number., Factoring : The act of resolving into factors., Factorize : To give warning to; -- said of a person in whose hands the effects of another are attached, the warning being to the effect that he shall not pay the money or deliver the property of the defendant in his hands to him, but appear and answer the suit of the plaintiff., Factorize : To attach (the effects of a debtor) in the hands of a third person ; to garnish. See Garnish., Factories : of Factory, Feodatory : See Feudatory., Feriation : The act of keeping holiday; cessation from work., Ferryboat : A vessel for conveying passengers, merchandise, etc., across streams and other narrow waters., Feudatory : A tenant or vassal who held his lands of a superior on condition of feudal service; the tenant of a feud or fief., Floriated : Having floral ornaments; as, floriated capitals of Gothic pillars., Fluorated : Combined with fluorine; subjected to the action of fluoride., Foliature : Foliage; leafage., Foliature : The state of being beaten into foil., Footboard : A board or narrow platfrom upon which one may stand or brace his feet, Footboard : The platform for the engineer and fireman of a locomotive., Footboard : The foot-rest of a coachman's box., Footboard : A board forming the foot of a bedstead., Footboard : A treadle., Forcemeat : Meat chopped fine and highly seasoned, either served up alone, or used as a stuffing., Forcipate : Alt. of Forcipated, Foremeant : Intended beforehand; premeditated., Forestaff : An instrument formerly used at sea for taking the altitudes of heavenly bodies, now superseded by the sextant; -- called also cross-staff., Forestage : A duty or tribute payable to the king's foresters., Forestage : A service paid by foresters to the king., Forestall : To take beforehand, or in advance; to anticipate., Forestall : To take possession of, in advance of some one or something else, to the exclusion or detriment of the latter; to get ahead of; to preoccupy; also, to exclude, hinder, or prevent, by prior occupation, or by measures taken in advance., Forestall : To deprive; -- with of., Forestall : To obstruct or stop up, as a way; to stop the passage of on highway; to intercept on the road, as goods on the way to market., Foreswart : Alt. of Foreswart, Foreswart : See Forswat., Foretaste : A taste beforehand; enjoyment in advance; anticipation., Foretaste : To taste before full possession; to have previous enjoyment or experience of; to anticipate., Foretaste : To taste before another., Foreteach : To teach beforehand., Forewaste : See Forewaste., Forficate : Deeply forked, as the tail of certain birds., Forgather : To convene; to gossip; to meet accidentally., Formalist : One overattentive to forms, or too much confined to them; esp., one who rests in external religious forms, or observes strictly the outward forms of worship, without possessing the life and spirit of religion., Formality : The condition or quality of being formal, strictly ceremonious, precise, etc., Formality : Form without substance., Formality : Compliance with formal or conventional rules; ceremony; conventionality., Formality : An established order; conventional rule of procedure; usual method; habitual mode., Formality : The dress prescribed for any body of men, academical, municipal, or sacerdotal., Formality : That which is formal; the formal part., Formality : The quality which makes a thing what it is; essence., Formality : The manner in which a thing is conceived or constituted by an act of human thinking; the result of such an act; as, animality and rationality are formalities., Formation : The act of giving form or shape to anything; a forming; a shaping., Formation : The manner in which a thing is formed; structure; construction; conformation; form; as, the peculiar formation of the heart., Formation : A substance formed or deposited., Formation : Mineral deposits and rock masses designated with reference to their origin; as, the siliceous formation about geysers; alluvial formations; marine formations., Formation : A group of beds of the same age or period; as, the Eocene formation., Formation : The arrangement of a body of troops, as in a square, column, etc., Formative : Giving form; having the power of giving form; plastic; as, the formative arts., Formative : Serving to form; derivative; not radical; as, a termination merely formative., Formative : Capable of growth and development; germinal; as, living or formative matter., Formative : That which serves merely to give form, and is no part of the radical, as the prefix or the termination of a word., Formative : A word formed in accordance with some rule or usage, as from a root., Formicate : Resembling, or pertaining to, an ant or ants., Formulate : To reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression., Fornicate : Alt. of Fornicated, Fornicate : To commit fornication; to have unlawful sexual intercourse., Forsythia : A shrub of the Olive family, with yellow blossoms., Fortalice : A small outwork of a fortification; a fortilage; -- called also fortelace., Forthward : Forward., Fortilage : A little fort; a blockhouse., Fortunate : Coming by good luck or favorable chance; bringing some good thing not foreseen as certain; presaging happiness; auspicious; as, a fortunate event; a fortunate concurrence of circumstances; a fortunate investment., Fortunate : Receiving same unforeseen or unexpected good, or some good which was not dependent on one's own skill or efforts; favored with good forune; lucky., Fosterage : The care of a foster child; the charge of nursing., Fractious : Apt to break out into a passion; apt to scold; cross; snappish; ugly; unruly; as, a fractious man; a fractious horse., Frication : Friction., Frigatoon : A Venetian vessel, with a square stern, having only a mainmast, jigger mast, and bowsprit; also a sloop of war ship-rigged., Fron'tated : Growing broader and broader, as a leaf; truncate., Fumigator : One who, or that which, fumigates; an apparattus for fumigating., Furcation : A branching like a. fork., Garroting : of Garrote, Gasometer : An apparatus for holding and measuring of gas; in gas works, a huge iron cylinder closed at one end and having the other end immersed in water, in which it is made to rise or fall, according to the volume of gas it contains, or the pressure required., Gasometry : The art or practice of measuring gases; also, the science which treats of the nature and properties of these elastic fluids., Gastornis : A genus of large eocene birds from the Paris basin., Gastropod : One of the Gastropoda., Generator : One who, or that which, generates, begets, causes, or produces., Generator : An apparatus in which vapor or gas is formed from a liquid or solid by means of heat or chemical process, as a steam boiler, gas retort, or vessel for generating carbonic acid gas, etc., Generator : The principal sound or sounds by which others are produced; the fundamental note or root of the common chord; -- called also generating tone., Geometral : Pertaining to geometry., Gestatory : Pertaining to gestation or pregnancy., Gestatory : Capable of being carried or worn., Gladiator : Originally, a swordplayer; hence, one who fought with weapons in public, either on the occasion of a funeral ceremony, or in the arena, for public amusement., Gladiator : One who engages in any fierce combat or controversy., Glasswort : A seashore plant of the Spinach family (Salicornia herbacea), with succulent jointed stems; also, a prickly plant of the same family (Salsola Kali), both formerly burned for the sake of the ashes, which yield soda for making glass and soap., Glomerate : Gathered together in a roundish mass or dense cluster; conglomerate., Glomerate : To gather or wind into a ball; to collect into a spherical form or mass, as threads., Glossator : A writer of glosses or comments; a commentator., Godfather : A man who becomes sponsor for a child at baptism, and makes himself a surety for its Christian training and instruction., Godfather : To act as godfather to; to take under one's fostering care., Gradation : The act of progressing by regular steps or orderly arrangement; the state of being graded or arranged in ranks; as, the gradation of castes., Gradation : The act or process of bringing to a certain grade., Gradation : Any degree or relative position in an order or series., Gradation : A gradual passing from one tint to another or from a darker to a lighter shade, as in painting or drawing., Gradation : A diatonic ascending or descending succession of chords., Gradation : To form with gradations., Gradatory : Proceeding step by step, or by gradations; gradual., Gradatory : Suitable for walking; -- said of the limbs of an animal when adapted for walking on land., Gradatory : A series of steps from a cloister into a church., Graduator : One who determines or indicates graduation; as, a graduator of instruments., Graduator : An instrument for dividing any line, right or curve, into small, regular intervals., Graduator : An apparatus for diffusing a solution, as brine or vinegar, over a large surface, for exposure to the air., Granitoid : Resembling granite in granular appearance; as, granitoid gneiss; a granitoid pavement., Grapeshot : A cluster, usually nine in number, of small iron balls, put together by means of cast-iron circular plates at top and bottom, with two rings, and a central connecting rod, in order to be used as a charge for a cannon. Formerly grapeshot were inclosed in canvas bags., Grassplot : A plot or space covered with grass; a lawn., Gratiolin : One of the essential principles of the hedge hyssop (Gratiola officinalis)., Greatcoat : An overcoat., Grouthead : See Growthead., Growthead : A lazy person; a blockhead., Guarantor : One who makes or gives a guaranty; a warrantor; a surety., Guarantor : One who engages to secure another in any right or possession., Gustatory : Pertaining to, or subservient to, the sense of taste; as, the gustatory nerve which supplies the front of the tongue., Habitator : A dweller; an inhabitant., Hailstorm : A storm accompanied with hail; a shower of hail., Haircloth : Stuff or cloth made wholly or in part of hair., Halometer : An instrument for measuring the forms and angles of salts and crystals; a goniometer., Harlotize : To harlot., Harmonist : One who shows the agreement or harmony of corresponding passages of different authors, as of the four evangelists., Harmonist : One who understands the principles of harmony or is skillful in applying them in composition; a musical composer., Harmonist : Alt. of Harmonite, Harmonite : One of a religious sect, founded in Wurtemburg in the last century, composed of followers of George Rapp, a weaver. They had all their property in common. In 1803, a portion of this sect settled in Pennsylvania and called the village thus established, Harmony., Harmotome : A hydrous silicate of alumina and baryta, occurring usually in white cruciform crystals; cross-stone., Hartshorn : The horn or antler of the hart, or male red deer., Hartshorn : Spirits of hartshorn (see below); volatile salts., Haustoria : of Haustorium, Hazelwort : The asarabacca., Heartsome : Merry; cheerful; lively., Heartwood : The hard, central part of the trunk of a tree, consisting of the old and matured wood, and usually differing in color from the outer layers. It is technically known as duramen, and distinguished from the softer sapwood or alburnum., Hectogram : A measure of weight, containing a hundred grams, or about 3.527 ounces avoirdupois., Hektogram : Alt. of Hektometer, Herea-bout : Alt. of Hereabouts, Historial : Historical., Historian : A writer of history; a chronicler; an annalist., Historian : One versed or well informed in history., Hoarfrost : The white particles formed by the congelation of dew; white frost., Hoarstone : A stone designating the /ounds of an estate; a landmark., Homoptera : A suborder of Hemiptera, in which both pairs of wings are similar in texture, and do not overlap when folded, as in the cicada. See Hemiptera., Horsetail : A leafless plant, with hollow and rushlike stems. It is of the genus Equisetum, and is allied to the ferns. See Illust. of Equisetum., Horsetail : A Turkish standard, denoting rank., Hortation : The act of exhorting, inciting, or giving advice; exhortation., Hortative : Giving exhortation; advisory; exhortative., Hortative : An exhortation., Hortatory : Giving exhortation or advise; encouraging; exhortatory; inciting; as, a hortatory speech., Hydration : The act of becoming, or state of being, a hydrate., Hydropath : A hydropathist., Hydrosalt : A salt supposed to be formed by a hydracid and a base., Hydrosalt : An acid salt., Hydrosalt : A hydrous salt; a salt combined with water of hydration or crystallization., Hydrostat : A contrivance or apparatus to prevent the explosion of steam boilers., Hypotarsi : of Hypotarsus, Idiolatry : Self-worship; excessive self-esteem., Idolastre : An idolater., Imbrocata : Alt. of Imbroccata, Immolator : One who offers in sacrifice; specifically, one of a sect of Russian fanatics who practice self-mutilatio and sacrifice., Impanator : One who holds the doctrine of impanation., Imperator : A commander; a leader; an emperor; -- originally an appellation of honor by which Roman soldiers saluted their general after an important victory. Subsequently the title was conferred as a recognition of great military achievements by the senate, whence it carried wiht it some special privileges. After the downfall of the Republic it was assumed by Augustus and his successors, and came to have the meaning now attached to the word emperor., Important : Full of, or burdened by, import; charged with great interests; restless; anxious., Important : Carrying or possessing weight or consequence; of valuable content or bearing; significant; weighty., Important : Bearing on; forcible; driving., Important : Importunate; pressing; urgent., Improbate : To disapprove of; to disallow., Inamorata : A woman in love; a mistress., Inamorate : Enamored., Inamorato : A male lover., Incubator : That which incubates, especially, an apparatus by means of which eggs are hatched by artificial heat., Indagator : A searcher; an explorer; an investigator., Indicator : One who, or that which, shows or points out; as, a fare indicator in a street car., Indicator : A pressure gauge; a water gauge, as for a steam boiler; an apparatus or instrument for showing the working of a machine or moving part, Indicator : An instrument which draws a diagram showing the varying pressure in the cylinder of an engine or pump at every point of the stroke. It consists of a small cylinder communicating with the engine cylinder and fitted with a piston which the varying pressure drives upward more or less against the resistance of a spring. A lever imparts motion to a pencil which traces the diagram on a card wrapped around a vertical drum which is turned back and forth by a string connected with the piston rod of the engine. See Indicator card (below)., Indicator : A telltale connected with a hoisting machine, to show, at the surface, the position of the cage in the shaft of a mine, etc., Indicator : The part of an instrument by which an effect is indicated, as an index or pointer., Indicator : Any bird of the genus Indicator and allied genera. See Honey guide, under Honey., Indicator : That which indicates the condition of acidity, alkalinity, or the deficiency, excess, or sufficiency of a standard reagent, by causing an appearance, disappearance, or change of color, as in titration or volumetric analysis., Informant : One who, or that which, informs, animates, or vivifies., Informant : One who imparts information or instruction., Informant : One who offers an accusation; an informer. See Informer., Infractor : One who infracts or infringes; a violator; a breaker., Initiator : One who initiates., Innovator : One who innovates., Inodorate : Inodorous., Insulator : One who, or that which, insulates., Insulator : The substance or body that insulates; a nonconductor., Irrorated : of Irrorate, Isatropic : Pertaining to, or designating, an acid obtained from atropine, and isomeric with cinnamic acid., Isotheral : Having the nature of an isothere; indicating the distribution of temperature by means of an isothere; as, an isotheral chart or line., Iteration : Recital or performance a second time; repetition., Jaculator : One who throws or casts., Jaculator : The archer fish (Toxotes jaculator)., Jargonist : One addicted to jargon; one who uses cant or slang., Jatrophic : Of or pertaining to physic nuts, the seeds of plants of the genus Jatropha., Joculator : A jester; a joker., Knotgrass : a common weed with jointed stems (Polygonum aviculare); knotweed., Knotgrass : The dog grass. See under Dog., Lacrytory : Alt. of Lacrymose, Lanterloo : An old name of loo (a)., Larghetto : Somewhat slow or slowly, but not so slowly as largo, and rather more so than andante., Largition : The bestowment of a largess or gift., Laserwort : Any plant of the umbelliferous genus Laserpitium, of several species (as L. glabrum, and L. siler), the root of which yields a resinous substance of a bitter taste. The genus is mostly European., Latration : A barking., Latrociny : Theft; larceny., Laudatory : Of or pertaining praise, or to the expression of praise; as, laudatory verses; the laudatory powers of Dryden., Lazaretto : A public building, hospital, or pesthouse for the reception of diseased persons, particularly those affected with contagious diseases., Lazarwort : Laserwort., Liberator : One who, or that which, liberates; a deliverer., Libration : The act or state of librating., Libration : A real or apparent libratory motion, like that of a balance before coming to rest., Libratory : Balancing; moving like a balance, as it tends to an equipoise or level., Lion-heart : A very brave person., Literator : One who teaches the letters or elements of knowledge; a petty schoolmaster., Literator : A person devoted to the study of literary trifles, esp. trifles belonging to the literature of a former age., Literator : A learned person; a literatus., Lithocarp : Fossil fruit; a fruit petrified; a carpolite., Litigator : One who litigates., Littorina : A genus of small pectinibranch mollusks, having thick spiral shells, abundant between tides on nearly all rocky seacoasts. They feed on seaweeds. The common periwinkle is a well-known example. See Periwinkle., Logarithm : One of a class of auxiliary numbers, devised by John Napier, of Merchiston, Scotland (1550-1617), to abridge arithmetical calculations, by the use of addition and subtraction in place of multiplication and division., Loricated : of Loricate, Lurcation : Gluttony; gormandizing., Lutarious : Of, pertaining to, or like, mud; living in mud., Macrodont : Having large teeth., Macrodont : A macrodont animal., Macrotone : Same as Macron., Macrotous : Large-eared., Maelstrom : A celebrated whirlpool on the coast of Norway., Maelstrom : Also Fig. ; as, a maelstrom of vice., Mahometry : Mohammedanism., Maladroit : Of a quality opposed to adroitness; clumsy; awkward; unskillful., Malaxator : One who, or that which, malaxates; esp., a machine for grinding, kneading, or stirring into a pasty or doughy mass., Mandatory : Containing a command; preceptive; directory., Mandatory : Same as Mandatary., Manometer : An instrument for measuring the tension or elastic force of gases, steam, etc., constructed usually on the principle of allowing the gas to exert its elastic force in raising a column of mercury in an open tube, or in compressing a portion of air or other gas in a closed tube with mercury or other liquid intervening, or in bending a metallic or other spring so as to set in motion an index; a pressure gauge. See Pressure, and Illust. of Air pump., Manductor : A conductor; an officer in the ancient church who gave the signal for the choir to sing, and who beat time with the hand, and regulated the music., Manumotor : A small wheel carriage, so constructed that a person sitting in it may move it., Marlstone : A sandy calcareous straum, containing, or impregnated with, iron, and lying between the upper and lower Lias of England., Marmolite : A thin, laminated variety of serpentine, usually of a pale green color., Marmorate : Alt. of Marmorated, Maronites : of Maronite, Marrowfat : A rich but late variety of pea., Martyrdom : The condition of a martyr; the death of a martyr; the suffering of death on account of adherence to the Christian faith, or to any cause., Martyrdom : Affliction; torment; torture., Masoretic : Alt. of Masoretical, Masterdom : Dominion; rule; command., Masterous : Masterly., Materious : See Material., Matrimony : The union of man and woman as husband and wife; the nuptial state; marriage; wedlock., Matrimony : A kind of game at cards played by several persons., Matronage : The state of a matron., Matronage : The collective body of matrons., Matronize : To make a matron of; to make matronlike., Matronize : To act the part of a marton toward; to superintend; to chaperone; as, to matronize an assembly., Mattamore : A subterranean repository for wheat., Mayoralty : The office, or the term of office, of a mayor., Mediatory : Mediatorial., Meliorate : To make better; to improve; to ameliorate; to soften; to make more tolerable., Meliorate : To grow better., Mentorial : Containing advice or admonition., Meroblast : An ovum, as that of a mammal, only partially composed of germinal matter, that is, consisting of both a germinal portion and an albuminous or nutritive one; -- opposed to holoblast., Migration : The act of migrating., Migratory : Removing regularly or occasionally from one region or climate to another; as, migratory birds., Migratory : Hence, roving; wandering; nomad; as, migratory habits; a migratory life., Mitigator : One who, or that which, mitigates., Moderated : of Moderate, Moderator : One who, or that which, moderates, restrains, or pacifies., Moderator : The officer who presides over an assembly to preserve order, propose questions, regulate the proceedings, and declare the votes., Moderator : In the University of Oxford, an examiner for moderations; at Cambridge, the superintendant of examinations for degrees; at Dublin, either the first (senior) or second (junior) in rank in an examination for the degree of Bachelor of Arts., Moderator : A mechamical arrangement for regulating motion in a machine, or producing equality of effect., Modulator : One who, or that which, modulates., Mollebart : An agricultural implement used in Flanders, consisting of a kind of large shovel drawn by a horse and guided by a man., Momentary : Done in a moment; continuing only a moment; lasting a very short time; as, a momentary pang., Monastery : A house of religious retirement, or of secusion from ordinary temporal concerns, especially for monks; -- more rarely applied to such a house for females., Monolatry : Worship of a single deity., Monoptera : of Monopteron, Monotropa : A genus of parasitic or saprophytic plants including the Indian pipe and pine sap. The name alludes to the dropping end of the stem., Mordacity : The quality of being mordacious; biting severity, or sarcastic quality., Mordanted : of Mordant, Mordantly : In the manner of a mordant., Mordicant : Biting; acrid; as, the mordicant quality of a body., Mortality : The condition or quality of being mortal; subjection to death or to the necessity of dying., Mortality : Human life; the life of a mortal being., Mortality : Those who are, or that which is, mortal; the human cace; humanity; human nature., Mortality : Death; destruction., Mortality : The whole sum or number of deaths in a given time or a given community; also, the proportion of deaths to population, or to a specific number of the population; death rate; as, a time of great, or low, mortality; the mortality among the settlers was alarming., Mortalize : To make mortal., Mortgaged : of Mortgage, Mortgagee : The person to whom property is mortgaged, or to whom a mortgage is made or given., Mortgagor : One who gives a mortgage., Mortgager : gives a mortgage., Mucronate : Alt. of Mucronated, Mundatory : Cleansing; having power to cleanse., Mutilator : One who mutilates., Narcotine : An alkaloid found in opium, and extracted as a white crystalline substance, tasteless and less poisonous than morphine; -- called also narcotia., Narcotism : Narcosis; the state of being narcotized., Narcotize : To imbue with, or subject to the influence of, a narcotic; to put into a state of narcosis., Narration : The act of telling or relating the particulars of an event; rehearsal; recital., Narration : That which is related; the relation in words or writing of the particulars of any transaction or event, or of any series of transactions or events; story; history., Narration : That part of a discourse which recites the time, manner, or consequences of an action, or simply states the facts connected with the subject., Narratory : Giving an account of events; narrative; as, narratory letters., Natatores : The swimming birds., Natrolite : A zeolite occuring in groups of glassy acicular crystals, and in masses which often have a radiated structure. It is a hydrous silicate of alumina and soda., Nautiform : Shaped like the hull of a ship., Navelwort : A European perennial succulent herb (Cotyledon umbilicus), having round, peltate leaves with a central depression; -- also called pennywort, and kidneywort., Navigator : One who navigates or sails; esp., one who direct the course of a ship, or one who is skillful in the art of navigation; also, a book which teaches the art of navigation; as, Bowditch's Navigator., Nectarous : Nectareous., Nervation : The arrangement of nerves and veins, especially those of leaves; neuration., Nestorian : An adherent of Nestorius, patriarch of Constantinople to the fifth century, who has condemned as a heretic for maintaining that the divine and the human natures were not merged into one nature in Christ (who was God in man), and, hence, that it was improper to call Mary the mother of Christ; also, one of the sect established by the followers of Nestorius in Persia, india, and other Oriental countries, and still in existence. opposed to Eutychian., Nestorian : Of or relating to the Nestorians., Nestorian : relating to, or resembling, Nestor, the aged warior and counselor mentioned by Homer; hence, wise; experienced; aged; as, Nestorian caution., Neuration : The arrangement or distribution of nerves, as in the leaves of a plant or the wings of an insect; nervation., Nocturnal : Of, pertaining to, done or occuring in, the night; as, nocturnal darkness, cries, expedition, etc.; -- opposed to diurnal., Nocturnal : Having a habit of seeking food or moving about at night; as, nocturnal birds and insects., Nocturnal : An instrument formerly used for taking the altitude of the stars, etc., at sea., Nominator : One who nominates., Nonjurant : Nonjuring., Northeast : The point between the north and east, at an equal distance from each; the northeast part or region., Northeast : Of or pertaining to the northeast; proceeding toward the northeast, or coming from that point; as, a northeast course; a northeast wind., Northeast : Toward the northeast., Northward : Toward the north; nearer to the north than to the east or west point., Northward : Alt. of Northwards, Nosesmart : A kind of cress, a pungent cruciferous plant, including several species of the genus Nasturtium., Note paper : Writing paper, not exceeding in size, when folded once, five by eight inches., Nototrema : The pouched, or marsupial, frog of South America., Numerator : One who numbers., Numerator : The term in a fraction which indicates the number of fractional units that are taken., Oar-footed : Having feet adapted for swimming., Obcordate : Heart-shaped, with the attachment at the pointed end; inversely cordate: as, an obcordate petal or leaf., Obfirmate : To make firm; to harden in resolution., Objurgate : To chide; to reprove., Oblatrate : To bark or snarl, as a dog., Obscurant : One who obscures; one who prevents enlightenment or hinders the progress of knowledge and wisdom., Obsecrate : To beseech; to supplicate; to implore., Observant : Taking notice; viewing or noticing attentively; watchful; attentive; as, an observant spectator; observant habits., Observant : Submissively attentive; obediently watchful; regardful; mindful; obedient (to); -- with of, as, to be observant of rules., Observant : One who observes forms and rules., Observant : A sycophantic servant., Observant : An Observantine., Obturator : That which closes or stops an opening., Obturator : An apparatus designed to close an unnatural opening, as a fissure of the palate., Obturator : Serving as an obturator; closing an opening; pertaining to, or in the region of, the obturator foramen; as, the obturator nerve., Obumbrant : Overhanging; as, obumbrant feathers., Obumbrate : To shade; to darken; to cloud., Obversant : Conversant; familiar., Ochreated : Wearing or furnished with an ochrea or legging; wearing boots; booted., Ochreated : Provided with ochrea, or sheathformed stipules, as the rhubarb, yellow dock, and knotgrass., Octachord : An instrument of eight strings; a system of eight tones., Octaedral : See Octahedral., Octameter : A verse containing eight feet; as, --//Deep# in|to# the | dark#ness | peer#ing, | long# I | stood# there | wond'#ring, | fear#ing., Octandria : A Linnaean class of plants, in which the flowers have eight stamens not united to one another or to the pistil., Odorament : A perfume; a strong scent., Odorating : Diffusing odor or scent; fragrant., Olfactory : Of, pertaining to, or connected with, the sense of smell; as, the olfactory nerves; the olfactory cells., Olfactory : An olfactory organ; also, the sense of smell; -- usually in the plural., Olivaster : Of the color of the olive; tawny., Olusatrum : An umbelliferous plant, the common Alexanders of Western Europe (Smyrnium Olusatrum)., Onerating : of Onerate, Oneration : The act of loading., Operating : of Operate, Operation : The act or process of operating; agency; the exertion of power, physical, mechanical, or moral., Operation : The method of working; mode of action., Operation : That which is operated or accomplished; an effect brought about in accordance with a definite plan; as, military or naval operations., Operation : Effect produced; influence., Operation : Something to be done; some transformation to be made upon quantities, the transformation being indicated either by rules or symbols., Operation : Any methodical action of the hand, or of the hand with instruments, on the human body, to produce a curative or remedial effect, as in amputation, etc., Operative : Having the power of acting; hence, exerting force, physical or moral; active in the production of effects; as, an operative motive., Operative : Producing the appropriate or designed effect; efficacious; as, an operative dose, rule, or penalty., Operative : Based upon, or consisting of, an operation or operations; as, operative surgery., Operative : A skilled worker; an artisan; esp., one who operates a machine in a mill or manufactory., Operatory : A laboratory., Opiniatre : Opinionated., Opiniator : Alt. of Opiniatre, Opiniatre : One who is opinionated., Opiniatre : See Opiniaster., Optigraph : A telescope with a diagonal eyepiece, suspended vertically in gimbals by the object end beneath a fixed diagonal plane mirror. It is used for delineating landscapes, by means of a pencil at the eye end which leaves the delineation on paper., Oratorial : Oratorical., Oratorian : Oratorical., Oratorian : See Fathers of the Oratory, under Oratory., Oratorize : To play the orator., Oratories : of Oratory, Orbitelae : A division of spiders, including those that make geometrical webs, as the garden spider, or Epeira., Orbituary : Orbital., Orchestra : The space in a theater between the stage and the audience; -- originally appropriated by the Greeks to the chorus and its evolutions, afterward by the Romans to persons of distinction, and by the moderns to a band of instrumental musicians., Orchestra : The place in any public hall appropriated to a band of instrumental musicians., Orchestra : Loosely: A band of instrumental musicians performing in a theater, concert hall, or other place of public amusement., Orchestra : Strictly: A band suitable for the performance of symphonies, overtures, etc., as well as for the accompaniment of operas, oratorios, cantatas, masses, and the like, or of vocal and instrumental solos., Orchestra : A band composed, for the largest part, of players of the various viol instruments, many of each kind, together with a proper complement of wind instruments of wood and brass; -- as distinguished from a military or street band of players on wind instruments, and from an assemblage of solo players for the rendering of concerted pieces, such as septets, octets, and the like., Orchestra : The instruments employed by a full band, collectively; as, an orchestra of forty stringed instruments, with proper complement of wind instruments., Ordinator : One who ordains or establishes; a director., Ordonnant : Of or pertaining to ordonnance., Organista : Any one of several South American wrens, noted for the sweetness of their song., Orgiastic : Pertaining to, or of the nature of, orgies., Orientate : To place or turn toward the east; to cause to assume an easterly direction, or to veer eastward., Orientate : To arrange in order; to dispose or place (a body) so as to show its relation to other bodies, or the relation of its parts among themselves., Orientate : To move or turn toward the east; to veer from the north or south toward the east., Originant : Originating; original., Originate : To give an origin or beginning to; to cause to be; to bring into existence; to produce as new., Originate : To take first existence; to have origin or beginning; to begin to exist or act; as, the scheme originated with the governor and council., Orthogamy : Direct fertilization in plants, as when the pollen fertilizing the ovules comes from the stamens of the same blossom; -- opposed to heterogamy., Orthopoda : An extinct order of reptiles which stood erect on the hind legs, and resembled birds in the structure of the feet, pelvis, and other parts., Osmateria : of Osmaterium, Ostracean : Any one of a family of bivalves, of which the oyster is the type., Ostracion : A genus of plectognath fishes having the body covered with solid, immovable, bony plates. It includes the trunkfishes., Ostracism : Banishment by popular vote, -- a means adopted at Athens to rid the city of a person whose talent and influence gave umbrage., Ostracism : Banishment; exclusion; as, social ostracism., Ostracite : A fossil oyster., Ostracize : To exile by ostracism; to banish by a popular vote, as at Athens., Ostracize : To banish from society; to put under the ban; to cast out from social, political, or private favor; as, he was ostracized by his former friends., Ostracoda : Ostracoidea., Ostracoid : Of or pertaining to the Ostracoidea., Ostracoid : One of the Ostracoidea., Otherways : See Otherwise., Otography : A description of the ear., Outbrazen : To bear down with a brazen face; to surpass in impudence., Outbreast : To surpass in singing. See Breast, n., 6., Outcrafty : To exceed in cunning., Outlander : A foreigner., Outlinear : Of or pertaining to an outline; being in, or forming, an outline., Outparish : A parish lying without the walls of, or in a remote part of, a town., Outpreach : To surpass in preaching., Outraging : of Outrage, Outreason : To excel or surpass in reasoning; to reason better than., Outspread : To spread out; to expand; -- usually as a past part. / adj., Outtravel : To exceed in speed o/ distance traveled., Overcatch : To overtake., Overfloat : To overflow., Overgreat : Too great., Overhaste : Too great haste., Overhasty : Too hasty; precipitate; rash., Overmatch : To be more than equal to or a match for; hence, to vanquish., Overmatch : To marry (one) to a superior., Overmatch : One superior in power; also, an unequal match; a contest in which one of the opponents is overmatched., Overpaint : To color or describe too strongly., Overrated : of Overrate, Overroast : To roast too much., Overstand : To stand on the price or conditions of, so as to lose a sale; to lose by an extravagant price or hard conditions., Overstare : To outstare., Overstare : To stare wildly., Overstate : To state in too strong terms; to exaggerate., Overstaid : of Overstay, Overstraw : To overstrew., Overtaken : of Overtake, Overtrade : To trade beyond one's capital; to buy goods beyond the means of paying for or seleng them; to overstock the market., Overtread : To tread over or upon., Overwatch : To watch too much., Overwatch : To weary or exhaust by watching., Oviparity : Generation by means of ova. See Generation., Oxalurate : A salt of oxaluric acid., Palsywort : The cowslip (Primula veris); -- so called from its supposed remedial powers., Paramento : Ornament; decoration., Paramount : Having the highest rank or jurisdiction; superior to all others; chief; supreme; preeminent; as, a paramount duty., Paramount : The highest or chief., Paraquito : See Parrakeet., Pargetory : Something made of, or covered with, parget, or plaster., Parosteal : Of or pertaining to parostosis; as, parosteal ossification., Parotitis : Inflammation of the parotid glands., Parthenon : A celebrated marble temple of Athene, on the Acropolis at Athens. It was of the pure Doric order, and has had an important influence on art., Partenope : One of the Sirens, who threw herself into the sea, in despair at not being able to beguile Ulysses by her songs., Partenope : One of the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, descovered by M. de Gasparis in 1850., Partition : The act of parting or dividing; the state of being parted; separation; division; distribution; as, the partition of a kingdom., Partition : That which divides or separates; that by which different things, or distinct parts of the same thing, are separated; separating boundary; dividing line or space; specifically, an interior wall dividing one part or apartment of a house, an inclosure, or the like, from another; as, a brick partition; lath and plaster partitions., Partition : A part divided off by walls; an apartment; a compartment., Partition : The servance of common or undivided interests, particularly in real estate. It may be effected by consent of parties, or by compulsion of law., Partition : A score., Partition : To divide into parts or shares; to divide and distribute; as, to partition an estate among various heirs., Partition : To divide into distinct parts by lines, walls, etc.; as, to partition a house., Pastorage : The office, jurisdiction, or duty, of a pastor; pastorate., Pastorale : A composition in a soft, rural style, generally in 6-8 or 12-8 time., Pastorale : A kind of dance; a kind of figure used in a dance., Pastorate : The office, state, or jurisdiction of a pastor., Patchwork : Work composed of pieces sewed together, esp. pieces of various colors and figures; hence, anything put together of incongruous or ill-adapted parts; something irregularly clumsily composed; a thing putched up., Patrimony : A right or estate inherited from one's father; or, in a larger sense, from any ancestor., Patrimony : Formerly, a church estate or endowment., Patriotic : Inspired by patriotism; actuated by love of one's country; zealously and unselfishly devoted to the service of one's country; as, a patriotic statesman, vigilance., Patrociny : See Patrocination., Patrolled : of Patrol, Patrolmen : of Patrolman, Patrolman : One who patrols; a watchman; especially, a policeman who patrols a particular precinct of a town or city., Patronage : Special countenance or support; favor, encouragement, or aid, afforded to a person or a work; as, the patronage of letters; patronage given to an author., Patronage : Business custom., Patronage : Guardianship, as of a saint; tutelary care., Patronage : The right of nomination to political office; also, the offices, contracts, honors, etc., which a public officer may bestow by favor., Patronage : The right of presentation to church or ecclesiastical benefice; advowson., Patronage : To act as a patron of; to maintain; to defend., Patronate : The right or duty of a patron; patronage., Patroness : A female patron or helper., Patronize : To act as patron toward; to support; to countenance; to favor; to aid., Patronize : To trade with customarily; to frequent as a customer., Patronize : To assume the air of a patron, or of a superior and protector, toward; -- used in an unfavorable sense; as, to patronize one's equals., Pearlwort : A name given to several species of Sagina, low and inconspicuous herbs of the Chickweed family., Peculator : One who peculates., Pentacron : A solid having five summits or angular points., Percolate : To cause to pass through fine interstices, as a liquor; to filter; to strain., Percolate : To pass through fine interstices; to filter; as, water percolates through porous stone., Perforata : A division of corals including those that have a porous texture, as Porites and Madrepora; -- opposed to Aporosa., Perforata : A division of Foraminifera, including those having perforated shells., Perforate : To bore through; to pierce through with a pointed instrument; to make a hole or holes through by boring or piercing; to pierce or penetrate the surface of., Perforate : Alt. of Perforated, Periodate : A salt of periodic acid., Peristoma : Same as Peristome., Personate : To celebrate loudly; to extol; to praise., Personate : To assume the character of; to represent by a fictitious appearance; to act the part of; hence, to counterfeit; to feign; as, he tried to personate his brother; a personated devotion., Personate : To set forth in an unreal character; to disguise; to mask., Personate : To personify; to typify; to describe., Personate : To play or assume a character., Personate : Having the throat of a bilabiate corolla nearly closed by a projection of the base of the lower lip; masked, as in the flower of the snapdragon., Petiolary : Of or pertaining to petiole, or proceeding from it; as, a petiolar tendril; growing or supported upon a petiole; as, a petiolar gland; a petiolar bud., Petralogy : See Petrology., Petrogale : Any Australian kangaroo of the genus Petrogale, as the rock wallaby (P. penicillata)., Philatory : A kind of transparent reliquary with an ornamental top., Photogram : A photograph., Pictorial : Of or pertaining to pictures; illustrated by pictures; forming pictures; representing with the clearness of a picture; as, a pictorial dictionary; a pictorial imagination., Piscatory : Of or pertaining to fishes or fishing., Placitory : Of or pertaining to pleas or pleading, in courts of law., Plasmator : A former; a fashioner., Plutocrat : One whose wealth gives him power or influence; one of the plutocracy., Podarthra : of Podarthrum, Poetaster : An inferior rhymer, or writer of verses; a dabbler in poetic art., Poetastry : The works of a poetaster., Pomewater : A kind of sweet, juicy apple., Ponderate : To consider; to ponder., Ponderate : To have weight or influence., Populator : One who populates., Portative : Portable., Portative : Capable of holding up or carrying; as, the portative force of a magnet, of atmospheric pressure, or of capillarity., Porterage : The work of a porter; the occupation of a carrier or of a doorkeeper., Porterage : Money charged or paid for the carriage of burdens or parcels by a porter., Portglave : A sword bearer., Portgrave : In old English law, the chief magistrate of a port or maritime town.; a portreeve., Portingal : Of or pertaining to Portugal; Portuguese., Portingal : A Portuguese., Portrayed : of Portray, Portrayal : The act or process of portraying; description; delineation., Portrayer : One who portrays., Portulaca : A genus of polypetalous plants; also, any plant of the genus., Postfurca : One of the internal thoracic processes of the sternum of an insect., Postnares : The posterior nares. See Nares., Pothecary : An apothecary., Poundrate : A rate or proportion estimated at a certain amount for each pound; poundage., Pourparty : A division; a divided share., Praetores : A division of butterflies including the satyrs., Preaction : Previous action., Preaortic : In front, or on the ventral side, of the aorta., Precation : The act of praying; supplication; entreaty., Predation : The act of pillaging., Predatory : Characterized by plundering; practicing rapine; plundering; pillaging; as, a predatory excursion; a predatory party., Predatory : Hungry; ravenous; as, predatory spirits., Predatory : Living by preying upon other animals; carnivorous., Prefatory : Pertaining to, or of the nature of, a preface; introductory to a book, essay, or discourse; as, prefatory remarks., Prelation : The setting of one above another; preference., Preobtain : To obtain beforehand., Pretorial : Pretorian., Pretorian : Of or pertaining to a pretor or magistrate; judicial; exercised by, or belonging to, a pretor; as, pretorian power or authority., Pretorian : A soldier of the pretorian guard., Prevoyant : Foreseeing; prescient., Privation : The act of depriving, or taking away; hence, the depriving of rank or office; degradation in rank; deprivation., Privation : The state of being deprived or destitute of something, especially of something required or desired; destitution; need; as, to undergo severe privations., Privation : The condition of being absent; absence; negation., Probality : Probability., Probation : The act of proving; also, that which proves anything; proof., Probation : Any proceeding designed to ascertain truth, to determine character, qualification, etc.; examination; trial; as, to engage a person on probation., Probation : The novitiate which a person must pass in a convent, to probe his or her virtue and ability to bear the severities of the rule., Probation : The trial of a ministerial candidate's qualifications prior to his ordination, or to his settlement as a pastor., Probation : Moral trial; the state of man in the present life, in which he has the opportunity of proving his character, and becoming qualified for a happier state., Probative : Serving for trial or proof; probationary; as, probative judgments; probative evidence., Probatory : Serving for trial; probationary., Probatory : Pertaining to, or serving for, proof., Procacity : Forwardness; pertness; petulance., Procreant : Generating; producing; productive; fruitful; assisting in procreation., Procreant : One who, or that which, procreates., Procreate : To generate and produce; to beget; to engender., Proctucha : A division of Turbellaria including those that have an intestine terminating posteriorly., Proctucha : The Nemertina., Prodigate : To squander., Profanate : To profane., Profanity : The quality or state of being profane; profaneness; irreverence; esp., the use of profane language; blasphemy., Profanity : That which is profane; profane language or acts., Prognathi : A comprehensive group of mankind, including those that have prognathous jaws., Prolation : The act of prolating or pronouncing; utterance; pronunciation., Prolation : The act of deferring; delay., Prolation : A mediaeval method of determining of the proportionate duration of semibreves and minims., Prolegate : The deputy or substitute for a legate., Proletary : A citizen of the lowest class, who served the state, not with property, but only by having children; hence, a common person., Promethea : A large American bombycid moth (Callosamia promethea). Its larva feeds on the sassafras, wild cherry, and other trees, and suspends its cocoon from a branch by a silken band., Pronation : The act of turning the palm or palmar surface of the forefoot downward., Pronation : That motion of the forearm whereby the palm or palmar, surface is turned downward., Pronation : The position of the limb resulting from the act of pronation. Opposed to supination., Pronotary : See Prothonotary., Propagate : To cause to continue or multiply by generation, or successive production; -- applied to animals and plants; as, to propagate a breed of horses or sheep; to propagate a species of fruit tree., Propagate : To cause to spread to extend; to impel or continue forward in space; as, to propagate sound or light., Propagate : To spread from person to person; to extend the knowledge of; to originate and spread; to carry from place to place; to disseminate; as, to propagate a story or report; to propagate the Christian religion., Propagate : To multiply; to increase., Propagate : To generate; to produce., Propagate : To have young or issue; to be produced or multiplied by generation, or by new shoots or plants; as, rabbits propagate rapidly., Properate : To hasten, or press forward., Prorating : of Prorate, Prorogate : To prorogue., Prosomata : of Prosoma, Prostatic : Of or pertaining to the prostate gland., Prostomia : of Prostomium, Prostrate : Lying at length, or with the body extended on the ground or other surface; stretched out; as, to sleep prostrate., Prostrate : Lying at mercy, as a supplicant., Prostrate : Lying in a humble, lowly, or suppliant posture., Prostrate : Trailing on the ground; procumbent., Prostrate : To lay fiat; to throw down; to level; to fell; as, to prostrate the body; to prostrate trees or plants., Prostrate : to overthrow; to demolish; to destroy; to deprive of efficiency; to ruin; as, to prostrate a village; to prostrate a government; to prostrate law or justice., Prostrate : To throw down, or cause to fall in humility or adoration; to cause to bow in humble reverence; used reflexively; as, he prostrated himself., Prostrate : To cause to sink totally; to deprive of strength; to reduce; as, a person prostrated by fever., Protactic : Giving a previous narrative or explanation, as of the plot or personages of a play; introductory., Proteanly : In a protean manner., Proteidea : An order of aquatic amphibians having prominent external gills and four legs. It includes Proteus and Menobranchus (Necturus). Called also Proteoidea, and Proteida., Prothalli : of Prothallus, Prothorax : The first or anterior segment of the thorax in insects. See Illusts. of Butterfly and Coleoptera., Protonema : The primary growth from the spore of a moss, usually consisting of branching confervoid filaments, on any part of which stem and leaf buds may be developed., Protosalt : A salt derived from a protoxide base., Protozoan : Of or pertaining to the Protozoa., Protozoan : One of the Protozoa., Proximate : Nearest; next immediately preceding or following., Psarolite : A silicified stem of tree fern, found in abundance in the Triassic sandstone., Pteropoda : A class of Mollusca in which the anterior lobes of the foot are developed in the form of broad, thin, winglike organs, with which they swim at near the surface of the sea., Pterosaur : A pterodactyl., Pulsatory : Capable of pulsating; throbbing., Punctator : One who marks with points. specifically, one who writes Hebrew with points; -- applied to a Masorite., Purgation : The act of purging; the act of clearing, cleansing, or putifying, by separating and carrying off impurities, or whatever is superfluous; the evacuation of the bowels., Purgation : The clearing of one's self from a crime of which one was publicly suspected and accused. It was either canonical, which was prescribed by the canon law, the form whereof used in the spiritual court was, that the person suspected take his oath that he was clear of the matter objected against him, and bring his honest neighbors with him to make oath that they believes he swore truly; or vulgar, which was by fire or water ordeal, or by combat. See Ordeal., Purgatory : Tending to cleanse; cleansing; expiatory., Purgatory : A state or place of purification after death; according to the Roman Catholic creed, a place, or a state believed to exist after death, in which the souls of persons are purified by expiating such offenses committed in this life as do not merit eternal damnation, or in which they fully satisfy the justice of God for sins that have been forgiven. After this purgation from the impurities of sin, the souls are believed to be received into heaven., Pyrolator : A fire worshiper., Pyrolatry : The worship of fire., Quarteron : A quarter; esp., a quarter of a pound, or a quarter of a hundred., Quarteron : Alt. of Quarteroon, Quartzoid : A form of crystal common with quartz, consisting of two six-sided pyramids, base to base., Quartzose : Containing, or resembling, quartz; partaking of the nature or qualities of quartz., Quartzous : Quarzose., Rachitome : A dissecting instrument for opening the spinal canal., Raconteur : A relater; a storyteller., Radiation : The act of radiating, or the state of being radiated; emission and diffusion of rays of light; beamy brightness., Radiation : The shooting forth of anything from a point or surface, like the diverging rays of light; as, the radiation of heat., Radiolite : A hippurite., Rantipole : A wild, romping young person., Rantipole : Wild; roving; rakish., Rantipole : To act like a rantipole., Raptorial : Rapacious; living upon prey; -- said especially of certain birds., Raptorial : Adapted for seizing prey; -- said of the legs, claws, etc., of insects, birds, and other animals., Raptorial : Of or pertaining to the Raptores. See Illust. (f) of Aves., Rapturous : Ecstatic; transporting; ravishing; feeling, expressing, or manifesting rapture; as, rapturous joy, pleasure, or delight; rapturous applause., Raspatory : A surgeon's rasp., Rationale : An explanation or exposition of the principles of some opinion, action, hypothesis, phenomenon, or the like; also, the principles themselves., Rattlebox : A toy that makes a rattling sound; a rattle., Rattlebox : An American herb (Crotalaria sagittalis), the seeds of which, when ripe, rattle in the inflated pod., Rattlebox : Any species of Crotalaria, a genus of yellow-flowered herbs, with inflated, many-seeded pods., Rattooned : of Rattoon, Rayonnant : Darting forth rays, as the sun when it shines out., Reappoint : To appoint again., Reasonist : A rationalist., Reboation : Repetition of a bellow., Recaption : The act of retaking, as of one who has escaped after arrest; reprisal; the retaking of one's own goods, chattels, wife, or children, without force or violence, from one who has taken them and who wrongfully detains them., Recompact : To compact or join anew., Rectorate : The office, rank, or station of a rector; rectorship., Rectorial : Pertaining to a rector or a rectory; rectoral., Redaction : The act of redacting; work produced by redacting; a digest., Redthroat : A small Australian singing bird (Phyrrholaemus brunneus). The upper parts are brown, the center of the throat red., Refaction : Recompense; atonement; retribution., Refractor : Anything that refracts, Refractor : A refracting telescope, in which the image to be viewed is formed by the refraction of light in passing through a convex lens., Regulator : One who, or that which, regulates., Regulator : A contrivance for regulating and controlling motion, as: (a) The lever or index in a watch, which controls the effective length of the hairspring, and thus regulates the vibrations of the balance. (b) The governor of a steam engine. (c) A valve for controlling the admission of steam to the steam chest, in a locomotive., Regulator : A clock, or other timepiece, used as a standard of correct time. See Astronomical clock (a), under Clock., Regulator : A member of a volunteer committee which, in default of the lawful authority, undertakes to preserve order and prevent crimes; also, sometimes, one of a band organized for the comission of violent crimes., Remontant : Rising again; -- applied to a class of roses which bloom more than once in a season; the hybrid perpetual roses, of which the Jacqueminot is a well-known example., Renovator : One who, or that which, renovates., Reportage : SAme as Report., Reprobate : Not enduring proof or trial; not of standard purity or fineness; disallowed; rejected., Reprobate : Abandoned to punishment; hence, morally abandoned and lost; given up to vice; depraved., Reprobate : Of or pertaining to one who is given up to wickedness; as, reprobate conduct., Reprobate : One morally abandoned and lost., Reprobate : To disapprove with detestation or marks of extreme dislike; to condemn as unworthy; to disallow; to reject., Reprobate : To abandon to punishment without hope of pardon., Reptation : The act of creeping., Reptatory : Creeping., Resonator : Anything which resounds; specifically, a vessel in the form of a cylinder open at one end, or a hollow ball of brass with two apertures, so contrived as to greatly intensify a musical tone by its resonance. It is used for the study and analysis of complex sounds., Retractor : One who, or that which, retracts., Retractor : In breech-loading firearms, a device for withdrawing a cartridge shell from the barrel., Retractor : An instrument for holding apart the edges of a wound during amputation., Retractor : A bandage to protect the soft parts from injury by the saw during amputation., Retractor : A muscle serving to draw in any organ or part. See Illust. under Phylactolaemata., Revelator : One who makes a revelation; a revealer., Rhizomata : of Rhizoma, Rhodanate : A salt of rhodanic acid; a sulphocyanate., Rhotacism : An oversounding, or a misuse, of the letter r; specifically (Phylol.), the tendency, exhibited in the Indo-European languages, to change s to r, as wese to were., Rhynchota : Same as Hemiptera., Roadstead : An anchorage off shore. Same as Road, 4., Rock shaft : A shaft that oscillates on its journals, instead of revolving, -- usually carrying levers by means of which it receives and communicates reciprocating motion, as in the valve gear of some steam engines; -- called also rocker, rocking shaft, and way shaft., Rock staff : An oscillating bar in a machine, as the lever of the bellows of a forge., Romancist : A romancer., Rose water : Water tinctured with roses by distillation., Rose-water : Having the odor of rose water; hence, affectedly nice or delicate; sentimental., Rostellar : Pertaining to a rostellum., Rostrated : Having a process resembling the beak of a bird; beaked; rostellate., Rostrated : Furnished or adorned with beaks; as, rostrated galleys., Rotascope : Same as Gyroscope, 1., Rotatoria : Same as Rotifera., Rotundate : Rounded; especially, rounded at the end or ends, or at the corners., Roughcast : To form in its first rudiments, without revision, correction, or polish., Roughcast : To mold without nicety or elegance; to form with asperities and inequalities., Roughcast : To plaster with a mixture of lime and shells or pebbles; as, to roughcast a building., Roughcast : A rude model; the rudimentary, unfinished form of a thing., Roughcast : A kind of plastering made of lime, with a mixture of shells or pebbles, used for covering buildings., Roughtail : Any species of small ground snakes of the family Uropeltidae; -- so called from their rough tails., Routinary : Involving, or pertaining to, routine; ordinary; customary., Rowan tree : A european tree (Pyrus aucuparia) related to the apple, but with pinnate leaves and flat corymbs of small white flowers followed by little bright red berries. Called also roan tree, and mountain ash. The name is also applied to two American trees of similar habit (Pyrus Americana, and P. sambucifolia)., Royalties : of Royalty, Ructation : The act of belching wind., Ruination : The act of ruining, or the state of being ruined., Ruminator : One who ruminates or muses; a meditator., Runcation : A weeding., Rutaceous : Of or pertaining to plants of a natural order (Rutaceae) of which the rue is the type, and which includes also the orange, lemon, dittany, and buchu., Sabotiere : A kind of freezer for ices., Sacration : Consecration., Salometer : See Salimeter., Saltatory : Leaping or dancing; having the power of, or used in, leaping or dancing., Salvatory : A place where things are preserved; a repository., Sarcomata : of Sarcoma, Sarcoptes : A genus of parasitic mites including the itch mites., Sarcoptid : Any species of the genus Sarcoptes and related genera of mites, comprising the itch mites and mange mites., Sarcoptid : Of or pertaining to the itch mites., Sartorial : Of or pertaining to a tailor or his work., Sartorial : Of or pertaining to the sartorius muscle., Sartorius : A muscle of the thigh, called the tailor's muscle, which arises from the hip bone and is inserted just below the knee. So named because its contraction was supposed to produce the position of the legs assumed by the tailor in sitting., Saturator : One who, or that which, saturates., Sclerotal : Sclerotic., Sclerotal : The optic capsule; the sclerotic coat of the eye., Sclerotia : of Sclerotium, Scrutator : One who scrutinizes; a close examiner or inquirer., Searcloth : Cerecloth., Searcloth : To cover, as a sore, with cerecloth., Sea rocket : See under Rocket., Seaworthy : Fit for a voyage; worthy of being trusted to transport a cargo with safety; as, a seaworthy ship., Sectorial : Adapted for cutting., Sectorial : A sectorial, or carnassial, tooth., Sematrope : An instrument for signaling by reflecting the rays of the sun in different directions., Separator : One who, or that which, separates., Separator : A device for depriving steam of particles of water mixed with it., Separator : An apparatus for sorting pulverized ores into grades, or separating them from gangue., Separator : An instrument used for spreading apart the threads of the warp in the loom, etc., Seriation : Arrangement or position in a series., Serration : Condition of being serrate; formation in the shape of a saw., Serration : One of the teeth in a serrate or serrulate margin., Sgraffito : Scratched; -- said of decorative painting of a certain style, in which a white overland surface is cut or scratched through, so as to form the design from a dark ground underneath., Sharewort : A composite plant (Aster Tripolium) growing along the seacoast of Europe., Shortcake : An unsweetened breakfast cake shortened with butter or lard, rolled thin, and baked., Shorthand : A compendious and rapid method or writing by substituting characters, abbreviations, or symbols, for letters, words, etc.; short writing; stenography. See Illust. under Phonography., Shorthead : A sucking whale less than one year old; -- so called by sailors., Signatory : Relating to a seal; used in sealing., Signatory : Signing; joining or sharing in a signature; as, signatory powers., Signatory : A signer; one who signs or subscribes; as, a conference of signatories., Simulator : One who simulates, or feigns., Snakeroot : Any one of several plants of different genera and species, most of which are (or were formerly) reputed to be efficacious as remedies for the bites of serpents; also, the roots of any of these., Societary : Societarian., Socratism : The philosophy or the method of Socrates., Socratist : A disciple or follower of Socrates., Solfatara : A volcanic area or vent which yields only sulphur vapors, steam, and the like. It represents the stages of the volcanic activity., Solitaire : A person who lives in solitude; a recluse; a hermit., Solitaire : A single diamond in a setting; also, sometimes, a precious stone of any kind set alone., Solitaire : A game which one person can play alone; -- applied to many games of cards, etc.; also, to a game played on a board with pegs or balls, in which the object is, beginning with all the places filled except one, to remove all but one of the pieces by "jumping," as in draughts., Solitaire : A large extinct bird (Pezophaps solitaria) which formerly inhabited the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigeuz. It was larger and taller than the wild turkey. Its wings were too small for flight. Called also solitary., Solitaire : Any species of American thrushlike birds of the genus Myadestes. They are noted their sweet songs and retiring habits. Called also fly-catching thrush. A West Indian species (Myadestes sibilans) is called the invisible bird., Songcraft : The art of making songs or verse; metrical composition; versification., Sopranist : A treble singer., Sorediate : Sorediiferous., Soritical : Of or pertaining to a sorites; resembling a sorites., Souari nut : The large edible nutlike seed of a tall tropical American tree (Caryocar nuciferum) of the same natural order with the tea plant; -- also called butternut., Southward : Alt. of Southwards, Southward : Toward the south., Southward : The southern regions or countries; the south., Spearwort : A name given to several species of crowfoot (Ranunculus) which have spear-shaped leaves., Spectator : One who on; one who sees or beholds; a beholder; one who is personally present at, and sees, any exhibition; as, the spectators at a show., Spermatoa : of Spermatoon, Spiration : The act of breathing., Spoliator : One who spoliates; a spoiler., Sportsman : One who pursues the sports of the field; one who hunts, fishes, etc., Sportulae : of Sportula, Squawroot : A scaly parasitic plant (Conopholis Americana) found in oak woods in the United States; -- called also cancer root., Stalworth : Brave; bold; strong; redoubted; daring; vehement; violent., Starboard : That side of a vessel which is on the right hand of a person who stands on board facing the bow; -- opposed to larboard, or port., Starboard : Pertaining to the right-hand side of a ship; being or lying on the right side; as, the starboard quarter; starboard tack., Starboard : To put to the right, or starboard, side of a vessel; as, to starboard the helm., Starproof : Impervious to the light of the stars; as, a starproof elm., Starshoot : See Nostoc., Starstone : Asteriated sapphire., Stateroom : A magnificent room in a place or great house., Stateroom : A small apartment for lodging or sleeping in the cabin, or on the deck, of a vessel; also, a somewhat similar apartment in a railway sleeping car., Stationer : A bookseller or publisher; -- formerly so called from his occupying a stand, or station, in the market place or elsewhere., Stationer : One who sells paper, pens, quills, inkstands, pencils, blank books, and other articles used in writing., Statutory : Enacted by statute; depending on statute for its authority; as, a statutory provision., Stearolic : Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid of the acetylene series, isologous with stearis acid, and obtained, as a white crystalline substance, from oleic acid., Stirabout : A dish formed of oatmeal boiled in water to a certain consistency and frequently stirred, or of oatmeal and dripping mixed together and stirred about in a pan; a hasty pudding., Stomacher : One who stomachs., Stomacher : An ornamental covering for the breast, worn originally both by men and women. Those worn by women were often richly decorated., Stonecray : A distemper in hawks., Stoneware : A species of coarse potter's ware, glazed and baked., Storm-beat : Beaten, injured, or impaired by storms., Stowboard : A place into which rubbish is put., Strappado : A military punishment formerly practiced, which consisted in drawing an offender to the top of a beam and letting him fall to the length of the rope, by which means a limb was often dislocated., Strappado : To punish or torture by the strappado., Strapwork : A kind of ornament consisting of a narrow fillet or band folded, crossed, and interlaced., Stratonic : Of or pertaining to an army., Stratotic : Warlike; military., Strawworm : A caddice worm., Striation : The quality or condition of being striated., Striation : A stria; as, the striations on a shell., Strobilae : of Strobila, Stromatic : Miscellaneous; composed of different kinds., Strontian : Strontia., Subrogate : To put in the place of another; to substitute., Suctorial : Adapted for sucking; living by sucking; as, the humming birds are suctorial birds., Suctorial : Capable of adhering by suction; as, the suctorial fishes., Suctorian : A cartilaginous fish with a mouth adapted for suction, as the lampery., Suctorian : One of the Suctoria., Sudatoria : of Sudatorium, Supinator : A muscle which produces the motion of supination., Surrogate : A deputy; a delegate; a substitute., Surrogate : The deputy of an ecclesiastical judge, most commonly of a bishop or his chancellor, especially a deputy who grants marriage licenses., Surrogate : In some States of the United States, an officer who presides over the probate of wills and testaments and yield the settlement of estates., Surrogate : To put in the place of another; to substitute., Swordtail : The limulus., Swordtail : Any hemipterous insect of the genus Uroxiphus, found upon forest trees., Tailboard : The board at the rear end of a cart or wagon, which can be removed or let down, for convenience in loading or unloading., Tailoring : of Tailor, Tailoress : A female tailor., Tailoring : The business or the work of a tailor or a tailoress., Taintworm : A destructive parasitic worm or insect larva., Talookdar : Alt. of Talukdar, Tamboured : of Tambour, Tambourin : A tambourine., Tambourin : An old Provencal dance of a lively character, common on the stage., Tanagroid : Tanagrine., Tardation : The act of retarding, or delaying; retardation., Tarsotomy : The operation of cutting or removing the tarsal cartilages., Tartarous : Containing tartar; consisting of tartar, or partaking of its qualities; tartareous., Tartarous : Resembling, or characteristic of, a Tartar; ill-natured; irritable., Tartronic : Of, pertaining to, or designating, an organic acid (called also hydroxy malonic acid) obtained, by reducing mesoxalic acid, as a white crystalline substance., Tartronyl : A hypothetical radical constituting the characteristic residue of tartronic acid and certain of its derivatives., Tauriform : Having the form of a bull., Tectorial : Of or pertaining to covering; -- applied to a membrane immediately over the organ of Corti in the internal ear., Teleosaur : Any one of several species of fossil suarians belonging to Teleosaurus and allied genera. These reptiles are related to the crocodiles, but have biconcave vertebrae., Temporary : Lasting for a time only; existing or continuing for a limited time; not permanent; as, the patient has obtained temporary relief., Tephrosia : A genus of leguminous shrubby plants and herbs, mostly found in tropical countries, a few herbaceous species being North American. The foliage is often ashy-pubescent, whence the name., Teraconic : Pertaining to, or designating, an acid obtained by the distillation of terebic acid, and homologous with citraconic acid., Tetradont : See Tetrodont., Tetralogy : A group or series of four dramatic pieces, three tragedies and one satyric, or comic, piece (or sometimes four tragedies), represented consequently on the Attic stage at the Dionysiac festival., Tetraonid : A bird belonging to the tribe of which the genus Tetrao is the type, as the grouse, partridge, quail, and the like. Used also adjectively., Tetrapody : A set of four feet; a measure or distance of four feet., Tetrazone : Any one of a certain series of basic compounds containing a chain of four nitrogen atoms; for example, ethyl tetrazone, (C2H5)2N.N2.N(C2H5)2, a colorless liquid having an odor of leeks., Textorial : Of or pertaining to weaving., Theobroma : A genus of small trees. See Cacao., Theocracy : Government of a state by the immediate direction or administration of God; hence, the exercise of political authority by priests as representing the Deity., Theocracy : The state thus governed, as the Hebrew commonwealth before it became a kingdom., Theocrasy : A mixture of the worship of different gods, as of Jehovah and idols., Theocrasy : An intimate union of the soul with God in contemplation, -- an ideal of the Neoplatonists and of some Oriental mystics., Theorical : Theoretic., Theropoda : An order of carnivorous dinosaurs in which the feet are less birdlike, and hence more like those of an ordinary quadruped, than in the Ornithopoda. It includes the rapacious genera Megalosaurus, Creosaurus, and their allies., Thoracica : A division of cirripeds including those which have six thoracic segments, usually bearing six pairs of cirri. The common barnacles are examples., Thornback : A European skate (Raia clavata) having thornlike spines on its back., Thornback : The large European spider crab or king crab (Maia squinado)., Thorntail : A beautiful South American humming bird (Gouldia Popelairii), having the six outer tail feathers long, slender, and pointed. The head is ornamented with a long, pointed crest., Thralldom : Thraldom., Three-coat : Having or consisting of three coats; -- applied to plastering which consists of pricking-up, floating, and a finishing coat; or, as called in the United States, a scratch coat, browning, and finishing coat., Throating : A drip, or drip molding., Thyrohyal : One of the lower segments in the hyoid arch, often consolidated with the body of the hyoid bone and forming one of its great horns, as in man., Timocracy : A state in which the love of honor is the ruling motive., Timocracy : A state in which honors are distributed according to a rating of property., Tire-woman : A lady's maid., Tire-woman : A dresser in a theater., Titration : The act or process of titrating; a substance obtained by titrating., Toadeater : A fawning, obsequious parasite; a mean sycophant; a flatterer; a toady., Tolerable : Capable of being borne or endured; supportable, either physically or mentally., Tolerable : Moderately good or agreeable; not contemptible; not very excellent or pleasing, but such as can be borne or received without disgust, resentment, or opposition; passable; as, a tolerable administration; a tolerable entertainment; a tolerable translation., Tolerance : The power or capacity of enduring; the act of enduring; endurance., Tolerance : The endurance of the presence or actions of objectionable persons, or of the expression of offensive opinions; toleration., Tolerance : The power possessed or acquired by some persons of bearing doses of medicine which in ordinary cases would prove injurious or fatal., Tolerated : of Tolerate, Tonsorial : Of or pertaining to a barber, or shaving., Top-hamper : The upper rigging, spars, etc., of a ship., Topiarian : Of or pertaining to the ornamental cutting and trimming of trees, hedges, etc.; practicing ornamental gardening., Tornadoes : of Tornado, Tornariae : of Tornaria, Torquated : Having or wearing a torque, or neck chain., Torsional : Of or pertaining to torsion; resulting from torsion, or the force with which a thread or wire returns to a state of rest after having been twisted round its axis; as, torsional force., Toscatter : To scatter in pieces; to divide., Townwards : Toward a town., Track-road : A towing path., Tractator : One who writes tracts; specif., a Tractarian., Tradition : The act of delivering into the hands of another; delivery., Tradition : The unwritten or oral delivery of information, opinions, doctrines, practices, rites, and customs, from father to son, or from ancestors to posterity; the transmission of any knowledge, opinions, or practice, from forefathers to descendants by oral communication, without written memorials., Tradition : Hence, that which is transmitted orally from father to son, or from ancestors to posterity; knowledge or belief transmitted without the aid of written memorials; custom or practice long observed., Tradition : An unwritten code of law represented to have been given by God to Moses on Sinai., Tradition : That body of doctrine and discipline, or any article thereof, supposed to have been put forth by Christ or his apostles, and not committed to writing., Tradition : To transmit by way of tradition; to hand down., Traitorly : Like a traitor; treacherous; traitorous., Trajetour : Alt. of Trajetry, Tralation : The use of a word in a figurative or extended sense; ametaphor; a trope., Trampoose : To walk with labor, or heavily; to tramp., Tranation : The act of swimming over., Transform : To change the form of; to change in shape or appearance; to metamorphose; as, a caterpillar is ultimately transformed into a butterfly., Transform : To change into another substance; to transmute; as, the alchemists sought to transform lead into gold., Transform : To change in nature, disposition, heart, character, or the like; to convert., Transform : To change, as an algebraic expression or geometrical figure, into another from without altering its value., Transform : To be changed in form; to be metamorphosed., Transmove : To move or change from one state into another; to transform., Transport : To carry or bear from one place to another; to remove; to convey; as, to transport goods; to transport troops., Transport : To carry, or cause to be carried, into banishment, as a criminal; to banish., Transport : To carry away with vehement emotion, as joy, sorrow, complacency, anger, etc.; to ravish with pleasure or ecstasy; as, music transports the soul., Transport : Transportation; carriage; conveyance., Transport : A vessel employed for transporting, especially for carrying soldiers, warlike stores, or provisions, from one place to another, or to convey convicts to their destination; -- called also transport ship, transport vessel., Transport : Vehement emotion; passion; ecstasy; rapture., Transport : A convict transported, or sentenced to exile., Transpose : To change the place or order of; to substitute one for the other of; to exchange, in respect of position; as, to transpose letters, words, or propositions., Transpose : To change; to transform; to invert., Transpose : To bring, as any term of an equation, from one side over to the other, without destroying the equation; thus, if a + b = c, and we make a = c - b, then b is said to be transposed., Transpose : To change the natural order of, as words., Transpose : To change the key of., Trapezoid : A plane four-sided figure, having two sides parallel to each other., Trapezoid : A bone of the carpus at the base of the second metacarpal, or index finger., Trapezoid : Having the form of a trapezoid; trapezoidal; as, the trapezoid ligament which connects the coracoid process and the clavicle., Trapezoid : Of or pertaining to the trapezoid ligament; as, the trapezoid line., Trawlboat : A boat used in fishing with trawls or trawlnets., Treachour : A traitor., Treadfowl : A cock., Trehalose : Mycose; -- so called because sometimes obtained from trehala., Trematode : One of the Trematodea. Also used adjectively., Trematoid : Of or pertaining to the Trematodea. See Illustration in Appendix., Trialogue : A discourse or colloquy by three persons., Triatomic : Having three atoms; -- said of certain elements or radicals., Triatomic : Having a valence of three; trivalent; sometimes, in a specific sense, having three hydroxyl groups, whether acid or basic; thus, glycerin, glyceric acid, and tartronic acid are each triatomic., Trifallow : To plow the third time before sowing, as land., Trifloral : Alt. of Triflorous, Trigamous : Having three sorts of flowers in the same head, -- male, female, and hermaphrodite, or perfect, flowers., Trikosane : A hydrocarbon, C23H48, of the methane series, resembling paraffin; -- so called because it has twenty-three atoms of carbon in the molecule., Trilobate : Having three lobes., Trilobita : An extinct order of arthropods comprising the trilobites., Trinomial : A quantity consisting of three terms, connected by the sign + or -; as, x + y + z, or ax + 2b - c2., Trinomial : Consisting of three terms; of or pertaining to trinomials; as, a trinomial root., Triobolar : Alt. of Triobolary, Tripodian : An ancient stringed instrument; -- so called because, in form, it resembled the Delphic tripod., Trisagion : An ancient anthem, -- usually known by its Latin name tersanctus.See Tersanctus., Trochlear : Shaped like, or resembling, a pulley; pertaining to, or connected with, a trochlea; as, a trochlear articular surface; the trochlear muscle of the eye., Troopmeal : By troops; in crowds., Trousseau : The collective lighter equipments or outfit of a bride, including clothes, jewelry, and the like; especially, that which is provided for her by her family., Tubicolar : Tubicolous., Turban-top : A kind of fungus with an irregularly wrinkled, somewhat globular pileus (Helvella, / Gyromitra, esculenta.)., Turcomans : of Turcoman, Turkomans : of Turkoman, Two-parted : Divided from the border to the base into two distinct parts; bipartite., Two-ranked : Alternately disposed on exactly opposite sides of the stem so as to from two ranks; distichous., Tyrannous : Tyrannical; arbitrary; unjustly severe; despotic., Unchariot : To throw out of a chariot., Undercoat : A coat worn under another; a light coat, as distinguished from an overcoat, or a greatcoat., Undercoat : A growth of short hair or fur partially concealed by a longer growth; as, a dog's undercoat., Uranolite : A meteorite or aerolite., Urination : The act or process of voiding urine; micturition., Urocerata : A division of boring Hymenoptera, including Tremex and allied genera. See Illust. of Horntail., Uroxanate : A salt of uroxanic acid., Uwarowite : Ouvarovite., Vallatory : Of or pertaining to a vallation; used for a vallation; as, vallatory reads., Variation : The act of varying; a partial change in the form, position, state, or qualities of a thing; modification; alternation; mutation; diversity; deviation; as, a variation of color in different lights; a variation in size; variation of language., Variation : Extent to which a thing varies; amount of departure from a position or state; amount or rate of change., Variation : Change of termination of words, as in declension, conjugation, derivation, etc., Variation : Repetition of a theme or melody with fanciful embellishments or modifications, in time, tune, or harmony, or sometimes change of key; the presentation of a musical thought in new and varied aspects, yet so that the essential features of the original shall still preserve their identity., Variation : One of the different arrangements which can be made of any number of quantities taking a certain number of them together., Variolite : A kind of diorite or diabase containing imbedded whitish spherules, which give the rock a spotted appearance., Vasomotor : Causing movement in the walls of vessels; as, the vasomotor mechanisms; the vasomotor nerves, a system of nerves distributed over the muscular coats of the blood vessels., Venerator : One who venerates., Vernation : The arrangement of the leaves within the leaf bud, as regards their folding, coiling, rolling, etc.; prefoliation., Vibration : The act of vibrating, or the state of being vibrated, or in vibratory motion; quick motion to and fro; oscillation, as of a pendulum or musical string., Vibration : A limited reciprocating motion of a particle of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from its position of equilibrium, when that equilibrium has been disturbed, as when a stretched cord or other body produces musical notes, or particles of air transmit sounds to the ear. The path of the particle may be in a straight line, in a circular arc, or in any curve whatever., Vibratory : Consisting in, or causing, vibration, or oscillation; vibrating; as, a vibratory motion; a vibratory power., Victorian : Of or pertaining to the reign of Queen Victoria of England; as, the Victorian poets., Voluntary : Proceeding from the will; produced in or by an act of choice., Voluntary : Unconstrained by the interference of another; unimpelled by the influence of another; not prompted or persuaded by another; done of his or its own accord; spontaneous; acting of one's self, or of itself; free., Voluntary : Done by design or intention; intentional; purposed; intended; not accidental; as, if a man kills another by lopping a tree, it is not voluntary manslaughter., Voluntary : Of or pertaining to the will; subject to, or regulated by, the will; as, the voluntary motions of an animal, such as the movements of the leg or arm (in distinction from involuntary motions, such as the movements of the heart); the voluntary muscle fibers, which are the agents in voluntary motion., Voluntary : Endowed with the power of willing; as, man is a voluntary agent., Voluntary : Free; without compulsion; according to the will, consent, or agreement, of a party; without consideration; gratuitous; without valuable consideration., Voluntary : Of or pertaining to voluntaryism; as, a voluntary church, in distinction from an established or state church., Voluntary : One who engages in any affair of his own free will; a volunteer., Voluntary : A piece played by a musician, often extemporarily, according to his fancy; specifically, an organ solo played before, during, or after divine service., Voluntary : One who advocates voluntaryism., Warnstore : To furnish., Warrantor : One who warrants., Watchword : A word given to sentinels, and to such as have occasion to visit the guards, used as a signal by which a friend is known from an enemy, or a person who has a right to pass the watch from one who has not; a countersign; a password., Watchword : A sentiment or motto; esp., one used as a rallying cry or a signal for action., Water aloe : See Water soldier., Water cock : A large gallinule (Gallicrex cristatus) native of Australia, India, and the East Indies. In the breeding season the male is black and has a fleshy red caruncle, or horn, on the top of its head. Called also kora., Water crow : The dipper., Water crow : The European coot., Water dock : A tall, coarse dock growing in wet places. The American water dock is Rumex orbiculatus, the European is R. Hydrolapathum., Waterfowl : Any bird that frequents the water, or lives about rivers, lakes, etc., or on or near the sea; an aquatic fowl; -- used also collectively., Water mole : The shrew mole. See under Shrew., Water mole : The duck mole. See under Duck., Water pore : A pore by which the water tubes of various invertebrates open externally., Water pore : One of certain minute pores in the leaves of some plants. They are without true guardian cells, but in other respects closely resemble ordinary stomata., Water-soak : To soak water; to fill the interstices of with water., Water vole : See under Vole., Waterwork : Painting executed in size or distemper, on canvas or walls, -- formerly, frequently taking the place of tapestry., Waterwork : An hydraulic apparatus, or a system of works or fixtures, by which a supply of water is furnished for useful or ornamental purposes, including dams, sluices, pumps, aqueducts, distributing pipes, fountains, etc.; -- used chiefly in the plural., Waterworn : Worn, smoothed, or polished by the action of water; as, waterworn stones., Waterwort : Any plant of the natural order Elatineae, consisting of two genera (Elatine, and Bergia), mostly small annual herbs growing in the edges of ponds. Some have a peppery or acrid taste., Whatsoe'er : A contraction of whatsoever; -- used in poetry., Wheatworm : A small nematode worm (Anguillula tritici) which attacks the grains of wheat in the ear. It is found in wheat affected with smut, each of the diseased grains containing a large number of the minute young of the worm., Woodcraft : Skill and practice in anything pertaining to the woods, especially in shooting, and other sports in the woods., Worktable : A table for holding working materials and implements; esp., a small table with drawers and other conveniences for needlework, etc., Worm-eaten : Eaten, or eaten into, by a worm or by worms; as, worm-eaten timber., Worm-eaten : Worn-out; old; worthless., Wrain-bolt : Same as Wringbolt., Zirconate : A salt of zirconic acid.,

3 Letter Scrabble word finder and anagram solver for Orat and meanings

Rot (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A fatal distemper which attacks sheep and sometimes other animals. It is due to the presence of a parasitic worm in the liver or gall bladder. See 1st Fluke, 2. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rot
Rat (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A round and tapering mass of hair, or similar material, used by women to support the puffs and rolls of their natural hair. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tra
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A system of rules serving to facilitate the performance of certain actions; a system of principles and rules for attaining a desired end; method of doing well some special work; -- often contradistinguished from science or speculative principles; as, the art of building or engraving; the art of war; the art of navigation. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Art
Rat (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: In English politics, to desert one's party from interested motives; to forsake one's associates for one's own advantage; in the trades, to work for less wages, or on other conditions, than those established by a trades union. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rta
Rot (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: To expose, as flax, to a process of maceration, etc., for the purpose of separating the fiber; to ret. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ort
Rot (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: To undergo a process common to organic substances by which they lose the cohesion of their parts and pass through certain chemical changes, giving off usually in some stages of the process more or less offensive odors; to become decomposed by a natural process; to putrefy; to decay. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tro
Ora (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A money of account among the Anglo-Saxons, valued, in the Domesday Book, at twenty pence sterling. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Roa
Oat (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A well-known cereal grass (Avena sativa), and its edible grain; -- commonly used in the plural and in a collective sense. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ato
Tor (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: High-pointed hill; a rocky pinnacle. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rto
Ort (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A morsel left at a meal; a fragment; refuse; -- commonly used in the plural. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ort
Oar (n) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: An oarsman; a rower; as, he is a good oar. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Roa
Rot (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: Process of rotting; decay; putrefaction. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rot
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: The systematic application of knowledge or skill in effecting a desired result. Also, an occupation or business requiring such knowledge or skill. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rta
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: The application of skill to the production of the beautiful by imitation or design, or an occupation in which skill is so employed, as in painting and sculpture; one of the fine arts; as, he prefers art to literature. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tra
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: The employment of means to accomplish some desired end; the adaptation of things in the natural world to the uses of life; the application of knowledge or power to practical purposes. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tar
Art () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: The second person singular, indicative mode, present tense, of the substantive verb Be; but formed after the analogy of the plural are, with the ending -t, as in thou shalt, wilt, orig. an ending of the second person sing. pret. Cf. Be. Now used only in solemn or poetical style. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rat
Tor (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A tower; a turret. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rto
Rot (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: Figuratively: To perish slowly; to decay; to die; to become corrupt. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Otr
Rot (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A disease or decay in fruits, leaves, or wood, supposed to be caused by minute fungi. See Bitter rot, Black rot, etc., below. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rot
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: Skillful plan; device. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Art
Rot (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: To make putrid; to cause to be wholly or partially decomposed by natural processes; as, to rot vegetable fiber. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Otr
Rat (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: One who deserts his party or associates; hence, in the trades, one who works for lower wages than those prescribed by a trades union. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rat
Oat (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A musical pipe made of oat straw. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Oat
Tar (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A sailor; a seaman. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rta
Ora (pl. ) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: of Os Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rao
Oar (n) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: An implement for impelling a boat, being a slender piece of timber, usually ash or spruce, with a grip or handle at one end and a broad blade at the other. The part which rests in the rowlock is called the loom. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Oar
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: Those branches of learning which are taught in the academical course of colleges; as, master of arts. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Atr
Rat (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: One of several species of small rodents of the genus Mus and allied genera, larger than mice, that infest houses, stores, and ships, especially the Norway, or brown, rat (M. decumanus), the black rat (M. rattus), and the roof rat (M. Alexandrinus). These were introduced into America from the Old World. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tar
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: Skill, dexterity, or the power of performing certain actions, acquired by experience, study, or observation; knack; as, a man has the art of managing his business to advantage. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rat
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: Learning; study; applied knowledge, science, or letters. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rta
Oar (v. t. & i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: To row. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Roa
Oar (n) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: An oarlike swimming organ of various invertebrates. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Aro
Tar (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: To smear with tar, or as with tar; as, to tar ropes; to tar cloth. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Art
Tar (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: A thick, black, viscous liquid obtained by the distillation of wood, coal, etc., and having a varied composition according to the temperature and material employed in obtaining it. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rta
-art () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: The termination of many English words; as, coward, reynard, drunkard, mostly from the French, in which language this ending is of German origin, being orig. the same word as English hard. It usually has the sense of one who has to a high or excessive degree the quality expressed by the root; as, braggart, sluggard. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rat-
Rat (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: To catch or kill rats. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Atr
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: Cunning; artifice; craft. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tar
Art (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Orat means: The black art; magic. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Rta

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