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Broaden (v): Become broader

Broaden (v): Make broader

Broaden (v): Vary in order to spread risk or to expand

Broaden (v): Extend in scope or range or area

Bandore (n.): A musical stringed instrument, similar in form to a guitar; a pandore.

Broaden (a.): To grow broad; to become broader or wider.

Broaden (v. t.): To make broad or broader; to render more broad or comprehensive.

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8 Letter Words containing BROADEN: Bondager : A field worker, esp. a woman who works in the field., Deadborn : Stillborn., Dearborn : A four-wheeled carriage, with curtained sides., Debonair : Characterized by courteousness, affability, or gentleness; of good appearance and manners; graceful; complaisant., Downbear : To bear down; to depress., Rawboned : Having little flesh on the bones; gaunt., Ropeband : A small piece of spun yarn or marline, used to fasten the head of the sail to the spar.,

9 Letter Words containing BROADEN: Abandoner : One who abandons., Absconder : One who absconds., Banderole : Alt. of Bandrol, Bandoleer : Alt. of Bandolier, Bandolier : A broad leather belt formerly worn by soldiers over the right shoulder and across the breast under the left arm. Originally it was used for supporting the musket and twelve cases for charges, but later only as a cartridge belt., Bandolier : One of the leather or wooden cases in which the charges of powder were carried., Bearhound : A hound for baiting or hunting bears., Breadcorn : Corn of grain of which bread is made, as wheat, rye, etc., Breakdown : The act or result of breaking down, as of a carriage; downfall., Breakdown : A noisy, rapid, shuffling dance engaged in competitively by a number of persons or pairs in succession, as among the colored people of the Southern United States, and so called, perhaps, because the exercise is continued until most of those who take part in it break down., Breakdown : Any rude, noisy dance performed by shuffling the feet, usually by one person at a time., Broadened : of Broaden, Broadness : The condition or quality of being broad; breadth; coarseness; grossness., Carbonade : Alt. of Carbonado, Carbonade : To cut (meat) across for frying or broiling; to cut or slice and broil., Carbonade : To cut or hack, as in fighting., Carbonide : A carbide., Dannebrog : The ancient battle standard of Denmark, bearing figures of cross and crown., Ordinable : Capable of being ordained or appointed., Rainbowed : Formed with or like a rainbow., Unlabored : Not produced by labor or toil., Unlabored : Not cultivated; untitled; as, an unlabored field., Unlabored : Not laboriously produced, or not evincing labor; as, an unlabored style or work.,

10 Letter Words containing BROADEN: Beforehand : In a state of anticipation ore preoccupation; in advance; -- often followed by with., Beforehand : By way of preparation, or preliminary; previously; aforetime., Beforehand : In comfortable circumstances as regards property; forehanded., Boundaries : of Boundary, Brand goose : A species of wild goose (Branta bernicla) usually called in America brant. See Brant., Brand spore : One of several spores growing in a series or chain, and produced by one of the fungi called brand., Broadening : of Broaden, Carbonated : Combined or impregnated with carbonic acid., Carbonized : of Carbonize, Debonairly : Courteously; elegantly., Hot-brained : Ardent in temper; violent; rash; impetuous; as, hot-brained youth., Indorsable : Capable of being indorsed; transferable; convertible., Knifeboard : A board on which knives are cleaned or polished., Observanda : of Observandum, Ordainable : Capable of being ordained; worthy to be ordained or appointed., Overabound : To be exceedingly plenty or superabundant., Pardonable : Admitting of pardon; not requiring the excution of penalty; venial; excusable; -- applied to the offense or to the offender; as, a pardonable fault, or culprit., Ponderable : Capable of being weighed; having appreciable weight., Roberdsman : Alt. of Robertsman, Shard-borne : Borne on shards or scaly wing cases., Underboard : Under the board, or table; hence, secretly; unfairly; underhand. See the Note under Aboveboard., Unharbored : Having no harbor or shelter; unprotected., Unharbored : Affording no harbor or shelter., Water-bound : Prevented by a flood from proceeding.,

11 Letter Words containing BROADEN: Arbor dianae : A precipitation of silver, in a beautiful arborescent form., Bombardment : An attack upon a fortress or fortified town, with shells, hot shot, rockets, etc.; the act of throwing bombs and shot into a town or fortified place., Bond servant : A slave; one who is bound to service without wages., Book-learned : Versed in books; having knowledge derived from books., Broad-horned : Having horns spreading widely., Carbonadoed : of Carbonade, Carbonadoes : of Carbonado, Centerboard : Alt. of Centreboard, Centreboard : A movable or sliding keel formed of a broad board or slab of wood or metal which may be raised into a water-tight case amidships, when in shallow water, or may be lowered to increase the area of lateral resistance and prevent leeway when the vessel is beating to windward. It is used in vessels of all sizes along the coast of the United States, Cock-brained : Giddy; rash., Concordable : Capable of according; agreeing; harmonious., Cross-banded : A term used when a narrow ribbon of veneer is inserted into the surface of any piece of furniture, wainscoting, etc., so that the grain of it is contrary to the general surface., Debarkation : Disembarkation., Debonairity : Debonairness., Decarbonate : To deprive of carbonic acid., Decarbonize : To deprive of carbon; as, to decarbonize steel; to decarbonize the blood., Delibration : The act of stripping off the bark., Deturbation : The act of deturbating., Doctrinable : Of the nature of, or constituting, doctrine., Embryonated : In the state of, or having, an embryonal., Florida bean : The large, roundish, flattened seed of Mucuna urens. See under Bean., Florida bean : One of the very large seeds of the Entada scandens., Forbiddance : The act of forbidding; prohibition; command or edict against a thing., Guerdonable : Worthy of reward., Monkey-bread : The fruit of the Adansonia digitata; also, the tree. See Adansonia., Observandum : A thing to be observed., Pound-breach : The breaking of a public pound for releasing impounded animals., Round-backed : Having a round back or shoulders; round-shouldered., Subdeaconry : Alt. of Subdeaconship, Subordinate : Placed in a lower order, class, or rank; holding a lower or inferior position., Subordinate : Inferior in order, nature, dignity, power, importance, or the like., Subordinate : One who stands in order or rank below another; -- distinguished from a principal., Subordinate : To place in a lower order or class; to make or consider as of less value or importance; as, to subordinate one creature to another., Subordinate : To make subject; to subject or subdue; as, to subordinate the passions to reason., Superabound : To be very abundant or exuberant; to be more than sufficient; as, the country superabounds with corn.,

12 Letter Words containing BROADEN: Adorableness : The quality of being adorable, or worthy of adoration., Ballad monger : A seller or maker of ballads; a poetaster., Brazen-browed : Shamelessly impudent., Broken-backed : Having a broken back; as, a broken-backed chair., Broken-backed : Hogged; so weakened in the frame as to droop at each end; -- said of a ship., Considerable : Worthy of consideration, borne in mind, or attended to., Considerable : Of some distinction; noteworthy; influential; respectable; -- said of persons., Considerable : Of importance or value., Considerably : In a manner or to a degree not trifling or unimportant; greatly; much., Debonairness : The quality of being debonair; good humor; gentleness; courtesy., Decarbonized : of Decarbonize, Decarbonizer : He who, or that which, decarbonizes a substance., Deliberation : The act of deliberating, or of weighing and examining the reasons for and against a choice or measure; careful consideration; mature reflection., Deliberation : Careful discussion and examination of the reasons for and against a measure; as, the deliberations of a legislative body or council., Demonstrable : Capable of being demonstrated; that can be proved beyond doubt or question., Demonstrable : Proved; apparent., Demonstrably : In a demonstrable manner; incontrovertibly; clearly., Dishonorable : Wanting in honor; not honorable; bringing or deserving dishonor; staining the character, and lessening the reputation; shameful; disgraceful; base., Dishonorable : Wanting in honor or esteem; disesteemed., Impardonable : Unpardonable., Imponderable : Not ponderable; without sensible or appreciable weight; incapable of being weighed., Imponderable : An imponderable substance or body; specifically, in the plural, a name formerly applied to heat, light, electricity, and magnetism, regarded as subtile fluids destitute of weight but in modern science little used., Informidable : Not formidable; not to be feared or dreaded., Journey-bated : Worn out with journeying., Leopard's bane : A name of several harmless plants, as Arnica montana, Senecio Doronicum, and Paris quadrifolia., Long-breathed : Having the power of retaining the breath for a long time; long-winded., Obedienciary : One yielding obedience., Proboscidean : Proboscidian., Pseudobranch : Same as Pseudobranchia., Sea-bordering : Bordering on the sea; situated beside the sea., Subarytenoid : Situated under the arytenoid cartilage of the larynx., Subordinance : Alt. of Subordinancy, Subordinated : of Subordinate, Underlaborer : An assistant or subordinate laborer., Weather-bound : Kept in port or at anchor by storms; delayed by bad weather; as, a weather-bound vessel.,

6 Letter Unscrambled words or scrabble word finder for Broaden and meanings

Bander (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Broaden means: One banded with others. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Rndbea
Bonder (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Broaden means: One who places goods under bond or in a bonded warehouse. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Odrbne
Bondar (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Broaden means: A small quadruped of Bengal (Paradoxurus bondar), allied to the genet; -- called also musk cat. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Rbndao
Bonder (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Broaden means: A freeholder on a small scale. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Bednor
Roband (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Broaden means: See Roperand. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Donrba
Bonder (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Broaden means: A bonding stone or brick; a bondstone. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Odernb

Scrabble word finder for doraBne. Google Scrabble cheat for Broaden. is an anagram answer for aendBro. Search engine Word puzzles for reaBdon. Broaden aBnedro, nedorBa. Meaning of Broaden.

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