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6 Letter Words containing ABOCD:

7 Letter Words containing ABOCD: Abscond : To hide, withdraw, or be concealed., Abscond : To depart clandestinely; to steal off and secrete one's self; -- used especially of persons who withdraw to avoid a legal process; as, an absconding debtor., Abscond : To hide; to conceal., Bocardo : A form of syllogism of which the first and third propositions are particular negatives, and the middle term a universal affirmative., Bocardo : A prison; -- originally the name of the old north gate in Oxford, which was used as a prison., Brocade : Silk stuff, woven with gold and silver threads, or ornamented with raised flowers, foliage, etc.; -- also applied to other stuffs thus wrought and enriched., Brocard : An elementary principle or maximum; a short, proverbial rule, in law, ethics, or metaphysics.,

8 Letter Words containing ABOCD: Abductor : One who abducts., Abductor : A muscle which serves to draw a part out, or form the median line of the body; as, the abductor oculi, which draws the eye outward., Abodance : An omen; a portending., Backbond : An instrument which, in conjunction with another making an absolute disposition, constitutes a trust., Back door : A door in the back part of a building; hence, an indirect way., Backdoor : Acting from behind and in concealment; as, backdoor intrigues., Backdown : A receding or giving up; a complete surrender., Beaconed : of Beacon, Black rod : the usher to the Chapter of the Garter, so called from the black rod which he carries. He is of the king's chamber, and also usher to the House of Lords., Black rod : An usher in the legislature of British colonies., Blockade : The shutting up of a place by troops or ships, with the purpose of preventing ingress or egress, or the reception of supplies; as, the blockade of the ports of an enemy., Blockade : An obstruction to passage., Blockade : To shut up, as a town or fortress, by investing it with troops or vessels or war for the purpose of preventing ingress or egress, or the introduction of supplies. See note under Blockade, n., Blockade : Hence, to shut in so as to prevent egress., Blockade : To obstruct entrance to or egress from., Bockland : See Bookland., Bois d'arc : The Osage orange (Maclura aurantiaca)., Bockland : Charter land held by deed under certain rents and free services, which differed in nothing from free socage lands. This species of tenure has given rise to the modern freeholds., Broached : of Broach, Brocaded : Woven or worked, as brocade, with gold and silver, or with raised flowers, etc., Brocaded : Dressed in brocade., Caboched : Showing the full face, but nothing of the neck; -- said of the head of a beast in armorial bearing., Caboodle : The whole collection; the entire quantity or number; -- usually in the phrase the whole caboodle., Caraboid : Like, or pertaining to the genus Carabus., Combated : of Combat, Cuboidal : Cuboid., Cupboard : A board or shelf for cups and dishes., Cupboard : A small closet in a room, with shelves to receive cups, dishes, food, etc.; hence, any small closet., Cupboard : To collect, as into a cupboard; to hoard., Diabolic : Alt. of Diabolical, Holdback : Check; hindrance; restraint; obstacle., Holdback : The projection or loop on the thill of a vehicle. to which a strap of the harness is attached, to hold back a carriage when going down hill, or in backing; also, the strap or part of the harness so used., Obduracy : The duality or state of being obdurate; invincible hardness of heart; obstinacy.,

9 Letter Words containing ABOCD: Abdicator : One who abdicates., Abduction : The act of abducing or abducting; a drawing apart; a carrying away., Abduction : The movement which separates a limb or other part from the axis, or middle line, of the body., Abduction : The wrongful, and usually the forcible, carrying off of a human being; as, the abduction of a child, the abduction of an heiress., Abduction : A syllogism or form of argument in which the major is evident, but the minor is only probable., Abovedeck : On deck; and hence, like aboveboard, without artifice., Absconded : of Abscond, Absconder : One who absconds., Ambuscado : Ambuscade., Backboard : A board which supports the back wen one is sitting;, Backboard : A board serving as the back part of anything, as of a wagon., Backboard : A thin stuff used for the backs of framed pictures, mirrors, etc., Backboard : A board attached to the rim of a water wheel to prevent the water from running off the floats or paddies into the interior of the wheel., Backboard : A board worn across the back to give erectness to the figure., Backboned : Vertebrate., Backsword : A sword with one sharp edge., Backsword : In England, a stick with a basket handle, used in rustic amusements; also, the game in which the stick is used. Also called singlestick., Backwoods : The forests or partly cleared grounds on the frontiers., Bacteroid : Alt. of Bacteroidal, Balconied : Having balconies., Bandicoot : A species of very large rat (Mus giganteus), found in India and Ceylon. It does much injury to rice fields and gardens., Bandicoot : A ratlike marsupial animal (genus Perameles) of several species, found in Australia and Tasmania., Barricado : See Barricade., Bezoardic : Pertaining to, or compounded with, bezoar., Bezoardic : A medicine containing bezoar., Blackwood : A name given to several dark-colored timbers. The East Indian black wood is from the tree Dalbergia latifolia., Blockaded : of Blockade, Blockader : One who blockades., Blockader : A vessel employed in blockading., Blockhead : A stupid fellow; a dolt; a person deficient in understanding., Bold-faced : Somewhat impudent; lacking modesty; as, a bold-faced woman., Bold-faced : Having a conspicuous or heavy face., Bon-accord : Good will; good fellowship; agreement., Breadcorn : Corn of grain of which bread is made, as wheat, rye, etc., Broadcast : A casting or throwing seed in all directions, as from the hand in sowing., Broadcast : Cast or dispersed in all directions, as seed from the hand in sowing; widely diffused., Broadcast : Scattering in all directions (as a method of sowing); -- opposed to planting in hills, or rows., Broadcast : So as to scatter or be scattered in all directions; so as to spread widely, as seed from the hand in sowing, or news from the press., Buckboard : A four-wheeled vehicle, having a long elastic board or frame resting on the bolsters or axletrees, and a seat or seats placed transversely upon it; -- called also buck wagon., Carbonade : Alt. of Carbonado, Carbonado : Flesh, fowl, etc., cut across, seasoned, and broiled on coals; a chop., Carbonado : Alt. of Carbonade, Carbonade : To cut (meat) across for frying or broiling; to cut or slice and broil., Carbonade : To cut or hack, as in fighting., Carbonado : A black variety of diamond, found in Brazil, and used for diamond drills. It occurs in irregular or rounded fragments, rarely distinctly crystallized, with a texture varying from compact to porous., Carbonide : A carbide., Carboxide : A compound of carbon and oxygen, as carbonyl, with some element or radical; as, potassium carboxide., Cardboard : A stiff compact pasteboard of various qualities, for making cards, etc., often having a polished surface., Clapboard : A narrow board, thicker at one edge than at the other; -- used for weatherboarding the outside of houses., Clapboard : A stave for a cask., Clapboard : To cover with clapboards; as, to clapboard the sides of a house., Cohabited : of Cohabit, Cohobated : of Cohobate, Columbiad : A form of seacoast cannon; a long, chambered gun designed for throwing shot or shells with heavy charges of powder, at high angles of elevation., Doubtance : State of being in doubt; uncertainty; doubt., Imbrocado : Cloth of silver or of gold., Lady's comb : An umbelliferous plant (Scandix Pecten-Veneris), its clusters of long slender fruits remotely resembling a comb., Lombardic : Of or pertaining to Lombardy of the Lombards., Obcordate : Heart-shaped, with the attachment at the pointed end; inversely cordate: as, an obcordate petal or leaf., Scaraboid : Of or pertaining to the family Scarabaeidae, an extensive group which includes the Egyptian scarab, the tumbledung, and many similar lamellicorn beetles., Scaraboid : A scaraboid beetle., Subdeacon : One belonging to an order in the Roman Catholic Church, next interior to the order of deacons; also, a member of a minor order in the Greek Church.,

10 Letter Words containing ABOCD: Abdication : The act of abdicating; the renunciation of a high office, dignity, or trust, by its holder; commonly the voluntary renunciation of sovereign power; as, abdication of the throne, government, power, authority., Aborticide : The act of destroying a fetus in the womb; feticide., Above-cited : Cited before, in the preceding part of a book or writing., Absconding : of Abscond, Accordable : Agreeing., Accordable : Reconcilable; in accordance., Background : Ground in the rear or behind, or in the distance, as opposed to the foreground, or the ground in front., Background : The space which is behind and subordinate to a portrait or group of figures., Background : Anything behind, serving as a foil; as, the statue had a background of red hangings., Background : A place in obscurity or retirement, or out of sight., Batrachoid : Froglike. Specifically: Of or pertaining to the Batrachidae, a family of marine fishes, including the toadfish. Some have poisonous dorsal spines., Bivouacked : of Bivouac, Blackboard : A broad board painted black, or any black surface on which writing, drawing, or the working of mathematical problems can be done with chalk or crayons. It is much used in schools., Blockading : of Blockade, Brachiopod : One of the Brachiopoda, or its shell., Brachydome : A dome parallel to the shorter lateral axis. See Dome., Broadcloth : A fine smooth-faced woolen cloth for men's garments, usually of double width (i.e., a yard and a half); -- so called in distinction from woolens three quarters of a yard wide., Broadpiece : An old English gold coin, broader than a guinea, as a Carolus or Jacobus., Candlebomb : A small glass bubble, filled with water, which, if placed in the flame of a candle, bursts by expansion of steam., Candlebomb : A pasteboard shell used in signaling. It is filled with a composition which makes a brilliant light when it explodes., Carbonated : Combined or impregnated with carbonic acid., Carbonized : of Carbonize, Chessboard : The board used in the game of chess, having eight rows of alternate light and dark squares, eight in each row. See Checkerboard., Cnidoblast : One of the cells which, in the Coelenterata, develop into cnidae., Cogitabund : Full of thought; thoughtful., Comb-shaped : Pectinate., Contraband : Illegal or prohibited traffic., Contraband : Goods or merchandise the importation or exportation of which is forbidden., Contraband : A negro slave, during the Civil War, escaped to, or was brought within, the Union lines. Such slave was considered contraband of war., Contraband : Prohibited or excluded by law or treaty; forbidden; as, contraband goods, or trade., Contraband : To import illegally, as prohibited goods; to smuggle., Contraband : To declare prohibited; to forbid., Decubation : Act of lying down; decumbence., Diabolical : Pertaining to the devil; resembling, or appropriate, or appropriate to, the devil; devilish; infernal; impious; atrocious; nefarious; outrageously wicked; as, a diabolic or diabolical temper or act., Dicarbonic : Containing two carbon residues, or two carboxyl or radicals; as, oxalic acid is a dicarbonic acid., Embrocated : of Embrocate, Notchboard : The board which receives the ends of the steps in a staircase., Obfuscated : of Obfuscate, Obsecrated : of Obsecrate, Podobranch : One of the branchiae attached to the bases of the legs in Crustacea., Rabdomancy : Divination by means of rods or wands., Scaleboard : A thin slip of wood used to justify a page., Scaleboard : A thin veneer of leaf of wood used for covering the surface of articles of furniture, and the like., Scrubboard : A baseboard; a mopboard., Subcordate : Somewhat cordate; somewhat like a heart in shape.,

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Coda (n.) an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Abocd means: A few measures added beyond the natural termination of a composition. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Coad
Doab () an unscrambled word and scrabble cheat for Abocd means: A tongue or tract of land included between two rivers; as, the doab between the Ganges and the Jumna. Words unscrambled from or scrabble meaning of Aodb

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